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Chad Qualls Designated for Assignment

Kyle Scott - June 28, 2012

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I’ll be honest. As a fan, I’m elated that no-good, chubby, sad-looking Grimace creature has been designated for assignment.

As a blogger, I’m disappointed that I’ll no longer be able to use that moniker to describe Qualls. 

Usually, my goals and desires as a fan align exactly with my goals and desires as someone who makes a living off a blog– teams win: I’m happy, site does well. But I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t just a bit sadstons that I won’t be able to continue with the Grimace theme we introduced in this morning’s Wood. Still, though, it will be nice to not see that loser on the mound anymore.

Ruben Amaro’s offseason moves continue to prove to be subpar. He signed Qualls to a one-year, $1.15 million deal. Qualls had two no-better-than-average seasons in 2010 and 2011, the latter of which he played on the moon known as Petco Park, which is very much a pitcher’s paradise.

Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 12.12.08 PM

Now Qualls is likely done and the Phillies have filled his void with… Jeremy Horst. WHO?! No idea (the guy we got for Wilson Valdez). Don’t care. But Qualls is gone, so we’ll rejoice. 

UPDATE: Chris Pronger’s House (Which He Rents) Appears to be For Sale

Kyle Scott - June 14, 2012


According to Twitter user (@briannawrist), the house Chris Pronger lives in is for sale.

Briana, who says she lives down the street from the Flyers’ captain, tweeted

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 2.38.02 PM

She was kind enough to go snap a picture for us, which you see above. Here’s the listing of what is confirmed to be his address– $1.5 million and it's yours.

A few weeks ago, some saw a moving van in front of the house, leading to speculation that Pronger was retiring. Or at least moving somewhere.

The Flyers quickly addressed the rumors, with sometimes fibber Paul Holmgren telling that Pronger was going to spend some time with family in St. Louis: []

“There’s no truth to him retiring,” Holmgren said.

Because of an illness in his wife’s family, the Prongers are apparently going to spend some time in St. Louis, Holmgren said.


If him moving means the worst, it's obviously sad to see. There has been no official announcement from the team or Pronger. Nor will there be– a retirement announcement would cost the Flyers a cap hit. That's why Ian Laperriere waited until his contract expired at the end of this season to announce his retirement. And selling a house might not mean anything more than the house is for sale. But we can probably assume that it means more than that.

UPDATE: We're told that the house is owned by former Flyer Jason Smith, who was renting to Pronger. Regardless, Pronger has been living there – that part is confirmed – and now he's not. That's about as much as anyone knows.

Lou Williams “Hopes” to Return for the Playoffs

Ryan Gillon - April 4, 2011


"So… you wanna go meet AI at Friday's?"

It may be a frustrating close to the regular season for the Sixers, as a couple of players are banged up from injuries. The most concerning, however, involves their sixth man Lou Williams. He strained his right hamstring on Friday night.

Hamstring injuries are touch-and-go, so it's always hard to tell how long a player an land on the bench, but Lou shared the following with Kate Fagan of the Inquirer, and it's not encouraging:


Williams is averaging almost 14 points a game and he's a fourth-quarter monster for the Sixers. This would have been an easier injury to handle a few months ago. Timing is a real bitch.

With a playoff spot already clinched, the Sixers will have to hope that Williams will be able to get enough rest to play his usual role late in games when the postseason rolls around.

Here's to "hoping".

Beeker’s Balls Drop, For Crying Out Loud

Kyle Scott - March 6, 2011

Evan Turner dominated tonight, scoring 20 points as the Sixers beat the Warriors in overtime, 125-117. Beeker scored eight points in the extra frame, with six coming in the final minute.

Gordie Jones, who all but predicted the final score, has the full story over at Philly Sports Daily.

Turner? He just wants to play, for crying out loud.

via (@outsidethenba)

As for the Flyers? Thoughts on that slop soon.

Sex For World Series Tickets Lady Gets Crazier

Kyle Scott - June 23, 2010



And in the bathtub each evening, using a
technique cribbed from my sister's copy of The Sensuous Woman, I
closed my eyes and masturbated by positioning myself under the running
faucet, on my back with legs spread, thinking mainly about tall blond
pitcher Larry "L.C." Christenson, although I believe most of them
eventually got a turn.

You're probably wondering how we got to this point.  Let's rewind.

Remember that lady who wanted to trade sex for World Series tickets?  Well, she decided that her 15 minutes of fame wasn't long enough and that she needed to create a blog to creep us all out.

Susan Finkelstein has just begun posting on Rounding 3rd with Susan Finkelstein (I gotta admit, great name) about her interest in the Phillies, sex, and Walt Whitman.

Oh yeah, this blog has it all.

Finkelstein regales us with her tales of masturbation to thoughts of the 1980 Phillies.  Ok, slightly TMI, but ya know, they were the eventual World Series champs…  

Here's where it gets weird(er?)

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Cheers For Charlie!

Kyle Scott - May 27, 2010


The Inquirer has posted pictures from an event called "Cheers for Charlie" that was held at the Crystal Tea Room in Center City last Thursday.

Clearly well deserved, but it just seems like an odd event to take place in the middle of the season. The other strange part of this are the pictures of "Charlie Girls" from  Who is the marketing genius who missed the opportunity to call them "Charlie's Angels?"

Either way, let's hope they didn't keep him up too late.