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Turkey Unhappy with Iceland Because of Toilet Brush

Kevin Kinkead - June 11, 2019

Euro 2020 qualifiers at noon today, United States women vs. Thailand in the World Cup at 3 p.m.

Turkey plays Iceland today, IN ICELAND, and the Turks aren’t happy with their hosts because they were held up at customs in the Reykjavik airport and subjected to a throng of media as well.

One of those “media members” was carrying a toilet brush and held it up to the Turkey players as a microphone, which makes me laugh:

They are not happy about this:

Personally, I think it’s genius. Get in their heads, throw them off their game. The Icelanders are savages.

People will complain that this has “nothing to do with Philly sports,” so here’s a terrible photoshop of Les Bowen holding a toilet brush in a media scrum, after the jump:

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Why America Shouldn’t be Allowed to Criticize FIFA’s Voting System

Kyle - June 17, 2015


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By now, a ton of stories have been written about FIFA and the shameless, corrupt reign of its ex-president Sepp Blatter.  One such story that emerged was how Blatter manipulated the presidential voting process so that he would stay in power.  As explained by Reuters:

“The 209 member nations each have one vote in the election for the president, regardless of population or soccer-playing prowess. Critics say that this means that grant money can be used to lock in support in votes … because in smaller nations each dollar granted can exert more influence.”

Sounds pretty simple right. Each nation gets one, equal vote. Blatter and his cronies then strategically bribed the small countries where their money would wield the most power.  Simple, yet devious.  Reuters continues:

“Supporters of Blatter and the current system say that handing out money on an equal basis to all countries means that the game’s development spending benefits many places that lack the ability to fund projects themselves. It doesn’t favor nations in Europe who are already soccer powerhouses and have plenty of their own resources to spend on fields and other facilities.”

Here’s where I start to get confused . . . So is equality a good thing or a bad thing?  Is Reuters saying we ought to give more votes to richer and more powerful nations?  Or, should we just give them more money in order to even the playing field?

For example, let’s say tomorrow morning, Obama signs an executive action declaring that any person that makes over $1 million in annual salary gets an extra vote in every election.  I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think it would be very popular with the general public.  And, as someone who makes decidedly less than $1 million per year, I would not be very enthusiastic about this plan because my vote is suddenly less valuable.  Regardless of income, we should have the same input into our democracy.

Look, I think we can all agree that Sepp Blatter is a shitty human being.  He manipulated the system for personal gain.  He may be is tangentially responsible for thousands of deaths in Qatar.  But I would argue that this type of voting system is EXACTLY what should be in place.  Equal representation and equal distribution of profits.

There are a lot of very unethical details that have emerged about the inner workings of FIFA, but their system of voting equality isn’t one of them.

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Kyle Scott - June 2, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-05-27_08-33-21_AM


After a New York Times report yesterday revealed that Sepp Blatter’s top lieutenant handled $10 million in bank transcations related to assorted bribery, today Blatter, who just “won” reelection, announced that he will resign:


At a brief, hastily called news conference in Zurich, Blatter said that “FIFA needs a profound restructuring.”

“I appreciate and love FIFA more than anything else,” he said. “And I only want to do the best for FIFA.”

Somewhere, John Oliver celebrates:


UPDATE: Blatter’s full statement after the jump: Continue Reading

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EA Sports Wants You to Know That You’re in the Same Class as Landon Donovan This World Cup

Jim Adair - June 16, 2014

In the newest ad for the World Cup edition of FIFA 2014, EA Sports is trying to convince you that you are just like Landon Donovan, and Landon Donovan is just like you. It’s not gonna work though, because he is still rich and famous and in commercials, while we are stuck just talking about it. It’s a good one though.

John Oliver’s FIFA Rant Conjures Up the Idea for Phanatic Court, Which I Would Definitely Watch During Rain Delays

Jim Adair - June 9, 2014

If you’ve caught any of John Oliver’s new HBO show Last Week Tonight (from last week: Prevent Cable Company Fuckery) — or you watched his hosting stint on The Daily Show — you know he’s basically got two modes: Breathless giddiness and righteous British anger. On last night’s show, Oliver turned in a hell of a rant on FIFA, their handling of the World Cup, and their overall shittiness while bouncing back between those two zones. In the midst of a really great segment you should watch in full if you’ve got time, there was this throwaway joke:

“When South Africa hosted the World Cup four years ago, FIFA forced the creation of the FIFA World Cup Courts, which sound funny ya know, it’s like going to the World Series and being dragged in front of Judge Phillie Phanatic.”

It’s a very small part of a much larger piece, but I’ll be damned if a Judge Phillie Phanatic TV show wouldn’t be infinitely more interesting than anything they play during rain delays. Or the 2014 Phillies, for that matter.

EA Sports Debuts Trailers for Madden, FIFA, NBA Live and UFC on New Xbox One

Kyle Scott - May 21, 2013

I SEOed the shit out of that title.

I was expecting a bit more in terms of graphics when EA Sports announced and debuted a trailer for FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and UFC at the unveiling event for the new Xbox One today. What we see here is basically a well-choreographed cutscene – yes, likely from the game engine – containing no actual gameplay footage. This looks great, but is it going to look like this when you’re actually playing? We don’t know yet. And come to think of it, the Madden footage doesn’t look that different from the Madden 06 trailer that featured Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

Here more from EA Sports:

The EA SPORTS IGNITE game engine delivers a new level of innovation, further blurring the line between the real-world and the virtual. Developed by EA SPORTS™, games powered by the new engine will be alive: players think, move and behave like real athletes, with environments as dynamic and ever-changing as real-world stadiums.

With Human Intelligence, True Player Motion and Living Worlds, the way sports games are played will fundamentally change. EA SPORTS IGNITE is designed to harness the potential of next-generation consoles and will power FIFA 14Madden NFL 25EA SPORTS UFC and NBA LIVE 14 on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.

If that all sounds like the type of thing EA Sports has been promoting in every. one. of. their. games. for the last six years… well, it is. I mean, one of the selling points EA mentioned on-stage was fully dynamic crowds… but isn’t that something that sports games have had for a while now? Anyway, while that announcement may leave you a bit disappointed, this won’t: Some hot woman announced that Halo will now be a live-action show on Xbox Live produced by Steven Spielberg. Everything about the sentence was hot:

The NFL also announced a partnership with Microsoft that will include your fantasy stats on-screen while watching live games on Xbox Live. Live.

I’d recommend The Verge’s (always excellent) coverage for more on the new Xbox One.

Play in Our FIFA Soccer 12 Tournament Tomorrow Night at Drinker’s West

Kyle Scott - July 26, 2012

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Ribs, Grilled Cheese, and FIFA… What The Flyers Are Doing (And Eating) Between Games

Kyle Scott - April 12, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 4.27.51 PM
A completely unrelated Photoshop making its way around the interwebtuals (and yes, Selke is spelled wrong)

When the playoffs roll around, things that were largely useless bits of tid during the regular season become interesting anecdotals. Here are a few: 

As we told you last week, the Flyers are being refused service by Dee Jay’s Ribs, the West Virginia restaurant that Peter Laviolette, when speaking to reporters after last Sunday's game in Pittsburgh, attributed with an assist in the Flyers' five straight wins at the Consol Energy Center (at the time). The lack of post-game ribs didn't seem to matter last night, though. And today Wayne Simmonds was asked about not getting to enjoy the usual post-game meal: [quoticals via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Seth Rorabaugh]

“I guess that’s his choice. It’s his business. We’ll get ribs somewhere. Obviously he’s got good ribs but I don’t think they’re the best in the world.”


Claude Giroux, however, might not be looking for ribs. He’s a grilled cheese guy. Since today is National Grilled Cheese Daddy (yeah, I didn’t know either), he expressed his love:

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 4.23.24 PM

Video after the jump of Giroux explaining how he likes his done (can you tell the news cycle has slowed down?).

Finally, what are the Flyers doing during their downtime in the Shit City? FIFA. Lots of it.

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 4.22.25 PM

Writing in his blog on, Zac Rinaldo let us inside his room, which he is sharing with Matt Read:

April 10: 

We got to Pittsburgh around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon and the first thing we did was hook up the Play Station 3 in my room. We played video games and hung out for a good part of the night. I’d say we had six to eight guys at a time in my room, the guys would come in and out. The majority of the team was there at one point. 

They wanted to check out who we were playing.

We like to play FIFA Soccer. We played a round robin tournament with a couple of us.

Jake Voracek is sick on FIFA. It’s soccer, and those Czechs are pretty good at soccer. I wouldn’t expect any less from them.

We got back to the hotel after dinner and did the same thing again: played video games. It’s a good way to kill some time. 



Got back to the hotel and played some FIFA with Reader (Matt Read) for a bit. We have a big hotel room where we all hang out. There was about seven of us in the room and we watched the third period of the LA / Vancouver game 


Peh— me and my Tottenham Hotspur would own Jakub Voracek. He’s too busy scoring overtime winners, anyway.

 Fluffy G video after the jump.

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