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FOX Bet’s Cousin Sal Boost Is The Best Odds Boost We’ve Ever Seen

Kyle Scott - October 10, 2019

We have written a lot about how FOX Bet is the best betting app in PA and overall one of the most intriguing sports betting apps to enter the market, mostly due to its FOX Sports tie-ins.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

The reason for this is the way FOX Bet offers daily odds boosts from the likes of Colin Cowherd, Charissa Thompson, Cousin Sal, and others. Unlike some other sportsbooks, where promotional odds boosts occasionally feel like they don’t provide you much value or try to get you on the sucker side of a bet, these offers ostensibly seem to come from the personalities themselves. In the case of Cowherd, he makes his picks on the air and you can bet on them in the app.

One of their best ones is the Cousin Sal “Custom Sal Money Back Special” each Thursday. What is being offered for Thursday Night Football tonight is the best sports betting odds boost we’ve seen at a legal sportsbook:

You can get at +600 odds the Giants to score under 14.5 points and a Patriots defensive touchdown. Given the fact that it will be bad weather, with a rookie quarterback going up against the team that hasn’t allowed a passing touchdown, has intercepted the ball 11 times, and is a 16 point favorite, this seems like a pretty enticing offer.

What makes it so good is that your $25 is completely risk-free (it will be refunded if it doesn’t hit), and the +600 multiplier actually has some value. Continue Reading

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FOX Bet Is Offering a Massive Boost on a Daniel Jones Touchdown Pass on Thursday

Kyle Scott - October 10, 2019

FOX Bet is once again going all in on Thursday Night Football this week, offering up a Daniel Jones touchdown pass at +100 (or even) odds. This is now the second time FOX’s betting app, which is available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, has offered a no-brainer odds boost on the local team.

Two weeks ago, they offered essentially free money on a max bet of $25 for Carson Wentz to throw a touchdown pass against the Packers at +100 odds. Given that he had thrown one in 26 of his previous 27 games, this made the likelihood of hitting that bet 96.7%.

Daniel Jones, obviously, has slightly more variance given the fact that he is a rookie going up against the Patriots, but this is still an incredible odds boost that is as close to as a guaranteed bet as you will find.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

How It Works

You could bet up to $25 at FOX Bet on Jones to throw a touchdown pass against the Patriots tonight.

If he does so, you’ll double your money. Quite simple.

Max bet is $25, so FOX Bet can limit their exposure on this offer.

New users who sign up FOX Bet get $20 free instantly upon sign-up and their first deposit match up to $100. When you combine that with this $25 boost, the total value to a new player who deposits $100 is $145… if Daniel Jones throws a touchdown tonight.

You can sign up for the FOX Bet PA app here , and the NJ app here .

FOX Bet Building A Base in New Jersey (Literally)

As we have mentioned before, online sportsbooks in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are feverishly trying to collect new customers.

New Jersey is a more crowded market at this point, with sportsbooks number well into the double digits. But the Giants-Patriots game will draw a large audience and more casual players stepping in to put money on the game.

And FOX literally has a location in New Jersey, recently opening an office in Cherry Hill.

Using the FOX name in conjunction with their broadcast of the game and a promo tied to the Giants is enticing to new players.

This is just the latest in a series of offers from sportsbooks trying to collect customers.

FOX Bet is one of our favorite apps for betting in both PA and New Jersey.

Eagles Have an Uneven History as a Double-Digit Favorite

Bob Wankel - October 1, 2019

There’s no way, I mean no way, the Eagles lose to the Jets this weekend. Can’t happen.


After all, they enter their Week 5 game against New York at Lincoln Financial Field as a monster 13.5-point favorite. That’s a spread that I would classify as strong to quite strong.

Barring a drastic change in the odds, Sunday will mark the second time this season that the Eagles will be a double-digit favorite—they were a 10-point favorite back in Week 1 against the Redskins—and the eighteenth time they have been favored by 10 or more points dating back to 2004.

The Eagles are currently a -800 moneyline favorite at FOX Bet, equating to an 88.9% implied win probability, while FiveThirtyEight’s ELO model suggests the Eagles have an 81% chance to win.

Still, as we saw during a rough first half against Washington in the opener, no win is guaranteed—not even when Luke Falk (probably) and an 0-3 Jets team that has been outscored by a 33-70 margin are on the opposing sideline.

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FOX Bet Is Essentially Offering $25 Free If Carson Wentz Throws a Touchdown Tonight

Kyle Scott - September 26, 2019

FOX Bet, our currently recommended PA sports betting site, is going all in on the Eagles-Packers game tonight. They are essentially offering $25 free if Carson Wentz throws a touchdown pass.

It’s the best Eagles-related betting offer we’ve seen so far this year.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only


FOX Bet Carson Wentz Promo

FOX Bet in Pennsylvania and New Jersey is offering boosted odds on Carson Wentz to throw a touchdown at +100 (or even) odds. This is boosted from -400. This means the max bet of $25 would pay out $50 total if Wentz throws a touchdown pass vs. the Packers.

But the math behind the offer gives you a 96% chance of doubling your money if you place the bet .

Over his last 27 games, Carson Wentz has thrown a touchdown pass in 26 of them. This is about as close to a no-brainer bet as you will get.

What’s more? This offer is not limited to new users.

Current players can also take advantage as well.

And for new users, it comes in addition to FOX Bet’s standard $20 free offer + $100 deposit match. Which means if you’re a new player, you can sign up for the app (Pennsylvania here and New Jersey here ), get $20 free into your account instantly, get your first deposit matched up to $100, and then bet $25 on Carson Wentz to throw a touchdown tonight and then likely double that money for a total potential value of $145 in bonus credits, if Wentz throws a touchdown and you make the full $100 deposit.

What is the fine print? Well, you won’t be able to use the $20 in free credits to bet on Wentz, most likely. So that will have to come from real funds you deposit. Additionally, all bonuses with any legal sportsbook come with a play-through requirement, which means you have to bet any bonus money you receive or win at least once before it is eligible to be withdrawn as cash. Pretty standard, however.


Eagles and Betting

We’ve spoken with FOX Bet, and they recognize the significant opportunity in PA and New Jersey right now, particularly in Pennsylvania. With not too much competition in the market, as DraftKings Sportsbook PA looms around the corner, FOX knows that targeting Eagles and Steelers fans early in the NFL season will help them gain a large betting audience.

So in addition to the headline Wentz offer, they’re offering other significant odds boosts tonight:

  • Cousin Sal is boosting a Geronimo Allison touchdown + 70 receiving yards on the Packers’ side from +400 to +500
  • Nick Wright is boosting Zach Ertz to score a touchdown from +125 to +175
  • and Chris Carter is using an Eagles win + Nelson Agholor touchdown boost from +450 to +550

So there are four Eagles and Packers centric offers, with three of them built around the Eagles including the Wentz promo.

With a primetime game and the Eagles in the spotlight, sportsbooks in PA are doubling down on gaining a local audience, the large local audience that will be tuned into the game. FOX Bet’s offer takes the cake. Free money upfront, deposit bonus, and a 96% chance of doubling a $25 bet on Carson Wentz to throw a touchdown pass.

Eagles vs. Lions Betting Preview: Odds, Predictions, and Picks

Bob Wankel - September 21, 2019

The Eagles fell to 1-1 after suffering a gut-punch of a 24-20 loss late on the road in Atlanta last week. It was yet another crushing late-game defeat in what has become a developing pattern over the last two seasons. The truth is that no loss is good, but when the Eagles lose, they seem to do it in the most painful ways possible. Let’s see if they can bounce back and cover in our Eagles-Lions betting preview.

Anybody remember 4th and 16 on the road at Tennessee last season, or the overtime road loss in Dallas last December?

As for last week, the only thing worse than being an Eagles fan watching Nelson Agholor let the game quite literally slip through his fingers was watching him do it while also backing the Birds with your wallet at PA online sportsbooks.

Two weeks feels like forever ago with the borderline uncomfortable amounts of optimism about the 2019 Eagles now almost entirely replaced by concern and doubt over the team’s injury situation and early-game struggles.

Suddenly, the Eagles return home to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon in search of a much-needed win, and they’ll need to do it without the services of DeSean Jackson (and likely Alshon Jeffery) against a Detroit squad coming off an upset win at home over the Chargers.

Far from ideal.

Let’s run through what to expect, along with some predictions in our Eagles-Lions betting preview.

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FOX Bet Is Crushing It in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Kyle Scott - September 21, 2019

FOX Bet, the recently released app from FOX Sports and The Stars Group, enters its third weekend for online betting in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

It is already making waves in the legal sports betting market.

“In just four months since announcing our historic U.S. media and sports wagering relationship, we successfully launched our FOX Bet products in two states and our nationwide free-to-play games. The pace of progress and the dedication and execution of our team and the FOX Sports team is extraordinary,” said Robin Chhabra, Chief Executive Officer of FOX Bet. “Together with FOX Sports, an icon in sports programing, we believe we’ve built a platform that is like nothing U.S. sports fans have ever seen. We’re bringing those fans closer to the games they love by making our platform more fun and engaging than any other out there.”

FOX Bet becomes the first sports betting app in the United States from a major media company, and they are using all of their promotional leverage to gain traction at the start of the 2019 NFL season. Throwing a combination of Colin Cowherd, Cousin Sal, Charissa Thompson, Nick Wright, and Terry Bradshaw at the promotion of both the betting app and the free-to-play Super 6 app, FOX Sports is in a position unlike any other brand. It also happens to offer a great betting app for casual players.

Great App

FOX Bet strikes the perfect balance between offering features experienced bettors expect and making the app accessible for novices.

The FOX Bet app (download Pennsylvania version here and New Jersey version here ) is easy to pick up and play for anyone with even just a bit of betting knowledge (and even for some people without). It walks you through promoted odds boosts from the FOX personalities, which are easy to understand for the casual bettor, and provide value for the experienced one.

Users are given $20 free instantly upon signup to play with as they choose, and then $100 deposit match on their first deposit match.

The brand is also amassing users in its free-to-play Super 6 app, which is available nationwide.


User Acquisition Strategy

FOX has announced that it received 280,000 signups and 425,000 total entries in its free-to-play contest, Super 6, which is being promoted heavily on all FOX Sports properties – even more heavily than the FOX Bet app – and using Terry Bradshaw as a spokesperson.

FOX’s Super 6 is offering up a free contest for winners to win real money. The strategy here is to amass a large user base and then as sports betting rolls out across the country, turn those people into FOX Bet players.

In the states where FOX Bet is already accepting wagers, they might be quickly gaining on the competition.


Is FOX Bet Already Gaining on FanDuel?

A recently released report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board showed that FanDuel accepted the most online bets in Pennsylvania last month, taking in a $35 million handle. That beat out SugarHouse Sportsbook, which took in $25 million in bets. This was the first month that FanDuel Sportsbook had been live in the state. All good, right? Maybe. It’s an impressive feat to lead the market after only one month, but this lead is not nearly as large as their lead over their next closest competitor in New Jersey, DraftKings Sportsbook, and it’s certainly a lot closer than their lead over SugarHouse there.

SugarHouse was better positioned in the PA as the first site to launch. But when you combine SugarHouse with its sister site, BetRivers, both owned by Rush Street Interactive, the two brands took in way more bets than FanDuel in August.

This leaves the door open for FOX Bet or someone else.

FanDuel’s lead in New Jersey is so great partly because they generate many new players at their physical sportsbook location at the Meadowlands. In Pennsylvania, however, they only have a smaller location at Valley Forge Casino Resort, and thus this creates more opportunity for a brand like FOX Bet to enter the market and quickly gain traction.

Next month, DraftKings Sportsbook PA will come to Pennsylvania. But for now, FOX Bet is making waves.


Strong Marketing

Part of the reason why FOX Bet has been able to get off to such a quick start is because of its ability to reach people on FOX’s organic properties by leveraging their personalities.

Take for example this social media post from Cousin Sal:

Now, I have no allegiance to Cousin Sal (good or bad), but this is excellent marketing. Whereas other touts across the industry profess to know everything, most don’t, and most sports talking heads don’t know much more either. This is self-deprecating, somewhat informative, and actually provides the user with some value.

I actually took this bet. It won. And if it hadn’t, I would have been refunded my money. It was a no-brainer, risk-free boost that created a level of engagement with FOX’s brand and personalities.

They are unique in being able to do this. Other media brands like ESPN, CBS, and Bleacher Report may have plans to enter the legal betting market. Until they do, FOX Bet will continue crushing it.

One Week With FOX Bet: Why It’s A Big Deal

Kyle Scott - September 14, 2019

FOX Bet, live for a little more than a week now in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, has come out of the gate strong with a compelling sports betting app. I have been playing with it for a full week now, experiencing all of it’s quirks – good and bad – and I’m here to give some thoughts on why this is such an intriguing option which sets the direction for the way legal sports betting might take off in the United States.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

The biggest thing so far with FOX Bet has been the FOX branding. Rupert Murdoch’s behemoth becomes the first major media company in United States to have its own sportsbook in the model of SkyBet. But the execution goes much further than that.

The very nature of FOX Bet speaks to how American sports bettors are different.


FOX Bet Gets American Bettors

Go to any sports betting conference in the US over the past 18 months since PASPA was repealed – which effectively legalized sports betting in the United States – and you’ll see a flood of Europeans. The reason for this is pretty simple: sports betting and online sports betting has been live in Europe, in various countries, for years. Therefore, many of the technology services and data providers are international companies.

The topic that has dominated the conversation among the oft-foreign crowd has centered on what makes the American sports bettor different from European punters.

So far it’s been hard to narrow on an answer, because the American bettor, until last year, was operating underground– they were betting with offshore websites or illegal bookies.

There’s Las Vegas, of course, but that is more experiential and really doesn’t provide an accurate read of the population at large.

As such, there’s been a lot of handwringing about what makes American bettors tick. But no one has seemed to really crack the code.

FOX Bet might do it.


Their app has doubled down on FOX Sports personalities like Colin Cowherd, Cousin Sal, Clay Travis, and Charissa Thompson.

Each of those people have their own fans and detractors, so it’s hard to say how much their presence offering up odds boosts and promotions really compels people to bet. However, the case could be made that even their haters want to fade their picks, and of course call them out on it on social media.

The point is, there is now a tie-in between the people you watch and listen to during the week, and the action you place on Saturdays and Sundays.

This should only be expanded when FOX Bet incorporates more of Terry Bradshaw and their gameday personalities to further synergize FOX Bet with FOX Sports broadcast coverage once some more states have legalized betting.

Still, FOX has capitalized on the American sports media landscape where more is never enough. And they’ve tied it into the betting experience.

This sort of around the clock, multi-cable-channel sports coverage simply does not exist in Europe, or anywhere on the globe for that matter.

American sports fans are different because we can, and often do, live and breathe sports debates and conversation throughout the week. FOX knows this, and has somehow made you put your money where your mouth is.


Unbelievable Selection of Props

The other thing that makes the American sports bettor tick, and something that is constantly pointed out at these conferences, was that American sports fans are interested in stats.

Few Brits will tell you how many goals or penalty kicks or corner kicks Eden Hazard had in February, but there are plenty of American sports fans who can tell you how many consecutive innings Justin Verlander pitched before giving up a run, or how many no-hitters he has thrown. Or what the record is for most touchdown passes as an NFL quarterback.

Thanks to fantasy sports, which are uniquely American, sports fans in the US know a ton about individual stats. And this plays right into prop bets.

Open up FOX Bet and you’ll find a slew of odds boosts tied to personalities. But more notably you’ll find an incredible array of prop bets that are based on individual players stats.

To their credit, DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook offer this as well, and PointsBet actually allows you to bet on a player’s fantasy performance, which is a delicious hybrid. But FOX Bet features a staggering amount of props on not just a single over-under, but incremental stats for major players, particularly in NFL football games.

This combination of personality-driven betting promotions and stats-based prop bets really stands out among the legal sports betting apps.


Is FOX Bet The Best Betting App?

While it’s a highly engaging app, after playing it for a week, some quirks and the rough edges have begun to show.

Live betting is often delayed, and trying to place a live parlay is damn near impossible. Though there are hardly any deal-breaking bugs, an update or two will serve FOX Bet well.

There are other legal betting apps that can better accept your regular bets bets. FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings and PointsBet are all good options for placing a simple spread bet, or even a live bet.

But the experience as a whole with FOX Bet is more fun, more engaging, and offers more unique props bets and boosts than we’ve seen from other sportsbooks.

One may have been a bit concerned at the announcement of FOX Bet that FOX would simply just brand the app and do little more. But that has not been the case. In the early going, FOX has doubled down on its personalities, doubled down on what makes American bettors tick, and offered up an engaging experience. And this is likely only the tip of the iceberg. They’re absolutely one to watch.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

FOX Bet Officially Launches in PA, And It’s Awesome

Kyle Scott - September 6, 2019

The long-awaited debut is here. FOX Bet has officially launched in Pennsylvania just in time for the start of football season.

The FOX Sports branded betting app had previously existed in New Jersey under the BetStars name, but earlier this year, FOX Sports bought a 5% stake in BetStars’ parent company, The Stars Group, with plans to rename the sportsbook in their likeness. The launch allows them to become the first sports media company in the United States to have its own betting app, a model pioneered by SkyBet over in the UK.

Here’s what you need to know about FOX Bet in Pennsylvania.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only


FOX Bet PA App

FOX Bet PA is available to play through a website or an iOS and Android app. Interestingly, it is a separate app from what is available in New Jersey and called “FOX Bet Pennsylvania.” This differs from FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook, both of which offer the same app across multiple states, though the latter is not yet available in Pennsylvania.

The app includes branding from Mt. Airy Casino Resort, FOX Bet’s casino partner in PA.

Users can sign up here to get a $20 free bet and a $100 deposit match on their first deposit.

The free bet is applied instantly and comes with no strings attached. The deposit match, too, is instantly available up to $100 following your first deposit.


What Makes It So Good

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