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Shane Victorino Takes Out Full-Page Ad in Inquirer and Daily News to Thank Phillies Fans

Kyle Scott - August 2, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 7.56.38 AM

Shane Victorino and his wife, Melissa, took out this full-page ad today's Daily News and Inquirer. 

Based on the Inquirer and Daily News' rate card, and assuming the Philadelphia Media Network folks gave an aggressive rate usually reserved for large advertisers, the two full-page ads, with color, probably cost Victo (or his foundation…) somewhere around $35,000. To which I say: What the hell, Shane? This slappy would have given you a site-takeover ad for, like, $1,000… for the week. Let's talk.

Oh wells, classy move either way.

via Bob Vetrone Jr., of the Daily News

Flyers Back Home Tonight

Kyle Scott - February 3, 2011


And it looks like it's going to be a Full House. Here's Danny Briere and Claude Giroux in a photo taken earlier today at their home.

Not pictured: James van Girouxdyk.

Pic courtesy of our friend Bob Raynor of Check him out.