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Adam Aron Said Fan Overpaid for Four-Cent Tickets

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2013

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Well, at least the Sixers are finally willing to admit that their tickets are essentially worthless.

Adam Aron hopped on* the WIP Morning Show today to defend his team’s attendance, ticket prices, play, injured stars and just about every other negative thing that could be said about a professional sports franchise. As always, he made his case with humor and candor, mostly. But. But I really can’t take the glass-half-full moral victory-isms that continuously come from the Sixers front office. Third most wins in NBA history. 15th most made three-pointers in NBA history. Seventh best in-arena popcorn in the Eastern Conference. 

And now, a new one: Sixth biggest attendance increase in the NBA.


"Last year, as you know, the Sixers had the biggest attendance increase of all 30 teams in the NBA, year over year. And this year, we have the sixth biggest increase in attendance in the NBA, year over year."


I’ll buy it about last year. According to, the Sixers' 2011-2012 average attendance was 17,502, up from 14,751 in 2010-2011. But what was that about this season? Sixth biggest increase in the NBA? The Sixers’ 2012-2013 average attendance is 16,253, and that tells me – keep in mind, I was never very good at math – that the average attendance has actually decreased by 1,249, or 7%. 

Now, I know attendance numbers are tricky. They can be sliced a hundred different ways and spit out 200 additional ways. Is it paid attendance? Actual attendance? Tickets sold? Tickets given out? Paying customers plus the posses, pussies, papas and assorted hangers-on of NBA stars? It’s safe to assume that ESPN’s numbers reflect paid attendance, which means that the Sixers are selling – at whatever full or discounted price – 16,253 tickets per game. But, obviously, not all of those people are showing up, a claim evidenced by the story of the knucklehead who bought 18 tickets for under a dollar and used only two of them, leaving the rest of the purchased row empty. Aron knows that (I think…), even if this is what he had to say on that particular matter:

“First of all, the way we played in the third quarter against the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night, I think the guy overpaid for the seats. But that’s a different issue. You know, we did sell those tickets at full price. So why somebody… who bought those tickets from us, at full price, would turn around and resell them for four cents, is a ridiculous way to use his tickets. But it’s a free country and he’s allowed to do what he wants to do.” 


In case it’s not apparent: the reason people are selling their $10 tickets for less than pennies on the dollar (literally!) is because they were expecting a quality product, or an all-star center, or a team at or above .500. Instead, they’re getting confetti, Ayla Brown, and the occasional Big Mac. 

*On Twitter, celebs, athletes, writers, bloggers etc. always say that they’re “hopping on” the radio. Hell, I’ve done it. But here’s what that translates to: I want to sound really cool and nonchalant about my appearance, so I’ll just say I’m hopping on, like it ain’t no thing. “Just taking out the trash, getting my oil changed and hopping on the radio. How’s your Tuesday? Probably not as cool as mine.”

Jaromir Jagr Had Four Points Last Night

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.47.50 AM
"Don't get used to it, guys," Jagr told reporters in Dallas

It’s fitting that a guy the Flyers let walk during the offseason would open the season with a two-goal, two-assist performance and factor in the scoring on all the Dallas Stars’ goals in their 4-3 win over the Phoenix Coyotes.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Jaromir Jagr wants to show he has a little something left. The 40-year-old is off to a pretty good start.

Jagr scored twice, assisted on the game-winner and had a hand in all four goals in his Dallas debut, and the Stars opened the lockout-shortened season with a 4-3 victory against the Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday night.

"Too bad they signed him," said Radim Vrbata, who had two goals and an assist for the Coyotes. "For me, a Czech guy, that's what he does. He played in Czech during the lockout the whole time and you can see he knows what he's doing out there."


Golf clap for Jags. Still think the Flyers made the right move not signing him to a $4.5 million deal (what he got with the Stars), though. At some point in this condensed season age is going to catch up to him. But isn’t it funny how we now feel a tinge of nostalgia for a guy who used to get whistled at every time he took the ice in Philadelphia?

Video of his post-game presser, after the jump.

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Four Aces on Sports Illustrated Cover

Kyle Scott - March 29, 2011


Annnnnd the jinx is in. Thank you, Time Inc.

Amazing how the guy who won a Cy Young award and threw two no-hitters last year is in the second row. That's how you know you're good.

Photo via Philly Sports Daily.

So Much for the Four Aces Not Appearing in Photos as the Four Aces

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2011

This should sufficiently piss of New Yorkers

When NY Times Magazine says you're the Four Aces, damnit, you're the Four Aces.

Here's a pic courtesy of Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence (@RyanLawrence21), which shows Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels on the mound together posing for a New York Times Magazine photo. No Joe Blanton anywhere in sight.

That appearing as a group thing didn't last long.

Speaking of the rotation…

The Phillies begin their Spring Training schedule on Thursday against Florida State, but for realsies on Saturday against the Yankees. Cole Hamels will take the mound that day, and according to Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki, it lays the groundwork for the Phillies regular season rotation.

Via The Zo Zone:

The Phillies posted their pitching schedule for their first four Grapefruit League games, and as it lines up their rotation to open the 2011 season will be in the following order:Roy HalladayCliff LeeRoy OswaltCole Hamels and Joe Blanton


It seems confusing since Hamels is getting the first start, but the order lends itself to what we all anticipated. There is seemingly no doubt now that the team intends to have Oswalt pitch in the three with Hamels in the four-slot. If this works according to plan, Hamels will probably be the greatest fourth pitcher in Major League Baseball history by season's end, if you were unwilling to consider that idea already. 

Zo also includes the entire pitching schedule for the first four games. Fun to note that Ryan Madson, J.C. Romero, and Brad Lidge are all slated to pitch Sunday.

Sucks we have to wait until March 6th to see a whole game on TV (unless of course you have the YES Network, which is televising both Saturday's and Sunday's tilts against the Yankees).

Is it April yet?

Ryan G. contributed to these grammatical stylings, as well.

Old People Like Aces Too

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2011

Sans Danny

Oh yes, even old people are getting in on the Four Aces fun. Perhaps someone should tell them that we need a nickname for the Five Elements, but that's neither here nor there.

Here's a song, Baseball's Four Aces, from Danny and Juniors, of At the Hop fame. Queen of Hearts? What?! I can't hear you! HERE'S A FOUR ACES SONG BY DAN EEE AND THE JUNIORS… GRACE… THE BLESSING!

Per their 1998 style Angelfire webpage:

Early in 1958 Dick Clark presented Danny And The Juniors with a gold record for At The Hop on American Bandstand, the first of many awards and accolades they would receive over their career, including Best New Group of 1957 and the prestigious Philadelphia Music Alliance Achievement Award more recently.


That's right, the Best New Group of 1957 brings you Baseball's Four Aces. Spinnin' now on your radio, here are Bobby, Joe, and Frank. No Danny- Danny killed himself in 1983. You can see them next on March 4th at the Cheyenne Civic Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming. No really, you can.

I have no doubt that, in their time, these gentlemen cleaned up with the ladies. Perhaps they still do. But this whole digital music thing has thrown them Four (get it?) a loop. You can buy the single at CD Baby (???) or just download the free MP3 they sent around… the choice is yours. Of course, a portion of the proceeds from the download go to cancer reseach. So give it a purchase, yo.

We make fun, but I dare you to not get this fuckin' thing stuck in your head. Somewhere, Jerry Blavat is stroking it.

Listen to the song after the jump. Epic cutter reference, too.

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Day 2 Media Madness

Kyle Scott - February 14, 2011

Just a few media folks on hand in Clearwater (David Hale)

With the Phillies' Smug Level already set to "Jimmy Rollins" (cocky confidence, with the ability to back it up- only slightly below "J.C. Romero"), the folks from New York are already displaying their Little Man insecurities.

NY Post writer Kevin Kernan's first stop on his Spring Training tour was Clearwater: (@NYPost_Kernan)

Where's Kernan? In Clearwater where Phillies plan to rule the World; Cliff Lee is kind of with the Yankees.


Uh, we get what you're saying, but no, no he's not.

Brad Lidge wasn't shy about telling everyone that anything short of a World Series championship would be a disappointment. And with that comes the Yankees comparison. [NY Post]

When it was mentioned to Lidge that is the Yankees' thought process every spring, he laughed and said: "Yeah, it's amazing how it's changed a little bit, but I guess we have that same mentality right now. Our brass has given us every opportunity. Now we need to go out there and deliver."

The Phillies took the first small step yesterday with pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. The place was buzzing because Lee is back in a Philly uniform again. And to think, it was just a few years ago the Mets thought they were the team to beat in the NL East.


They're not, anymore.

The Mets will struggle with the difficult decision of whether or not they should keep Oliver Perez around. Heh- the struggles of the middle class.

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Your Fat Joe and the Terror Squad Photoshops

Kyle Scott - February 11, 2011


Here they are. R2C2 wants Joe Blanton included in all photos and interviews? Done.

Ladies and Gentlement, your Philly 5.

Oh yeah, these are best enjoyed while listening to Down With Webster's remix of Hall & Oates' Rich Girl.

Hop it.

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Flyers Fans to Mob Blackhawks?

Kyle Scott - June 4, 2010

Flyers_flash_mob is reporting that this website, and this Facebook page popped up, urging Flyers fans to meet at the corner of 18th and the Parkway at 5 PM tonight to see the Blackhawks off from their hotel (The Four Seasons) to tonight's Game 4 at the Wachovia Center.  Their bus is scheduled to leave at 5:25.

They want fans to follow the Blackhawks bus on their bikes from the Four Seasons Hotel to South Philadelphia.  A source within the Flyers organization tells us they will have a police escort, and fans won't be able to get near the bus.  

We can see this going horribly wrong, but if you do wind up going, please behave!  The last thing Philly sports fans need is another black eye from the national media.

If you see something crazy, send us pics to or tweet us @crossingbroad.