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UPDATE: FBI Helping Chicago Restaurant Look for Game 6 Puck, We Think We Know Who Has It

Kyle Scott - January 31, 2011


Linesmen Steve Miller, what a joker he is

And it's not Chris Pronger.

As we told you last spring, a Chicago restaurant is offering a $50,000 reward for the puck Patrick Kane slipped between the legs of Michael Leighton. It seems in all of the confusion of the Stanley Cup winning goal somebody stole the puck- Pronger says it wasn't him.

Enter the Federal Bureau of Investigation: [FOX Sports]

One attempt to claim the reward has already failed after the FBI used specialized equipment to show that the puck in question was not the winning one.

Officers believe they will be able to compare each nick on any puck that is turned in to digitally enhanced images they have of the winning goal.

"We feel we have enough in terms of visual evidence to include or exclude any future pucks," Chicago FBI spokesman Ross Rice said.


Perhaps their time would be better spent hunting down murderers, domestic terrorists, or the heist Ruben J. Amaro pulled off this winter. Either way, all of the fancy equipment isn't doing a very good job.

[UPDATE: The folks from the FBI tell us that they are not using tax payers dollars and are doing this on their own time. We figured as much.]

Thanks to some crack detective work- so we can finally show once and for all that a Flyer didn't steal the puck- we're pretty sure of who knows the whereabouts of the puck: Linesmen Steve Miller.

The video below, which shows Miller picking up the puck, follows him around for a blurry five minute shell game. We pieced together videos from NBC, CBC, and YouTube to follow Miller until the time the officials left the ice.

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FBI Looking for a Jayson Werth look-a-like Bank Robber

Kyle - September 30, 2010


Christian Rivera is a freelance writer/graphic designer for myphl17 and owner of Fourth Street Clothing.  Follow him on twitter (@rivaldesign).

The Jayson Werth look is officially in style.  Too bad a bank robber is mimicking it. 

The FBI and Philadelphia police are looking for a man with a scruffy beard and mustache who help up the Citizens Bank (irrrronnyyy) at 8th and Walnut yesterday.  He presented a demand note to the teller around 3:30pm and walked out with an undisclosed sum of cash.  

The description of the man included being white, of medium height and build wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt over a dark t-shirt.   Good luck finding that, FBI. 

We know it’s not Jayson Werth since he has his new agent, Scott Boras, to make him all the money he wants. Although, if he robbed banks in his spare time it would be pretty badass (without getting caught of course). 

With the description that was given it could be anybody.

Let’s start lining up the frail lumberjack hipsters…good thing he wasn’t wearing flannel or they would never find that guy.

It could be you — hipster guy that's trying to be unique, but ends up looking like everyone else.  It could be you.