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Gabe Kapler Discusses the Phillies’ Miserable Week

BWanksCB - June 8, 2018

After a rough 3-7 road trip that wrapped up with a sloppy 4-3 loss yesterday afternoon at Wrigley Field, Phillies’ manager Gabe Kapler joined 94 WIP’s morning show with Angelo Cataldi to discuss his team’s recent struggles.

Cataldi first asked Kapler about his questionable ninth inning decision to remove Seranthony Dominguez in favor of lefty Adam Morgan in Wednesday night’s crushing 7-5 walk-off loss. Kapler explained that he was trying to protect the rookie phenom, while also tabbing Morgan for what he felt was an “ideal” matchup against Jason Heyward:

“He’s a human being, and Seranthony is going to have rougher innings from time to time, so when he does, it’s our job to protect both him and the Phillies. For the first time this season, Seranthony lost his control. He walked a batter on four pitches. Subsequently, he ended up giving up that crisp line drive single. So my job, Angelo, is to identify when the right time is to protect a very young, very inexperienced reliever. Adam Morgan is very good as well, and I’m going to continue to believe in and trust our players like Mo. We don’t just trust one of them to record huge outs.”

Cataldi righty pressed Kapler about needlessly using Dominguez with a comfortable late-inning lead the night before. Kapler defended the decision:

“We’re going to be assertive to lock down a win. That’s our responsibility… There was no shortage on stuff, so we felt like that was the right decision.”

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Of Course Gabe Kapler was Booed

Kevin Kinkead - April 5, 2018

Did you expect otherwise?

The boos didn’t seem to be as bad as they could have been, but here we are with fans ragging a guy after five games:



Report: Anonymous Phillies Player Says Team Needs Gabe Kapler “To Get Out of the Way”

BWanksCB - April 5, 2018

I, like many, have wondered how Gabe Kapler’s unorthodox managerial style and early blunders were being received inside of the Phillies’ clubhouse. Certainly, Odubel Herrera, Aaron Nola, and Hoby Milner have each had reason to be less than pleased with their manager after only five games.

And now there’s this:

Not great, friends. Not great.

Kevin likened this report to the Jim Schwartz taking over NovaCare story at the start of the Eagles’ season. He could be right, or the quote could be an accurate representation of the players’ views on Kapler.

(Kinkead: I believe the players more than the cross-section of hypocritical and myopic Philly sports fans, but anonymous quotes after five games are kind of sad.)

The Eagles, of course, got out to a hot start, took command of the NFC, and made a historic run to a championship as underdogs after losing their MVP candidate quarterback. It was easy for that story to die. If the Phillies continue their early season slide, I’m not sure this will be the last shot a player takes at Kapler.


Gabe Kapler is Going to Hear Boos Today, Right?

BWanksCB - April 5, 2018

Prior to last Thursday’s season opener, I wrote about the need for this Phillies team to get off to a fast start:

“The danger of Philadelphia sports is that when there is genuine hope, there is also less patience. The word “playoffs” has been increasingly paired with “Phillies” over the past month, and with that increases the potential for disappointment. While there are plenty of measured fans that think in more reasonable terms, we are where we are, and there are also plenty of fans that are approaching the Kapler era with skepticism. You may recall a certain football coach that came with a new-age approach that failed miserably. Fair or not, don’t think for one second that many fans forgot the feel of those burns and doubt Kapler because of it. A fast start quells some of that doubt.”

Well, shit. There was no fast start. There was no quelling. Instead, the 1-4 Phillies limp into Citizens Bank Park this afternoon for their home opener after a deflating first week. The considerable optimism that many had for this team only seven days ago has been completely wiped away, and with that Gabe Kapler learned first-hand about the unpleasant byproduct of what disappointment, bewilderment and skepticism looks like around here. Which brings us to today. Continue Reading

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The Phillies Batting Practice Pitching Auditions are More Entertaining than the Team

Coggin Toboggan - April 5, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to be a part of a middling baseball franchise that’s gotten off to a horrendously depressing start in what was supposed to be a vastly improved season, then, my friend, do I have some news for you.

The Phillies put out an interesting call on social media last week, asking for YouTube-submitted applications from left-handed fans who were interested in tossing batting practice during home games this season. Let embattled meathead coach Gabe Kapler give you all the bold details himself:

Alright, this is pretty cool. The Phillies are giving fans the opportunity of a lifetime to toss BP at Citizens Bank Park and interact with some of their favorite athletes. Neat! Of course, this is also a great opportunity for bloggers, since all submissions had to be posted on YouTube for consideration, giving cowards like myself the opportunity to shit all over someone’s dream (basically the internet in a nutshell) from the safety of my own living room.

Before we delve in, though, I know what you’re thinking; this guy is going to be a huge asshole to these poor people when all they did was put themselves out there. They’re taking a big chance, right? Maybe he should put his money where his mouth is and let us see an audition video of his own?

Let me assure you that if I were left-handed I would undoubtedly submit a video and dazzle YouTube viewers with an array of crafty off-speed pitches, pinpoint location, and filthy heat that would have Gabe Kapler reaching for his well-worn jar of coconut oil and THANKING GOD that the Lord created an arm such as mine.

Unfortunately for the Phillies, and for baseball fans throughout the world, I’m not a southpaw, and thus ineligible for the job. My talents are wasted because the franchise refuses to accept a right-handed pitcher. It’s an out and out case of prejudice and it makes my soul weep.

So it will have to be someone else.

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“I Would Do it Exactly the Same Way”

Kevin Kinkead - April 4, 2018

Admittedly, I haven’t watched a minute of Phillies baseball this year. We’ll get it rolling when the Sixers and Flyers wrap it up.

That said, I feel totally confident in asserting that people who are ready to fire Gabe Kapler after four games, a sample size comprising 2.46% of a 162 game season, have totally lost the plot.

These are probably the same people who wanted to fire Doug Pederson and Brett Brown, one coach who won a Super Bowl and another whose team is 32-12 since Christmas. It’s always been crystal clear that emotional knee-jerk reaction is simultaneously the best and worst trait of the Philadelphia sports fan. Lose one game, fire the coach. Win one game, we’re going to the World Series. It’s so predictable and myopic and it makes us look like simpletons.

So let’s back it up for two seconds here and take a breath. Gabe Kapler is brand new to the gig. The guy is going to go through some growing pains, same way that Pederson did in 2016. Does that automatically mean he’s the right guy for the job? Of course not! But it’s intellectually juvenile to make any kind of grand declaration on April 4th.

Instead, direct your attention to Kapler’s appearance on the 94 WIP morning show, a stunningly candid and constructive discussion with host Angelo Cataldi, who pressed the manager on the key topics everybody is bitching about on social media:

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Gabe Kapler Might Be In Over His Head

Tim Reilly - April 2, 2018

Does experience matter anymore in baseball?

It’s a question that has nagged me throughout MLB’s Sabermetrics era, and one I entertained again as I watched Gabe Kapler stumble through his first regular season series as manager of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Kapler’s hiring came as a surprise this offseason, but in retrospect it shouldn’t have been all that shocking. Kapler fits the profile of the type of candidate toward which teams are gravitating. He’s relatively young, bills himself as an excellent communicator, and takes an analytics-friendly approach to the game. In an offseason that saw the Red Sox jettison John Farrell for Alex Cora and the Yankees replace Joe Girardi with Aaron Boone, it’s clear that the Phillies’ selection of Kapler is not an outlier.

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Gabe Kapler Wants His Phillies To Be Bold; Is Matt Klentak Listening?

BWanksCB - February 19, 2018

On the eve of the Phillies’ first full-squad workout, new manager Gabe Kapler had a simple, but stern message for his team: Be Bold.

NBCSPhilly’s John Clark:

What? No video of Kapler’s speech? I would pay good money to see that speech split-screened with the players’ reactions. It’s the first time that Kapler, who’s shown a propensity to speak openly and with great energy, had the attention of his entire team. I can’t imagine the twists and turns that speech took. The possibilities are endless.

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