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Dan Carcillo Plays for the Rangers Tonight, Here’s My Favorite Car Bomb Moment

Kyle Scott - April 22, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 2.09.51 PM

This post originally appeared on the site on May 13, 2011, the day after Dan Carcillo manually stimulated what turned out to be a CB reader in an Atlantic City hotel room. I was told, at the time, that “her dad would be proud” because she denied Carcillo sex… and instead settled for a stand-up triple. 


When Dan Carcillo (@og_carbomb13) Tweets to fellow NHLer Paul Bissonnette, good things are bound to happen.

Car Bomb quickly disarmed and removed the Tweet.

Just another day inside the head of Dan Carcillo, folks.

H/T to (@downgoesspezza) and (@mandy10) for the screen grab

St. Joe’s Player Gives Villanova Students the Finger, Blows Game, Villanova Wins

Kyle Scott - December 12, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.02.33 AM
Screen grab via CSN

Admitting that I won’t be able to write this post with even a shred of bipartisanship (V FOR VILLANOVA, V FOR… hold up, it’s coming), I’ll just give you the facts about St. Joe's Halil Kanacevic, who gave Villanova students the finger last night and then imploded down the stretch, paving the way for a Villanova victory

With a little under 10 minutes left, Kana… kana… kanaigetaonefingersalute (!) made a three-pointer, raised his hands, and then dangled his middle fingers toward the Villanova student section.

Down the stretch, the St. Joe's forward from Staten Island further imploded. I like the way Dick Jerardi tells it in the Daily News (for which you’ll soon have to pay to read online, which won’t work): 

The Wildcats had scored on more than two consecutive possessions just once all game, right at the end of the first half when they scored on three. If the Hawks had just played sound defense, it was going to be a hard game to lose.

Kanacevic fouled Bell 25 feet from the basket. Bell calmly made a pair. Kanacevic threw a backdoor pass to Galloway into a very tight window. Bell stole it. After a Daniel Ochefu follow basket, Kanacevic was fouled with 45.8 seconds left. Shooting into that student section, now completely crazed, he missed a pair.

Bell hit a three from the left corner. After an ugly SJU possession, the Hawks ended up with the ball on the sideline in the deep right corner with 3 seconds left, trailing by two points, without a timeout. Nobody was open. Kanacevic, fearful of a 5-second call, threw it off Mo Sutton. The ball caromed over the sideline, hitting Kanacevic. Turnover. Bell two free throws. Game over.


For more, including post-game interviews and all that jazz, check out Jerardi’s recap, or Aaron Bracy’s on, or CSN Philly. And I’ll just continue to pretend that Villanova didn’t play La Salle or Temple this year. 


Good Morning, Here’s a Picture of Ruben Amaro Giving You The Finger

Kyle Scott - July 10, 2012


OK, so he’s not really giving you the finger (though this seems like perfect symbolism for the season). It’s just a clever title. We like to have fun here. The Big Poker is actually saluting a Phillies scout, or someone similar. 

We’ll let an anonymous reader fill you in. His email to me:

I have a picture that I took of Ruben Amaro giving someone the finger.

It is legit. Not photoshopped and not retouched. It is a clear picture of him taken from the owner's box from spring training this year. He was standing right next to a sitting Dallas Green. I was taking a series of shots with my zoom lens and just when I was about to hit the shutter button, he made the gesture. I don't think it was direction of a fan, but it was directed to scouts seating section at Brighthouse field behind home plate. Let me know.


Do I want a picture of Ruben Amaro whipping his middle finger around like it’s a fucking egg beater? OF COURSE I DO! You know me too well, reader. 

Digit 3’s appearance isn’t surprising. When I stalked sat in front of Amaro at a spring training game, he frequently turned around and looked up at the boxes to chaff Dallas Green and the rest of his front office buddies. We presume that’s what you're seeing here.


The reader also sent in this picture, which, combined with the first photo, provides an exhaustive look at Amaro’s two negotiating tactics– fuck you and fugetaboutit.

Two Yinzers Ripped a PNC Park Security Guard’s Finger Off This Weekend

Kyle Scott - May 17, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-17 at 10.42.18 AM

I should tell you that this post is being written live from a Panera Bread, where a man, who I don’t know, decided that roughly 18 open tables didn’t suit his needs and he would plug his computer in and sit at my table, across from me. 

So I bring you this story while sharing a desk with a man I’ve never met. If my words suddenly come to halt, either John Quinones showed up… or I’m dead.

Yinzers ripped a PNC Park security guard’s finger off this weekend.


A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story tells us about Rachel George, 21, and her father, Christopher, 50, who attacked a security guard and police officer while Rachel was being escorted out of the stadium after she was caught smoking in her seat. Things got out of hand rather quickly: 

As Pirates security supervisor Joseph Risher was escorting her out of the right field gate, Ms. George's unidentified boyfriend assaulted him and ran off. Ms. George jumped on the guard's back and started to pull him backward, the complaint says.

Her father joined in the attack, pushing him up against a fence.

"While defending himself, Mr. Risher got his left hand caught on the fence, and when he was pulled by both (defendants) his left middle finger was ripped off at the second knuckle and was hanging by a piece of skin," Detective Rende wrote in the complaint.


A police officer also injured his shoulder while placing Rachel in a stadium holding cell (yep, other cities have them too). 

Mr. Risher’s finger was later reattached during surgery. 

Classic Shittsburgh right there, folks. I mean, from their look to the act. Smoke-stained, greasy dirty blonde hair? Check. Rustic handlebar mustache accompanied by hollow, lonely eyes? Yep. Getting kicked out of a stadium for puffing on a cigg then assaulting a security guard and ripping off his fucking finger? Oh you bet. A three rivers trifecta right there.

Sadly, this won’t live on in sports infamy, but if it happened in Philly it surely would.

H/T to readers Adam, Steve, Dave, and the guy sitting acr

Joffrey Lupul Welcomed Back by Child Giving Him Middle Finger

Kyle Scott - March 4, 2011

Welcome back, Joff.