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Chad Qualls Throws to First, Falls Down

Kyle Scott - June 10, 2012

Though Chad Qualls pitched well yesterday (before some guy I literally never heard, making his Major League debut, gave up a game-winning home run), he still couldn’t escape the mound without first doing something embarrassing. In this case, a pickoff attempt, gone awry.

Someone forgot to tell Qualls to put his ice skates on.

Video: Idiot Fan Almost Falls Over Railing at Home Run Derby

Kyle Scott - July 12, 2011

This was mentioned in our Home Run Derby running commentary (although I missed it live). Keith Carmickle stood on a table and leaned over a railing trying to catch an exhibition baseball. Have we learned nothing?

Less than a week ago, Shannon Stone died while trying to catch a ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton.

Video via The Big Lead

Rangers Fan Falls to His Death in Texas

Kyle Scott - July 8, 2011

Warning: This is hard to watch.

Shannon Stone, 39, reached over an outfield railing to catch a foul ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton last night. He caught it. Then fell 20 feet onto the surface behind the outfield fence. Witnesses say he landed head-first and was telling paramedics to "please go check on my son up there." He was later pronounced dead on his way to the hospital, after going into cardiac arrest.

This has to be tough for the now religious Hamilton. He did what any other outfielder would do, tossing the ball to a kid in the stands. Unfortunately, that kid had to watch his father fall to his death. Just awful.

Read more at The Big Lead and Dallas News.

Fan Falls Over Rail, Wilson Valdez Dances

Kyle Scott - April 19, 2011

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So We’re Fairly Certain Eric Snow Fell Asleep During Wednesday’s Sixers Game

Kyle Scott - February 17, 2011


Yeah, the Eric Snow experiment isn't going so well. Listen at the 1:00 mark.


Zoo: You meditating?

Snow: Naw, I thought I was.. trying to stay awoke. You have some people that, you know, kind of wear on you.

Zoo: I hear you.

Snow: They're gonna get you a little sleepy. So you yougetta you have to get your burst of energy. That's how it is with basketball too.

Zoo: Well listen…

Snow: No, I'm saying sometimes when you hear people talking in the huddle, and they be like blah blah blah and then the game starts and you go OK, time to go.

Zoo: Then you snap to attention…

Snow: It's no different when you're on the sidelines.

What the hell?

Poor Zumoff. At some point he's just going to go ballistic and kill Snow. First he had to put up with this belligerent exchange, now he has to put up with sleepy Snow? Poor guy.

Even better, this comes on the same day that CSN announced Sixers ratings are up 27% over January to 1.9. Sixers basketball- feel the excitement!

H/T 7th and Pattison 

Scott Hartnell Falls on a Penalty Shot, Flyers Lose to Unbeatable Thomas

Kyle Scott - December 1, 2010


By now, most of you know Scott Hartnell falls at an alarming rate, especially when he scores.  But he outdid himself last night.

He managed to fall not only on a breakaway, but also on the ensuing penalty shot.  Yes, Scott Hartnell fell on a penalty shot.  The Mites on Ice don't fall taking penalty shots.

The tripping call that led to the free shot appeared to take out Hartnell's legs, but upon further review, Harts actually withstood the initial blow and fell on his own.  For realsies.  When you get hit in the left side of the leg, your leg doesn't slip backwards a full second later.  

Two classic Hartnell falling .gifs after the hop, plus full game highlights (a compilation of Tim Thomas walking on water).  Flyers lost 3-0.  Game recap at Philly Sports Daily, including this gem from Danny Briere:

“Well, that was a big one to blow,” Briere said with a smile. “It’s early in the season. We’ll save it for when it matters.”


That's what she said.

Jump it for the .gifs.

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Stewart Bradley Falls Over, Draws The Attention of League Officials, Potentially Puts a Kink in Man Date

Kyle Scott - September 12, 2010


If Stewart Bradley acts like this on his bro-date, he may make one local man very happy.  That, and the Eagles may be in some serious trouble with the NFL.  New league rules clearly state that you can't put a concussed player back into a game when he shows outward signs of a concussion.  Those signs are:

  • Loss of consciousness;
  • Confusion as evidenced by disorientation to person, time or place; inability to respond appropriately to questions; or inability to remember assignments or plays;
  • Amnesia as evidenced by a gap in memory for events occurring just prior to the injury; inability to learn and retain new information; or a gap in memory for events that occurred after the injury;
  • Abnormal neurological examination, such as abnormal pupillary response, persistent dizziness or vertigo, or abnormal balance on sideline testing.
  • New and persistent headache, particularly if accompanied by photosensitivity, nausea, vomiting or dizziness;
  • Any other persistent signs or symptoms of concussion.

Look, I'm no doctor, but I think this behavior is exhibiting at least one of those symptoms…

Stumble over the jump to see the video.

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Video: Ryan Howard’s Cup Falls Out

Kyle Scott - September 1, 2010


The Big Piece lost his, um, big piece.

When Jayson Werth grounded into a fielder's choice in the top of the 5th inning of last night's game, Ryan Howard appeared to be clutching at his groin on his way off the field.  Turns out it wasn't his groin at all.

His cup fell out.

Check out Howard as he tries to avoid further embarrassment and the reaction of his teammates when he comes to the dugout.  I think Sweeney wanted to give him a hug while the big horse was out of the stable.

"My fucking cup fell out"

The cup won't be in Entourage.