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This Video of Eagles Fans Yelling at Players Coming off the Field Is so Philly

Kyle Scott - September 22, 2015

There are two ways to express yourself after a tough really bad embarrassing loss to the Dallas Cowboys, at home, in Week 2. You can do what The Mighty EROCK did and vent, somewhat intelligently and maybe coherently (though while leaving your significant other trailing in your dust as you make your way through a crowded lot– not recommended). Or, you can take the mongrel route and shout obcentities at players and coaches and plead for Howard Eskin to “get ’em” as he butt-chases players into the tunnel.


“Hit the jugs machine, Matthews! You suck!”

“I don’t want your gloves. I don’t want anything. You guys suck! You guys suck!”

“47 years. Richie Kotite is laughing his ass off on Long Island!”

[Anyone who invokes “Richie” Kotite, over anything, should immediately lose their fan card. Who the hell invokes Rich Kotite?]

“Hey King! Hey King! Tell ’em like it is, King! They suck!” “Get ’em, Eskin! Get ’em!” “Tell ’em like it is Eskin. They suck! Eskin! Eskin!”

[I feel bad for anyone whose existence consists of thinking that Eskin is the arbiter of all that is right in the world. Eskin is so far up the Eagles’ ass that Jeffrey Lurie is in danger of being turned inside out. I can’t believe there are actually people out there who buy this shit.]

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49ers Fans are Out There Assaulting People Again

Jim Adair - September 15, 2015

The NFL season just started, so of course we’ve already got everything that comes with it. Heartbreaking defeats, acrobatic plays, highlight reel touchdowns, and video of beatdowns at Levi’s Stadium.

The video after the jump, via Deadspin, shows one Vikings fan facing off with – a.k.a. getting the shit kicked out of him by – numerous 49ers fans. According to the guy who recorded the video, here’s how it went down:

“The Viking fan in the video and a 49er fan NOT in the video were talking smack to each other, getting into each others faces. A lot of fans from both sides were telling both people to stop and just walk to their cars. The 49er fan then walked away from the situation and that’s when the Viking fan may have got a little cocky. The Viking fan turned around and addressed everyone behind him (mostly 49er fans). He said “ what’s up, any of you fuckers want some?!” At that point everyone went silent for 2 seconds then as the Viking fan was turning around to walk away, the 49er fan in the black (at the beginning of the video who threw the first punch) tackled him to the ground. That’s where the video starts.

A (likely drunken) taunt and relatively safe environment turns into a tackle from behind and then what’s more of less an ambush. It’s not even that Niners fans can’t stop assaulting people, it’s that they can’t even do it to their faces. They’re assholes and cowards.

Here’s the video:

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Philly Fans Aren’t Awful: A Red Wings Fan Tried to Burn a Flag at a Tampa Bay Lightning Game

Jim Adair - April 30, 2015

In all of the bad fan shit-hurling that is targeted at Philadelphia fans, Flyers fans (at least recently) haven’t really gotten much attention. There have been no fight videos, no stolen legs, no anything really. But that’s not true of the NHL as a whole, as a Red Wings fan was arrested for trying to light a Tampa Bay Lightning flag on fire inside the arena as it was being passed across the crowd. There are few things more embarrassing than being a big enough idiot (or asshole) to try to burn a flag in a hockey arena, while 200 people are under it, and causing “a small burn,” while still being charged with first-degree arson. But again, Flyers fans threw batteries at an imaginary Santa or something.

A Cowboys Fan Got His Jaw Wired Shut after Being Attacked by a Giants Fan Last Week

Jim Adair - October 28, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.26.13 AM

But once again, Eagles fans are “out of control.”

At last week’s Giants/Cowboys game at Jerry Jones’ billion-dollar game room, a Cowboys fan was knocked to the ground and had his jaw broken for seemingly no reason at all. Oscar Rangel was chanting “Let’s Go Cowboys” on the concourse of their home stadium when someone hit him from the side and broke his jaw, and knocked a GoPro camera off of his hat (why wear that?). Rangel thinks it was a Giants fan who didn’t care for his cheering, but the short clip of footage after the jump doesn’t really show who was responsible. Either way, Oscar is eating out of a straw, unable to work for the next six weeks, and faces medical bills and several trips to the oral surgeon. But then again, we booed Santa Claus. So that’s basically the same thing.

h/t @JHU_Philly

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Your Name can be on a Billboard Just For Buying Sixers Single Game Tickets, Which you Don’t Deserve

Jim Adair - October 7, 2014

We love you, we're just not in love with you guys

We love you, we’re just not in love with you guys

Season ticket holders get all kinds of perks: Some teams put their names on the court, they get to meet and greet legends, eat catered food and listen to dumb presentations, etc. But us normal, single-game buyers? We don’t get shit. Not that we should. We are just buying tickets to one, maybe two games after all. But the Sixers — who may be only expecting attendance numbers in the dozens this year — want to go that extra mile for you, person who just wants to maybe go to one game.

When tickets go on sale tomorrow morning — or today if you’re on their email list — the tickets you buy may result in your name being plastered on a billboard, so that gives you about 24-hours to legally change your name to something ridiculous. Get thinking.

Silent Killers: The Stuff Hanging From Arena Ceilings

Kyle Scott - March 7, 2014

I’ve always, always been fearful of stuff hanging from arena ceilings. Go ahead, take a look up next time you’re at a Flyers or Sixers game (OK, no one goes to Sixers games)– it’s like a puppeteer got drunk and decided to see how many really heavy things he could hang from just handful of steel beams. Dance, swinging speakers! Dance! 

Anyway, that horror script aside, there’s a lot going on up there. The scoreboard fell once in Buffalo. That’s the worst possible scenario. But no one ever feared those nets that hang above the glass to protect fans at hockey games. Oh, irony:

A section of the TD Garden’s protective netting fell onto the crowd at the end of the Bruins game on Thursday, injuring two spectators, Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura said in a statement.

The patrons were two women in their 20s who sustained minor injuries from the falling netting, police said.

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Here’s the Hand Transplant Recipient Who was “Booed” by Philly Fans

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2014

In his screed earlier today, The Times-Picayune columnist Jeff Duncan claimed Phillies fans booed hand transplant recipient Matthew Scott when he threw out the first pitch at a game in 1999:

In 1999, they booed Matthew Scott, the first person in the United States to receive a hand transplant, after he dribbled the ceremonial opening pitch at a Phillies game with his weakened new hand.

Here is that pitch. Listen carefully for the boos.

Keep listening.

Hear anything, Horton?


[The Delco Times actually had a good piece about this very same accusation in 2011. It comes from a GQ article, from which Duncan undoubtedly got his material. Scott wasn’t booed in Philadelphia. He was booed in Cincinnati.]

via (@JoshInnesRadio)

The Former Comcast Spectacor Director of Marketing Has a Problem with Your Self-Awareness, Philadelphia

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2014


Dustin Godsey, the Milwaukee Bucks’ VP of marketing and, apparently, a fan psychologist, took issue with the Philly fan response to a planned (and then canceled) Saints pep rally at the Art Museum.

Godsey took to Twitter (where else?) to voice his concerns. I chimed in and responded to him here and there, and although Dustin seems like a reasonable dude, he’s yet another person whose knee-jerk reaction is to blame Philadelphians for the fact that there are knucklehead fans everywhere.

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