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Simply Not Enough: Five Takeaways from Jets 3, Flyers 2

Anthony SanFilippo - November 17, 2017

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Well… they scored. Twice actually.

Not enough.

Nolan Patrick returned to the lineup from his “upper-body injury” for the first time in nine games. That’s a plus.

Not enough.

Brian Elliott had another really good start – that makes five in a row for him.

Not enough. 

Much maligned to start the season, the one other thing that has been pretty steady for the Flyers in recent games has been their defense, and they were relatively good again last night.

Not enough.

Hey, they earned a point on the road against a good team in a difficult building in which to play.

Not enough.

But Radko Gudas looks like he’s going to be suspended for slashing someone in the neck – although the referees didn’t give him a game misconduct until after seeing a replay – which isn’t allowed.

ENOUGH! On both fronts.

Yes Flyers fans, this was another frustrating one-goal loss. They seem to be paramount these days. Much in the way one-run losses crippled a last-place Phillies team this past season, they’re starting to plague the last place Flyers a little now too.

And maybe that’s just the sign of a team that’s getting closer and just doesn’t have that killer instinct to put a game away.

Or maybe it’s a sign there isn’t enough talent on the team to get it done.

Either way, things aren’t looking very hot for the Flyers right now, and at some point, someone is going to have to identify where the issue is for a team that has stagnated both in style and philosophy.

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Shooting Blanks: What’s Wrong with the Flyers After Getting Shutout by the Wild in Consecutive Games?

Anthony SanFilippo - November 15, 2017

This is bad hockey.

So bad in fact, that we are throwing out the concept of takeaways for this one.

(O.K., fine, you want takeaways? Here you go – Brian Elliot was really good for his fourth straight game in goal. Scott Laughton’s line was the only line that was consistently good. Robert Hagg keeps getting better and better as a defensive defenseman and Devan Dubnyk is unconscious right now in net for Minnesota – that’s it).

Seriously, the real problem at hand that needs to be addressed is the state of the Flyers in general.

How is it that the team has a (cough) .500 record (cough) and is in worse shape than it was at this time last season? How is it that the offense is completely non-existent? How is it that questionable coaching decisions continue to get shrugged aside?

If this isn’t an organizational epidemic, it’s getting darn close and somebody needs to come in and fix it soon, or this will be a lost season before we reach Thanksgiving.

Heck, if my historical analysis is correct, it’s almost at that point now.

Come with me down the rabbit hole…

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Block Party: Seven Takeaways from Flyers 2, Blues 0

Anthony SanFilippo - November 3, 2017

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Let’s face it, the odds were long. There weren’t very many sane hockey folks who thought the Flyers had a prayer last night.

Let’s look at the facts heading into the game:

  • St. Louis entered the game tied for the best record in the NHL.
  • The Flyers were starting their most inexperienced defense ever – with four of the six defensemen having a combined 27 games of NHL experience.
  • The Blues were undefeated at home coming into the game.
  • The Flyers had played the night before in Chicago, and had to travel overnight while St. Louis was waiting for them at home, well-rested.
  • The Flyers offense has been sputtering, having scored in only one of the previous six periods.

It was a pretty forgone conclusion that the night wouldn’t go well.

To steal a line from former ESPN anchor Chris Berman, “A wise man once said, that’s why they play the games.”

The Flyers had no business being in this game with St. Louis, let alone winning it. But somehow, they found a way. They did so by committing to a team-oriented defensive concept that was designed to let them hang around in the game against a superior team.

And instead of just hanging around, they came into the Blues’ house party, ate all the cheese and queso dip [editor’s note: no, not the queso]¬†stood on the furniture and kicked the keg all by themselves with an impressive 2-0 win.

Let’s break this down before the NHL changes its mind and insists the game is replayed in an effort to bring balance back to the universe.

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Just a Bad Loss: Seven Takeaways from Coyotes 4, Flyers 3

Anthony SanFilippo - October 31, 2017

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Somewhere out there, (maybe on the dark web), there is a guy who has chronicled bad losses in the history of sports.

And the encyclopedic volume for the city of Philadelphia is pretty vast, and the Flyers certainly take up their share of chapters.

And while last night’s 4-3 overtime loss to the Arizona Coyotes – the previously winless Coyotes; the on-the-verge-of-historical-worst-start-in-NHL-history Coyotes; the Coyotes team starting their fourth goalie in 12 games (and who have had six on their roster already); the Coyotes team whose goalie Scott Wedgewood is a career minor leaguer with only four previous games of NHL experieince; the Coyotes team who just traded for Wedgewood and he was making his debut for Arizona; the Coyotes who employee Flyers castoffs Nick Cousins, (former draft pick) Mario Kempe, Luke Schenn and Zac Rinaldo and are coached by former Comcast analyst Rick Tocchet – wasn’t the worst loss we’ve ever seen this team take, it’s still unacceptable.

The fact that the Flyers were able to make a dramatic, last minute comeback to tie the game – scoring two goals in the final minute to force overtime – something they had only done once before in franchise history (more on that later), to somehow steal a point in a game they had no business being in based on the way they played is the only saving grace from them getting absolutely roasted on a spitfire today.

Well, that and all the era of good feelings surrounding the other Philadelphia sports teams right now, from the 7-1 Eagles (now with Jay Ajayi), to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid looking pretty damn good together, to the first images of new Phillies manager Gabe Kapler coming from a photo shoot of what I imagine the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition would look like if women were the magazine’s target audience.

So this Flyers loss is going to fly under the radar a bit in Philadelphia today, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t break it down for the faithful.

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No Ghost for Halloween? Seven Takeaways from Flyers 4, Maple Leafs 2

Anthony SanFilippo - October 29, 2017

I spent Saturday night on the couch under a blanket, with my head pounding and everything seeming foggy as I drifted in and out of consciousness rather than attend a Halloween party.

I can only imagine that’s what Gostisbehere is experiencing right now (minus the chills) after he had to leave the Flyers impressive 4-2 win over the Maple Leafs in Toronto Saturday.

He was a victim of an unnecessary hit by Leafs center Leo Komorov that drove him into the boards face first, resulting in a probable concussion.

It’s the second head injury this month for Gostisbehere, who was in danger of missing the season opener after a similar hit in the Flyers’ final preseason game, but he played and prospect defenseman Sam Morin sat in the press box for the first four games of the season before being sent back to the Phantoms.

With Andrew MacDonald already sidelined for at least a month with a knee injury, the Flyers defense could be in dire straits if Gostisbehere has to miss any extended time.

And since I’m feeling pretty crappy myself, let’s just move on to the takeaways: Continue Reading

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The Flyers Got Jobbed Last Night

Anthony SanFilippo - October 27, 2017

Gather around folks, gather around. Give me a second to drag my soap box into position. O.K. now spread out, give me room to climb up on there… I’ve got a lot to say.

All right. Thank you all for coming. I’m going to take a swig of water here first before I say anything further.

(Gulp, Gulp, Gulp…. ahhhhh) O.K… I’m ready….

Let me begin by speaking directly to the NHL. Yes, the NHL, and by NHL I mean every executive from Gary Bettman on down. I mean the folks who work every day in your Manhattan office as well as the denizens of the replay room in Toronto.

I’m speaking to all of you as one.


Damn it, this isn’t the first time either. You’ve been at this charade of trying to pull the wool over my eyes for more than a decade.

But I see through your arrogance. I see through your false wisdom about what’s best for the sport. In fact, I see you are the emperor and you have an insecurity about the fact that you have no clothes.

Frankly, your rules suck.

The Flyers had two goals overturned against them last night because of these rules – written by some league lawyers. The vagaries of the language intentionally used by the lawyers to leave room for interpretation allow you, NHL, to cover your ass with every bad call.

And there were two bad calls Thursday that could have led to a completely different result than the Flyers 5-4 loss in Ottawa.

Now, I am not naive, NHL. I know that this game wasn’t completely about your incompetence – although I plan to expose your continued effort to tell people that what they are seeing with their own eyes is wrong.

No, the Flyers had a miserable first period, dug themselves a difficult hole, and although they did a nice job of fighting back, fell victim to more turnovers, more blown coverages, more odd-man rushes against and most importantly – more bad goaltending.

So, NHL, you are not 100% guilty concerning the outcome of the game, but you are guilty nonetheless. You are guilty of ineptitude. You are guilty of ignorance. You are guilty of fraudulence.

And I’m going to tell you why. Continue Reading

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Juggle Trouble: Seven Takeaways from Ducks 6, Flyers 2

Anthony SanFilippo - October 25, 2017

After the Flyers’ 6-2 loss to Anaheim yesterday, Dave Hakstol said he would “evaluate it all and get better from it.”

Maybe that’s because the Ducks blew up his mad science experiment.

Look, I know it’s proper form to have a nice lede to a story. To write something that really draws in the reader and keeps them wanting more.

And that’s fine when the team is winning, or if it loses a game or two.

But for a game like this, where it was painfully obvious on MONDAY that the Flyers were starting from a disadvantage against a very good Anaheim team because of a peculiar coaching decision?

I don’t want to come across as spitting fire. The team had a clunker. And if they have one every nine games and go 5-3 in the other eight, that’s a 91-point pace. Steal another point here or there and you are a playoff team. So this isn’t Armageddon.

But if I can identify a bad hockey idea 24 hours before the coach, that’s not good.

So, there’s no time for cute and fluffy introductions at times like this. Flyers fans want answers. And while I may not have all of them, I’m not going to waste time getting to them.

So, to the takeaways… Continue Reading

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We Can Play This Way Too! Seven Takeaways from Flyers 2, Oilers 1

Anthony SanFilippo - October 22, 2017

Everyone, even the most casual hockey observers, had to know that the torrid pace the Flyers were playing in the first six games of the season wasn’t sustainable.

Averaging more than four goals a game? Averaging 35 shots on goal? What do you think this is the 1980s?

No. Hockey is forever morphing and changing, but one thing is for certain, if there are extremes in the sport, even for as short a period of time as six games, you can bet someone will find a way to change it.

Just like the amount of slashing penalties being called (more than 90% of NHL games this season have had at least one) will eventually slow down, so will the high-scoring games. So will the wide open ice. Things will invariably change.

And when they do, teams that are prepared for it will flourish, and teams that won’t will perish.

The Flyers? They want to establish that they can accomplish their goals playing varying styles of hockey.

(Wait, did I just use four -ish words in a span of 17? It was completely unintentional and not a bullish attempt to publish this story in a stylish manner. Not at all.)

After a tight-checking, 1-0 slogfest loss to Nashville Thursday, everyone, including yours truly, expected a return to the high-speed, wide-open style of hockey Saturday afternoon against Edmonton and Connor McDavid.

That wasn’t the case at all.

Instead, this game was much more spirited, with a little animosity, a lot of physical play, a lot of unselfish, team-oriented stuff usually reserved for late in the season or the playoffs and not October.

This was especially surprising since it was a non-conference game.

But it’s the way things are right now for the Flyers – who have definitely put the league on notice with the way they were playing over the season’s first couple of weeks.

And now, following their 2-1 win Saturday, they are showing they can win this way too.

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