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Checking in on Washington’s #FUPhilly Campaign

Kyle Scott - March 9, 2012

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This guy apparently didn’t get the memo when he asked Luis Montanez for an autograph (photo: Phillies)

What, you didn’t think we weren’t going to follow up and take the opportunity to rip all six Nationals fans at every turn, did you? 

After announcing their #FUPhilly campaign, 106.7 The Fan in DC has received a handful of videos (that we could find) from fans trying to win free tickets to the early May series against the Phillies. We brought you this horrid parody of I’m On A Boat yesterday, and, well, the newest entrants aren’t much better. 

After the jump: The three latest video attempts from Nats fans– I’ll admit that the third one elicited a mild chuckle. Also, I joined Chad Dukes and Danny Rouhier on The Fan last night to give our perspective on their #FUPhilly campaign… and defend Philly fans when Dukes said we had a reputation for being classless.  Enjoy.

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Yes, Someone Actually Made An “I’m At The Park” Parody of I’m On A Boat (Nationals Edition)

Kyle - March 8, 2012

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Speechless. Someone actually did this.

Here are the lyrics. Audio and video is below.

I’m at the park, I’m at the park.

Nats Nation look at me, ‘cause I’m cheering at the park.

I’m at the park, I’m at the park.

#FUphilly fans that come creeping in our park

I’m at the park Nats fans, take a look at me.

Sittin pretty in the park of my favorite team,

Hitting long drives off of a Cliff Lee fastball

Scoreboard check Philly fans cause we’re whoopin’ ass now

Take a picture Screech, It’s time for Nats/Phillies

Ryan Howard the clown vs Zimmerman’s heat

I’m in my Zim shirt and I’m Philly stopping.

This is Nats Park Philly fans so you must be walking.

I’m watching presidents race in-between innings.

Philly fans can relate to Teddy, never winning Superbowls???

But we ain’t Phils fans, we as real as it gets cough bandwagon cough

We are Nats Nation dumb Phanatic and don’t forget it.

I’m at the park and a long ball’s flying.

I caught a monster home run from the Z-Man.

I’m the king of the world, at the park on MASN.

If you’re sitting at home than you’re not a real Nats fan.

Get your butt up #FUPhilly is real!

3-2 bottom nine all you Nats fans.

Papelbon in a bind all you Nats fans.

Zimmerman is walking off all you Nats fans.

Philly fans leavin’ cryin’ all you Nats fans.

Hey Nats you should see me now, arms held high in the cheer of the crowd.

Love it when the park gets this loud.

With Stephen Strasburg anything is possible!

Always knew I’d be at the park, where the Nats fans always are.

Nats Nation cheer with me.

Always knew I’d see the day, where we kicked Philly out of the way.

Believe me when I say Bryce Harper all day.


Brace yourself. The video is after the jump.

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