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Gabe Kapler’s Response to Domestic Abuse Speaks Volumes About His Character

Russ Joy - May 28, 2019

Phillies manager Gabe Kapler met with the assembled media in the wake of Tuesday’s news that outfielder Odúbel Herrera was arrested and charged with domestic violence. His response was about as perfect as anyone could hope:

Kudos to Kapler for getting out in front of this and, while not addressing the charges against his player, reenforcing the organizational belief that there is no excuse for domestic violence. Kapler aided his then-wife Lisa in the creation of the Gabe Kapler Foundation with the stated purpose:

“…to mainly create programs that would help people secure themselves from any type of violence. “

I know Gabe catches flack for his lengthy responses and at times seems a bit calculated because of it, but this was a great showing by the Phillies manager.

Gabe Kapler Discusses the Decision to DFA Aaron Altherr

BWanksCB - May 4, 2019

Aaron Altherr was designated for assignment by the Phillies earlier this afternoon when the team activated centerfielder Odubel Herrera from the injured list. The 28-year-old backup outfielder had only one hit in 29 at-bats this season. His average dipped to .034 with a .136 OPS in 2019 before his release, following a disappointing 2018 season in which he hit only .181 over 285 plate appearances.

That’s just not going to cut it.

Altherr’s size, speed, and power once made him an intriguing player, particularly after he posted an .856 OPS with 48 total extra-base hits during his age-26 season in 2017. Maybe he still realizes his potential and returns to that same form, but it won’t be with the Phillies.

Manager Gabe Kapler discussed the team’s decision to part ways with Altherr ahead of tonight’s game with the Washington Nationals.

“First, we wish Aaron well and believe that this is what’s best for him and the Phillies. We think he can still be a productive player. This situation here with us, it was very difficult for him to get on the field,” Kapler said.

He also cited the presence of bench players Phil Gosselin and Sean Rodriguez as a primary reason why the team made the decision to move on.

“They both can play the role, right? Sean has certainly been productive in that role in the past. You can go back and dig up several years of history that suggest he’s a pretty good offensive player against left-handed pitching,” he said.

For what it’s worth, Rodriguez has a .768 career OPS against left-handed pitching.

From my perspective, the decision to go with Rodriguez feels like a no-brainer. He’s had some nice ABs this season, and, I mean, how long can you wait on Altherr? But Kapler also mentioned Scott Kingery’s continued absence as a factor.

“The roster fit just kind of makes a little bit more sense right now with Scott not there, we need somebody who can back up at shortstop, and Sean has the capability to do that,” he said. “Gosselin has swung the bat really well for us. We think he’s a good hitter and we need that offensive profile off the bench. We just couldn’t get Aaron going and we needed somebody who, let’s just say it was difficult to find him reps and the other guys were doing a really good job.”

Odubel is Back, But Not in Lineup

As for Herrera, he’s available tonight, but isn’t in the starting lineup. Says Gabe on the decision to hold him out: “It felt like not the softest landing spot for Odubel. You haven’t been in game action for awhile and we’re going to throw you out there against last year’s best left-handed pitcher with a nasty slider. It just didn’t feel like the right recipe to start him off on the right foot.”

How nasty is that slider? Opponents produced a .148 BA and .438 OPS against it last season, and left-handed hitters have a combined .567 OPS against Corbin this season.

Jimmy Rollins and Larry Bowa Reunite

Had an opportunity to catch this cool reunion outside the media elevators before tonight’s game. Jimmy Rollins and Larry Bowa, together again.

 Phillies to Wear Jimmy Rollins Patch Tonight


Injury Updates

Kapler gave some updates on the loooong list of Phillies still battling injuries:

  1. Relief pitcher Victor Arano made 30 throws from a short distance. It was a “positive development.”
  2. Scott Kingery ran at “about 70 percent.” Also “a positive development.”
  3. Tommy Hunter did some gripping exercises.
  4. Nothing new on David Robertson, but “appears to be on track.”

Don’t get too excited about those last two updates. We’re still probably at least a few weeks away from seeing Robertson or Hunter.

A Short Rant As This Phillies Season Approaches Its End

Tim Reilly - September 12, 2018

I’m not sure how I came by my Phillies pessimism. Was it a product of nurture or nature? On one hand, one of my earliest enduring memories as a young Phils fan was watching Joe Carter launch a Mitch Williams offering into orbit. It was an abrupt and brutal ending to what had been a dream season for the upstart ’93 Phillies, and a bitter pill to swallow for a seven year old who was still unaccustomed to the fickle whims of the baseball gods.

The wound caused by Carter’s home run left a scab that would rip open as one lost season followed another. Curt Schilling’s dominance notwithstanding, the Fightins offered little in the way of hope that a return to the playoffs was on the horizon through the rest of the ’90s and well into the next decade.

On the other hand, I was introduced to the game by men who had internalized its hard lessons long ago. My grandfather, Mick, a Massachusetts transplant whose South Bostonese accent was almost as stubborn as his fervent devotion to the Red Sox, had learned how to cope with the constant disappointment of baseball fandom: he came to expect failure. It was a lesson he would pass down to his son, who shared it with me.

Mick died in September 2004, just one month before the Red Sox would improbably break the Curse of the Bambino and claim the World Series title. In one of his last moments of lucidity, Mick happened to be watching a Chicago Cubs game in his hospital room. He stared in disbelief as Nomar Garciaparra (whom he called Gaparra- he could never quite get that name right) took his place at shortstop for the Cubs. It would be the final in a long string of indignities his hometown baseball team imposed on him.

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Gabe Kapler Says He Did Not Have Phillies Fan Tossed From Fenway Park

Kevin Kinkead - August 1, 2018

Apparently a Phillies fan was thrown out of Fenway Park on Monday night – by the Phillies.

His name is Eric Rohlfing, and he went on 94 WIP a couple of times and spoke to Joe Santoliquito from Philly Voice to share his side of the story.

Rohlfing says it was the third inning of the 2-1 loss when he yelled “Odubel, wake up!” after Odubel Herrera committed a horrendous mistake on the base paths. This took place behind third base within ear shot of Rhys Hoskins, who was tagged out on the play. Shortly after, a Red Sox security worker came over to talk to Rohlfing, followed by a second person, a higher-up, who explained that the manager wanted him removed from the stadium. The pair explained that they had no choice but to kick him and his fiance out of Fenway because Gabe Kapler asked for it.

Santoliquito asked the Phillies for comment:

“The Phillies confirmed, through a team spokesperson, that the request for Rohlfing’s removal did come from the Phillies’ dugout, but it was intended to remove Rohlfing from the area where he was standing — not from the ballpark. The Phillies also refute that the order came from Kapler.”

On today’s morning show, host Angelo Cataldi said he got a text message from Kapler, which he read a portion of while Rohlfing was on the line:

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Can You Like Gabe Kapler and Not Like Him at the Same Time?

Anthony SanFilippo - July 26, 2018

I’m here to answer a question that I was asked the other day by someone in the strangest of places.

My daughter is a dancer and her character shoes broke during dress rehearsal for a show she is in.

Desperate for a new pair, I ended up ordering her a new pair on Amazon. However, I wasn’t sure how the sizes ran, so I asked a question first, hoping someone would answer it.

The person who answered the question suggested had the name “Phillies” in their username. When I thanked them, I signed off with a pleasant, “Go Phillies.”

The follow up response was filled with too many LOL’s for my liking, but there was an interesting question posed in there. “Is it possible to not like Gabe Kapler and still like him at the same time?”

I didn’t answer the question, because I didn’t want to continue a weird conversation on Amazon that started about dance shoes and turned into a Phillies conversation, but the question intrigued me enough to want to write this post.

And here’s the answer:

Yes. Yes it is possible.

Ironically, it’s how I feel on most days when watching the Phillies. Because I never know what Gabe I’m going to get.

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Gabe Kapler Discusses the Phillies’ Miserable Week

BWanksCB - June 8, 2018

After a rough 3-7 road trip that wrapped up with a sloppy 4-3 loss yesterday afternoon at Wrigley Field, Phillies’ manager Gabe Kapler joined 94 WIP’s morning show with Angelo Cataldi to discuss his team’s recent struggles.

Cataldi first asked Kapler about his questionable ninth inning decision to remove Seranthony Dominguez in favor of lefty Adam Morgan in Wednesday night’s crushing 7-5 walk-off loss. Kapler explained that he was trying to protect the rookie phenom, while also tabbing Morgan for what he felt was an “ideal” matchup against Jason Heyward:

“He’s a human being, and Seranthony is going to have rougher innings from time to time, so when he does, it’s our job to protect both him and the Phillies. For the first time this season, Seranthony lost his control. He walked a batter on four pitches. Subsequently, he ended up giving up that crisp line drive single. So my job, Angelo, is to identify when the right time is to protect a very young, very inexperienced reliever. Adam Morgan is very good as well, and I’m going to continue to believe in and trust our players like Mo. We don’t just trust one of them to record huge outs.”

Cataldi righty pressed Kapler about needlessly using Dominguez with a comfortable late-inning lead the night before. Kapler defended the decision:

“We’re going to be assertive to lock down a win. That’s our responsibility… There was no shortage on stuff, so we felt like that was the right decision.”

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Of Course Gabe Kapler was Booed

Kevin Kinkead - April 5, 2018

Did you expect otherwise?

The boos didn’t seem to be as bad as they could have been, but here we are with fans ragging a guy after five games:



Report: Anonymous Phillies Player Says Team Needs Gabe Kapler “To Get Out of the Way”

BWanksCB - April 5, 2018

I, like many, have wondered how Gabe Kapler’s unorthodox managerial style and early blunders were being received inside of the Phillies’ clubhouse. Certainly, Odubel Herrera, Aaron Nola, and Hoby Milner have each had reason to be less than pleased with their manager after only five games.

And now there’s this:

Not great, friends. Not great.

Kevin likened this report to the Jim Schwartz taking over NovaCare story at the start of the Eagles’ season. He could be right, or the quote could be an accurate representation of the players’ views on Kapler.

(Kinkead: I believe the players more than the cross-section of hypocritical and myopic Philly sports fans, but anonymous quotes after five games are kind of sad.)

The Eagles, of course, got out to a hot start, took command of the NFC, and made a historic run to a championship as underdogs after losing their MVP candidate quarterback. It was easy for that story to die. If the Phillies continue their early season slide, I’m not sure this will be the last shot a player takes at Kapler.