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Facebook Files Motion to Dismiss Karen Hepp’s $10 Million Lawsuit

Kevin Kinkead - February 13, 2020

Back in September, Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo reported on a 10 million dollar lawsuit Karen Hepp filed against Facebook, Reddit, and other sites, claiming that a photograph of her was being used in ads for erectile dysfunction, a dating app, and a porn site. The photo was reportedly taken without her permission via surveillance camera at a New York grocery store.

Fast forward to February, and Fiorillo has an update, explaining that Facebook lawyers are arguing, in simple terms, that they can’t be held liable for third party actions:

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This Dude Humping an Alex Holley Cardboard Cutout is Worse than the HitchBOT Thing

Jim Adair - August 4, 2015


Some dude may or may not have destroyed a trash can with a hat that we’re all calling a “robot,” and it has become a – probably undeserved – national embarrassment for the city of Philadelphia. To see if anyone would harm something much better looking, Good Day Philadelphia put out a cardboard cutout of co-host Alex Holley in the same spot of HitchBOT’s alleged demise and planted a camera across the street to see what would happen. What happened, as it turned out, is that some dude waited patiently in line and then started HUMPING THE GODDAMN CUTOUT.

For once, Septa showed up right on time. Video after the jump.

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