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Larry Fedora Said Some Unpopular Stuff

Kevin Kinkead - July 19, 2018

Larry Fedora, who wears a visor, gave a weird press conference at the Atlantic Coast Conference’s football media day.

The North Carolina head ball coach was asked about a variety of topics and spun off on a stream-of-consciousness discussion about the state of the game in the United States.

From Raleigh’s ABC11:

Fedora also spoke specifically about how rule changes in college football are changing the game, and not for the better. As football goes, Fedora said, so goes our country.

“Our game is under attack,” Fedora said. “I fear that the game will be pushed so far from what we know that we won’t recognize it 10 years from now. And if it does, our country will go down, too.”

Fedora also relayed the following anecdote: He spoke with a general – military branch unknown – and asked what made America’s forces the strongest in the world. It’s because the U.S. is the only country that plays football, the general replied, per Fedora.

“I think because of the lessons you learn in the game of football relate to everything you’re going to do for the rest of your life,” Fedora said. “When we stop learning those lessons, we’re going to struggle.

Okay, well, I agree that football teaches life lessons, but it’s certainly not the only source of wisdom and knowledge. You could probably learn the same lessons from basketball or baseball or marching band or debate club. And I don’t know if our military is the strongest in the world because we play football, it could also be that we spend 600 billion dollars on it.

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Penn State Dug a Hole in their Practice Field and Buried the Temple Game Tape

Jim Adair - September 8, 2015

Maybe they should have buried their offensive line with it.

All joking aside: When humanity perishes and the Earth is a barren wasteland, maybe alien explorers will come to Earth and discover the tape, allowing them to experience a lot of human culture. Like fandom, community, and how not to play football.

Sports Betting Updates

fanduel sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook Review

Things have picked up for NJ online sports betting. FanDuel Sportsbook launched their sports betting app in September and they, along with DraftKings, have quickly become the leaders in the space. If you want to know how the sites compare to each other, read our DraftKings Sportsbook vs. FanDuel Sportsbook post. Otherwise, keep reading to get our review of FanDuel and their current bonus offers. Bonus: First deposit matched up to $100 Minimum Deposit: $10 FanDuel

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draftkings sportsbook vs fanduel sportsbook

Here’s How Much Each New Jersey Sports Betting App Made in December

Big milestone for New Jersey sports betting. The state collected more than $1.2 billion in sports wagers dating back to June, when sports betting first became legal in the Garden State. That’s according to data provided by the Division of Gaming Enforcement, which today released a seven-page report with their findings. Year to date, the total handle for both on-site and internet sports betting was $1,247,290,341. That’s billion, with a B.   Handle is the total amount

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Your Complete NFL Divisional Round Weekend Betting Guide

The Eagles-Saints showdown on Sunday afternoon is the weekend headliner, but there’s three other excellent matchups in the NFL playoffs, along with a full slate of NBA, NHL, and college basketball games. It should be a hell of a sports weekend, so now seems like a good time to get in on New Jersey’s legal sports betting action. Enjoy all of the different great games on tap across multiple sports this weekend and take advantage

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NFL RedZone Could Be A Year-Round Channel, Here’s How

Kyle - June 9, 2015


This post is part of The Crosswalk, Crossing Broad’s reader submitted section. While checked for basic quality and readability, it is not edited by Crossing Broad, and all opinions expressed are those of the author, for better or worse. If you’re interested in having your work appear on Crossing Broad, fill out the short sign up form here.
NFL Films has always been the perfect combination of sports and history. The narration of the game by such legendary voices as John Facenda and Harry Kalas, along with the music composed by Sam Spence, changed the way sports could be viewed and presented. NFL Films has never failed in bringing the game to life whether it was the 1960s or this past season. And since the NFL season is so short when compared to other professional sports, the history of the game can take on greater significance in the long offseason. When I’m watching games from the past, it sometimes has nothing to do with what is happening on the field. It could be the crowd or the announcers that has my attention, or the overall television presentation of the game. It’s very interesting to see the evolution of not only the actual game, but the style of it as well. This is why I believe a weekly historical RedZone program – RedZone Classic – would be something all NFL fans would love. Continue Reading

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Byron Maxwell Says the Eagles’ Scheme “Definitely Fits” Him

Jim Adair - March 6, 2015

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent cornerback Byron Maxwell is reportedly on the Eagles’ radar. But even more importantly for an unrestricted free agent, the Eagles are on Maxwell’s radar. He’s been popping up on ESPN with Brian Dawkins, talking to Gonzo and Gunn on CSN, and all in all running his mouth in the best way possible.

He was all chummy with B-Dawk. He told Gonzo and Gunn that he only hears good things about Philly and that the Eagles “allow their corners to play and get physical … their scheme definitely fits me.” [Editor’s note: Their current scheme is burnt toast, so let’s just assume this was a canned response.] But even more exciting than that — this is what passes for excitement these days — Maxwell said on SportsCenter that he would “definitely” consider joining the Eagles. “They’re committed to winning,” Maxwell said. “If they were to come at me, I would have to consider them.”

But this is all just speculation, right Eliot Shorr-Parks?

Speaking on the phone to an agent of another top-end free agent cornerback, the idea was brought up of his client possibly coming to join the Eagles.

“Nope,” the agent replied, “They are getting Byron Maxwell.”

Well, that settles that.

Bruce Arians Takes a Swipe at Chip Kelly, Says His QBs Aren’t Real QBs

Jim Adair - February 20, 2015

Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that’s not a real hat, Bruce.

Though the Eagles aren’t (pointlessly) talking to the media at the combine, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians did, and he had some stuff to say about up-tempo offenses.

The question was posed to Arians — in regards to Marcus Mariota never running a “pro-style” offense — if pro vs. college offenses even matter at this point. His answer? Uh … yeah:

“So many times you’re evaluating a quarterback who has never called a play in a huddle, never used a snap count. You hold up a card on a sideline and he kicks his foot and throws the ball. That ain’t playing quarterback. There’s no leadership involved there. Now, there might be leadership on the bench, but when you get them now and you give them verbiage and they have to spit that verbiage out, use a snap count, change a snap count, they are light years behind. Light years behind.”

To be fair to Arians and his stupid hat [Editor’s note: and glasses], some of what he says makes sense. A lot of the playcalling and leadership does come from the sideline. There are no Peyton Mannings in these offenses. But also, “you hold up a card on a sideline and he kicks his foot and throws the ball”? That’s football. If you substitute “hold up a card” for “call in a play on the headset,” it’s the same thing. It’s just done faster and a little bit gimmicky, but it’s really not all that different. How often do quarterbacks come out of college with tons of experience using and changing the snap count anyway? These aren’t fully-formed game managers. What you need is a talented passer and a smart guy who you can mold into the best quarterback for your system. If anyone knows that, it should be the dude who started Ryan Lindley and Drew Stanton last year.

Eagles Hire Ed Marynowitz as Their New Pseudo-GM, VP of Player Personnel

Jim Adair - January 29, 2015

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

In a move that screams “we couldn’t find any self-respecting exec with experience to be Chip’s underling, so we hired the young guy we already had,” the Eagles have found their new “GM” from in-house.

Ed Marynowitz, whose role was assistant director of player personnel, is now Chip Kelly’s Vice President of Player Personnel. Before his tenure with the Eagles, Marynowitz was Nick Saban’s director of recruiting and payroll at Alabama.

So what do we know about this dude? Marynowitz is a young guy. He’s around Kyle’s age, which has Kyle acting like a big, self-conscious bitch:


He played Quarterback at La Salle University in the early 2000s and is a native of Media– home of the late, great Harry Kalas, and a hip, liberal vibe. Reuben Frank points out Marynowitz’s name is pronounced “MAN-oh-witz,” but don’t expect to hear it from any call-ins on 97.5 or WIP that way. And it’s likely his actual powers will be limited to “giving Chip Kelly advice” or “nodding his head in agreement.”


Mmm hmm. Mmm hmm.

Joe Banner, Psychic

Jim Adair - January 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 10.01.09 AM

As it turns out, Joe Banner has the power of prognostication. If only he’d used that in his job as the President of the Eagles, or CEO of the Browns, or at literally any time.

And Here’s a Team that Missed the Playoffs talking about a “Game of Inches”

Jim Adair - December 29, 2014

It won’t embed here correctly for a reason I cannot figure out, but you can watch LeSean McCoy getting the Eagles pre-game pumped by quoting the above clip from Any Given Sunday over here — sadly without an Al Pacino impression. The video comes from Evan Mathis’ Sqor page, and even though the season is over and the Eagles lost the game of inches, this is still kind of great.

h/t reader Jon