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BREAKING: Juan Castillo Fired

Kyle Scott - October 16, 2012

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As first reported by CSN’s Reuben Frank, Juan Castillo, the offensive line coach turned defensive coordinator, has been fired. He’ll be replaced with Todd Bowles.

Andy Reid and the Eagles quickly released a statement:

"We’re six games into the season and average isn’t good enough. I know the potential of our team and insist on maximizing it.”


Bowles is in his first year with the Eagles, as the secondary coach. He played with the 49ers and Redskins (twice). He was mostly recently with the Dolphins as their secondary coach and assistant head coach, and was briefly named their interim head coach in December, 2011. He’s also coached with the Jets, Browns and Cowboys, and, before that, was the defensive coordinator and secondary coach at Morehouse College and defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach at Grambling State.

Castillo’s defensive coaching experience was almost nonexistent.  As noted by Eagles beat reporter Matt Lombardo, Castillo’s defenses blew eight fourth quarter leads in 22 games with the Eagles.

Of course, you can’t totally blame Castillo. He was a lousy defensive coordinator, but he was put in a position to fail by Reid. Plus, the defense was probably the least of the Eagles’ problems this year. Michael Vick can’t stop giving the football to the other team, the offense doesn’t show up until the end of the second quarter, the best running back in the league doesn’t run the ball enough, and the same goofball head coach makes the same goofball mistakes he’s been making since I was a sophomore in high school. I’m 29 now.

Reid firing Castillo is essentially him admitting a mistake. At the time of Castillo’s announcement as defensive coordinator, many assumed the move would define Reid, either make or break him. It broke him, for sure, but it looks like he’ll be given 10 games to redeem himself. If not, we can assume that Andy will join Juan in the unemployment line in January.

The Eagles will hold a press conference at noon.

Andy Reid’s Job Is On The Line This Year, But Is It Really?

Ryan Gillon - August 30, 2012


Andy Reid is signed on to be the Eagles coach through 2013, but if there is anything that came out of Jeff Lurie's State of the Team Address today, it's that Andy Reid isn't a lock to be the Head Coach of the Eagles in 2013.

Simply, Lurie implied that it all depends on how his 2012 shakes out.

When asked by reporters about Andy Reid's status, Lurie made it clear that nothing is guaranteed after this upcoming season, even in light of the tragic events in Reid's personal life.

"This is a business, and you're there to win and win big… so all the emphasis will be on Andy Reid the coach," Lurie said.

Everyone knew the question was coming, and Lurie needed a stern response in light of the comments Reid's agent Bob LaMonte made three weeks ago.

Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Lurie "has stated again and again, any time that I’ve been with him, that was as long as he’s the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid would be his coach," LaMonte said. "And I’d say the proof of the pie is in the pudding. He’s been here 14 years.”

“This man has earned the right to decide what he wants to do, and he may well decide he doesn’t want to coach and Jeffrey may decide he doesn’t want to hire him, but I can just tell you Jeffrey Lurie has told me on any occasion I’ve ever been with him, as long as he’s the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy will be his coach," LaMonte said once again. "Now, if you know something else, tell me, because I should probably know."



Lurie continued by saying that last year's 8-8 record was unacceptable and if the same result happened this season, Reid would be dismissed. Reporters continued to prod and Lurie admitted that there are always exceptions, but "you just have to make the best decisions you can after the season," but that "it'll be very clear."

Whether you believe Lurie or not is up to you. I think he's partially full of shit because I'm a firm believer that if Reid was going to get fired, it was going to be at the end of last season. Why? Because as Lurie said, there are always exceptions.

If Mike Vick goes down for a few weeks at any point in the season and Nick Foles is behind center? That's an exception. If there is any injury to a big name player at any point in the season, that's an exception. There are always exceptions.

Lurie had to say what he did, partially because of what Reid's agent foolishly said, but I do think he would have said something along those lines anyway. He had to follow up on his comments at the end of last season.

It comes down to this; Lurie will only fire Reid if he truly wants to, or if this season is a complete disaster. I don't think that Lurie wants to fire Andy Reid, and I don't think he will at the end of this season.

Hopefully, we won't have to find out.

Joe Paterno is Out

Kyle Scott - November 9, 2011

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Joe Paterno is out. Graham Spanier is out.

This is how it ends.

The Penn State Board of Trustees met this evening and announced that Paterno will not coach another game for the Nittany Lions. He was told of his dismissal over the phone.

Assistant coach Tom Bradley will be the interim head coach. Mike McQueary is still on the coaching staff.

This whole situation is just sad. There’s probably not another word for it.

Riot police are reportedly outside Joe Pa's house.

Your thoughts… in the comments.

BREAKING NEWS: Wade Phillips Fired by Cowboys

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2010

They are, at best, laughable.  Jason Garrett has been tabbed to take over.

That's ashame because our old buddy BlueStarShockTrooper was starting to get weird and invoking Jesus before the loss to the Packers.  It could get ugly now.

Video after the jump.

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