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Howie Roseman Switches From Shock and Awe to Surgical Drone Strikes

Kyle Scott - March 13, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 8.57.35 AM
DN cover via Boop

And somehow… that's a metaphor for our country.

Michael Vick wasn’t the only person who was kinda clueless about the Eagles' bargain binning. Only the most hardened NFL scriptuals and insiders could recall detailed scouting reports on the Birds' five signees, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (we saw the way recent big-name signings have worked out for the Eagles, Phillies… Flyers… and, sigh, Sixers). The Eagles' five moves yesterday are getting grammatical plaudits from the pundits, including’s Chris Wesseling, who particularly liked the signings of Bradley Fletcher, Patrick Chung and James Casey:

A physical press corner, Fletcher somehow landed in the St. Louis Rams' coaching staff's doghouse last season while Pro Football Focus credits him with 0.52 yards per snap in coverage, the lowest rate of any cornerback in the NFL. He was ninth on Around the League's list of free-agent cornerbacks this year.

Chung is another talented defender who's coming off a disappointing season in which he fell out of favor with his coaches. He's reunited with head coach Chip Kelly, who was offensive coordinator at Oregon during Chung's final two seasons in Eugene. He immediately becomes the best safety on the Eagles' roster.

It's interesting that the Eagles announced Casey as a tight end, since he was underutilized as a fullback in Houston. His price tag of $14.5 million over three years is proof that Kelly values him as a versatile weapon in the passing game. Casey had generated a ton of interest around the league, with at least 14 teams ringing his agent's phone.


In the words of the great Lou Williams: Well alright. The Eagles are – gasp! – building a team. And this is what team-building in the NFL looks like:

Pic via the Eagles' increasingly with it Twitter

Eeps. Least sexy free agent signing period ever. Of course, Paul Holmgren spends every July 1 wearing nothing but a bike helmet and a tankini while unstably shooting free agent targets on his PS3 screen with a modded Dunk Hunt gun… and we see how that’s worked out.

H/T to Mr. Taste It in the comments

Former Penn State Defensive Tackle Creates Hilarious “Stuff Free Agents Say” Video

Kyle Scott - August 1, 2012

This is awesome. After spending eight years in the NFL, former Penn State player Anthony Adams is a free agent. He’s not signed with any teams for the 2012 season, so he provided a humorous glimpse into what life is like as a free agent. 

I imagine Donovan McNabb’s life has been like this since 2010.

via The School Philly

Shaken Hockey World Reacts to Flyers’ Massive, Ballsy, Late-Night Offer Sheet Agreement with Shea Weber

Kyle Scott - July 19, 2012

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Photo: AP

Paul Holmgren kicked earth last night.  

The Flyers and Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber have agreed to a 14-year offer sheet, reported to be worth upwards of $100 million. The Preds will have one week to match the Flyers’ offer. If they do, Weber goes back to Nashville– no questions asked. If they don’t, Weber comes to Philadelphia (he was allegedly here last week) and the Flyers will owe up to four consecutive first-round picks to the Predators. That’s a lot, but the Flyers have spent the last year retooling and getting younger. They have high-ceiling youngsters Brayden Schenn and Sean Couutier, as well as Scott Laughton, who they drafted this year. Plus, there’s Wayne Simmonds, Jakub Voracek (for now), Matt Read and others. They are plenty young, and adding a defenseman like Weber, one of the best in the league, is a huge move to win now and in the future. Weber is only 26 and would be locked up with the Flyers until he is 40. That’s intentional, because, per the NHL’s CBA (which is probably going to be shredded and saucered into the wind soon), the cap hit for a player signed to a long-term deal that takes him beyond his 41st birthday is determined by the average of yearly salaries until the year the player turns 40. Basically, tacking on years beyond someone’s 41st birthday does no good to lessen his cap hit. So, Weber’s would be $7.15 million per year with a 14-year, $100 million deal.

It’s a balls-out move from Holmgren. According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, who broke the news, the Flyers set several deadlines for a trade with the Predators, but, when they all passed, Holmgren just decided to make an offer. Here, match this!

Predators part-owner Brett Wilson, who was presumably rocketed to consciousness late last night by a massive teabag from Holmgren, acknowledged his, um, knowledge of the offer: 

Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 8.45.41 AM

The ball’s, quite literally, in his court now.

Let’s hear some reaction. First, the Flyers, who confirmed the offer sheet, but said there would be no further comment at this time. Though I’m hearing they may just put two massive stones on display at the Wells Fargo Center for all to admire. 

Here's their entire press release:

Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 8.07.03 AM

They could have just said "BOOM" and been done with it.

Clearly, adding Weber would be a massive win for the Flyers and give them one of the best defenses in the league– a huge shift from where they were last season. 

[If you're looking for more info, each of these takes are worth reading in their entirety]

Puck Daddy

Weber is a game-changer if his deal goes through; an elite defenseman, a strong leader and an offensive force. The Eastern Conference has just witnessed a seismic shift in power.

For Weber, it was an interesting call: Signing a deal now that could be susceptible to a salary rollback (his rather large signing bonuses would be protected), or waiting until a new CBA is settled, running the risk that term limits will be a part of the new rules.

So he opted for the term now, money lost in a rollback be damned., Sam Carchidi:

Give the Flyers credit for their boldness. If they land Weber, they would probably have the league's best defense, one that might look like this: Weber and Kimmo Timonen, his former Nashville teammate; Braydon Coburn and Nick Grossmann; and Andrej Meszaros and Luke Schenn.

Bruno Gervais, Erik Gustafsson, Marc-Andre Bourdon and Andreas Lilja would be among the candidates for the extra D-man spot.

By giving an offer sheet to Weber, the Flyers are, in a roundabout way, saying what everyone has feared — that Pronger's Hall-of-Fame career is over because of a concussion.


Broad Street Hockey:

It's late at night and really tough to digest this in full, but the initial reaction is that: a) Shea Weber is an amazing defenseman and having him on the team fills any hole on defense and would make this club immediate Cup contenders in 2012-13, b) losing four firsts would hurt but the Flyers are already pretty damn young and ready for a long run with this group and c) holy shit, is it fun to be a fan of this team or what?


Though the Predators will have a chance to match, the Flyers reportedly offered up to $26 million in one year, which would be a lot for a team like the Predators to handle., Frank Seravalli:

According to Dreger, the deal may be structured in a way that would prevent a small-market club like Nashville from matching the offer, by way of $26 million in signing bonuses between now and July 1, 2013. That may be tough for Nashville to match, since they would be forking over nearly 16 percent of their entire franchise’s net worth ($163 million in 2011 according to Forbes magazine) in one calendar year.

Currently, the Flyers have approximately $12.7 million in cap space available for next season, not including Pronger's $4.91 million which can be moved to the long-term injury list. That number is based on the temporary cap ceiling of $70.2 million, which could indeed fall based on the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. The current deal expires on Sept. 15, and with a lockout now looming, the NHL's first proposal at the negotiating table included a cap drop to $64 million for next season. Any of those numbers could limit the Flyers to re-signing restricted free agent Jake Voracek, who is due for a decent raise.


Of course, the overwhelming sentiment is that the Flyers may have done the Predators a favor here. If they match the offer, they can control Weber FOOOOR-EEEEVV-EEEERR.

Holmgren and Poile are buds.. Holmgren knows Poile has already stated publicly he would match any offer sheet made to Weber. Now you could say he is just a GM making a statement to try and scare people away…that he can't be serious here…to which I would reply, "Have you MET David Poile?"

The Flyers offer sheet may be exactly what Poile needs to get a deal done. It's far easier to justify a contract of this size when you are telling your owners Philly has offer sheeted him than when you are saying I want to offer Weber 20 million upfront and another 120 over the next 14 years. (just a guess on the contract's possible price range based on what I am hearing)

There are many out there saying Weber signing this means he has said goodbye to Nashville. I would venture to say it is exactly the opposite. Weber has heard what Poile has said. What Weber did in allegedly agreeing to this deal, and it as of yet confirmed, is given up his UFA next season. Weber very well may have just agreed to play the rest of his career as a Predator, and one thing you can say for certain is Shea Weber is perfectly willing to spend the rest of his career in Nashville. That would be my guess as to how this plays out. 



As we previously mentioned, Predators GM David Poile and the team’s ownership would be in for a huge backlash from the fans if they allowed Weber to walk, especially after their inability to re-sign Ryan Suter earlier this month.

On top of that, the Nashville Predators are currently $13,345,833 million under the salary floor with 18 players penciled in for their 2012-13 roster, according to Cap Geek. So not only do they have the space to afford this massive contract, they actually kind of need it just to get closer to the floor.

In some ways, this might turn out to be the Flyers handing the Predators the mother of all gifts. All Nashville has to do is match it and it’ll get him for the rest of his career.


Whatever happens, one thing is for sure– Paul Holmgren is sooooo much fun. He just couldn’t let a July go by without getting nutty.

CBS Sports

On the other hand, it's awesome to see a general manager out there actually remembered they can hand out offer sheets to restricted free agents. It's so rare in hockey to see it happen even though I can't understand why, the "unwritten rule" talk is ridiculous when it exists in the CBA.

Naturally it was Paul Holmgren to pull the trigger on one too. Among many things that would probably describe Holmgren one of them is chutzpah. He has some serious guts with the moves he makes as the Flyers GM.

And just imagine Weber fitting in Philly. Oh would that be a site for sore eyes. They have a gaping hole on the blue line and what better way to fill that void than with one of if not the best defenseman in all of hockey? Four late-first-round picks doesn't seem like a bad price at all. OK that's an understatement. It's no deterrent at all if you're Holmgren.


Now, we wait.

Report: Jagr Will Become a Free Agent

Kyle Scott - June 18, 2012

This is not surprising, but is a mild shift from what Jaromir Jagr's agent told CSN Philly earlier this month– that the two sides were working on a deal and looking to get something done before the draft.

Of course, Jagr's agent could just be posturing by saying his client wants to be a free agent…

I'll let reader Joe sum up my feeling on the issue:

We all liked Jagr, but he hit a wall in March.

Bryz Talks Constitutional Rights

Kyle Scott - January 6, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-01-06 at 4.01.19 PM


Oh shit.

Ilya Bryzgalov exercised his right to free speech today, something he didn’t do last night, because he was sick (or, my guess– wanted to watch the end of the World Junior Championships gold medal game between Sweden and Russia). Somewhere, Paul Holmgren is nodding in approval of these quotes, which – conveniently – were left out of the Flyers video of the press conference: [via Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence, who was covering some puck today] 

"It’s a free country, right? You don’t want to break my constitutional rights. I have freedom to speak and freedom to be quiet.”


So what was wrong with him? 

“It is a team policy, we not disclose any injuries, so… sickness.” 


Speaking of that video, which you can watch after the jump, hysterics begin at the 20 second mark. Lawrence asked Bryz about getting into a rhythm… only Bryz didn’t understand the question the first two times it was asked, because Lawrence speaks too fast, apparently.

Bryz seems like a good guy, and he’s certainly a likable character, so it makes criticism of him tough. But thus far we’ve seen nothing but troubling signs, both in his play and psyche (or whatever word you choose to use). The term flake comes to mind. 

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The Washington Nationals are Running a BOGO… on Season Tickets

Kyle Scott - August 4, 2011


Welcome to the nation's capital, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks to reader Nick, who is unfortunately subscribed to the Nats' mailing list, for sending along their latest marketing email: Buy 2012 full season tickets and get the rest of 2011 FREE.

I find the Buy 2, Get 2 plan to be the best:

LF/RF Baseline Reserved – Buy 2 for $40 per seat, per game and get 2 FREE

LF/RF Corner – Buy 2 for $30 per seat, per game and get 2 FREE

RF Mezzanine – Buy 2 for $25 per seat, per game and get 2 FREE


Sounds like something you would order at Panera. I'll have the You Pick Two. You said your soup du jour was the soup of the day? That sounds good and I'll have that.

By my math, you could buy two full season tickets for 2012, and get not only an additional two FREE seats for the entire year, but also two FREE seats for the remaining 25 home games this year. That's 374 individual game seats for the price of 161. Yeah, they might want to look elsewhere for that $126 million.

Your Eagles Free Agency Running Commentary

Kyle Scott - July 29, 2011

This is a sticky post at the top of the site, updated in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post coming above the jump. Got it? Good.

We stopped updating this once Nnamdi was signed. Read below for all the previous moves.

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Flyers Sign Andreas Nodl, Lose Cap Space

Ryan Gillon - June 27, 2011


After Thursday's blockbuster moves, this may seem like a relatively meaningless blurb, but we are a site that revolves around Philadelphia sports, and so here we are.

The Flyers signed restricted free agent Andreas Nodl to a new contract, the terms are not yet disclosed.  They also signed Tom Sestito, who has played 13 games in the NHL. Nodl had 11 goals and 11 assists last year. He was actually a +14 to boot. Look for him to hang out on the fourth line. We'll see what happens with Sestito… frankly, no one cares at this point. 

The real reason anyone would blink at either of these moves is because they cost the Flyers a bit of cap space, albeit pretty minimal. Thursday's orange and black explosion has left some fans scratching their heads. Others are excited, and the rest are intrigued.  Final cap calculations after dealing Richards and Carter, and signing Ilya Bryzgalov have left me and many others to think that the Flyers have one more big signing or trade up their sleeve. Every signing the Flyers make that isn't the big move will induce a shrug or sigh from this point forward.

Flyers fans will surely pay attention to restricted and unrestricted free agents this coming Friday when NHL free agency begins. It will be one of the more exciting and intriguing weekends in recent memory (if we don't count last weekend), as we are expecting something…


One signing I wouldn't mind to hear about kinda soon-ish would be Ville Leino. I know Im not alone there.