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Gagne Scores, Milbury Skivers Ovi, Bryz Talks About Stick Throwing

Kyle Scott - February 28, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.25.47 AM

Was Simon Gagne scoring the most Simon Gagne goal ever the least surprising thing to happen last night? Like, you know Ed Snider sent a little sweetener to the hockey and NBC-Comcast-we-own-every-fucking-thing gods for a little karma rubdown. Please sirs, station Simon in front of the net so he can score a hunched-over-on-his-stick special on a loose puck and put his arms up towards the heavens.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.48.46 AM

Thank you, hockey gods (pic via the Flyers)

I wasn’t there, but something tells me Lou Nolan’s pipeular muscle memory didn’t forget a thing. 

Of course, Gagne scoring was an invitation for folks on Twitter to dig in since I poked fun at the Gagne trade on Tuesday, and since, surely, this will be what puts the Flyers over the top: 

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.27.35 AM

Now if you’ll please enjoy this Alexander Ovechkin .GIF while I digest penis: 


Let’s talk about the broadcast for a moment. Doc Emrick is the best announcer in sports right now. If you go around the different leagues, you have the following as the lead in each sport: football– Nantz, Buck (both are more passionate about other sports), basketball– Mike Breen (vanilla), and baseball– Buck (I like him, but he doesn’t touch Emrick).  

Doc’s vocabulary is outstanding. He uses great verbs. He’ll routinely bust out squibbed, filtered, skittered and other words that sound more like a bad toilet event than the word I would probably use in all of those situatii: pass

Mike Milbury absolutely skivered (how’d I do?) Ovechkin during the intermission last night:

Finally, let’s talk about Bryz’s stick throwing. He did it again yesterday in practice (video after the jump), and this time he caught the attention of Peter Laviolette:

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 8.16.09 AM

When asked about it by reporters after the game, Bryz's answers were about as disrespectful as it comes:

 Q: In practice today, you threw the stick, has there been a little frustration there?

 A: No it was for fun, I just want to.

 Q: In reference to the previous question: So Lavi (Peter Laviolette) came over and I don’t know if it was a light hearted comment or what?

 A: You’re going to have to ask him, I can’t hear him.  With other guys shooting pucks and the boards, it was very loud.

 Q: Do you generally throw the stick for fun?

 A: Yeah once in a while, sometimes you want something right? Sometimes you wake up and want something.


Grow up.

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The Flyers Have Traded for Simon Gagne

Kyle Scott - February 26, 2013

image from
Gagne holding the cup with Flyers West teammates Mike Richards and Jeff Carter

THE FLYERS ARE LIKE A BAD METAPHOR FOR GODDAMN AMERICA– send their strongest warriors away during their prime, and then welcome them back as old, broken down shells of their former selves and roll them out for public appearances once they're of no use to society.

The Flyers have made a trade with their West Conference affiliate, the LA Kings, sending them a conditional fourth round pick in exchange for Simon Gagne, who is 32 and has only played in 45 games over the past two seasons in LA, where he won a Stanley Cup.

I love this organization.

Gagne Returns, the Power-Play Doesn’t Work, and Zherdev Won’t Speak

Kyle Scott - October 15, 2010


Eventful night at The Well last night (I’m really going to have a hard time calling it that, but does anyone have anything better?).  Simon Gagne made his triumphant mid-October, rainy Thursday night return to a standing ovation.  While he still hasn’t scored with the Lightning and it’s very weird to see him in those hideous unis, we wish him the best, dude had a great career here.  Video of the ceremony after the bump.

Meanwhile, the Flyers have only scored one power-play goal through four games.  That’s not good. Prongs tells us the problem.  [Philly Sports Daily]

“Probably trying to get too cute. We need to simplify it and just get pucks to the net and get traffic,” Pronger said. “Maybe you struggle to score goals on the power play, but there’s easy ways to try to get out of it. The best way is to get some traffic in front and get pucks to the net.”

The old hockey adage- shoot the puck.  I’m shocked.  For real though, he’s right.  If I had to watch Danny Briere and Claude Giroux do one more pirouette on the side boards last night, I was going to lose it.

-Broad Street Hockey gives an excellent breakdown of how much each Flyer makes per second on ice.  Danny Briere makes $80 a moment.  Scary.

-Nikolai Zherdev, who signed with the Flyers this off-season after playing a year in the KHL, scored his first goal last night, but he didn’t talk about it.  He has only spoken to the media once this season (after the Pittsburgh game) and that is a point of contention with the team, especially since he was previously known to be a bit of a flake.  Even though he doesn't do well with the English language, he is making no effort to make himself available.  I’ve heard rumblings that he had to be spoken to by the PR staff and Lavs, and still hasn’t given in.  Apparently, his agent, Jay Grossman, was in town to talk to him- not good.

Gagne video after the jump.

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Simon Gagne Returns

Kyle Scott - October 14, 2010

Simon Gagne returns tonight, we celebrate one of his final highlights with the Flyers.

Simon Gagne Traded to Tampa

Kyle Scott - July 19, 2010


The Flyers have traded Simon Gagne to the Tampa Bay Lightning for reportedly Matt Walker and a 4th round pick.

The Flyers were about $2.5 million over the cap and Simon Gagne was owed $5.25 million this year. Walker only had five points in 66 games this year and leaves the Flyers with a surplus of defensemen, but he is only owed $1.7 million each of the next three seasons.

Sad to see him go.

More [].

Flyers Look to Make History, Duck Condoms

Kyle Scott - May 14, 2010


(Source: Matt Slocum, AP)

What do Simon Gagne and David Ortiz have in common?

It may seem like an odd question, but both men have ended a do or die Game 4 in extra frames, with their team trailing a series, 3-0.  Ortiz did it with a walkoff homer in 2004, when the Red Sox trailed the Yankees three games to none in the ALCS.  He followed that up with a game winning hit a day later, firmly putting the series' momentum with the Red Sox on their way to a Game 7 win.

Gagne on the other hand, ended Game 4 in overtime at home against the Bruins.  In Game 5, he added two goals, which helped the Flyers win the game and take ownership of that all important momentum.

Tonight, the Flyers find themselves in a similar spot the Red Sox did six years ago… they can come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a best of seven series.

It has only been done three times in professional sports.  The 1942 Maple Leafs, the 1975 Islanders, and the aforementioned 2004 Red Sox, all did the unthinkable.  That's it.  Three teams.  Ever.

The Flyers look to be number four, reversing Boston's luck from 2004.  If they do that, don't expect the condoms to be empty this time…

Better Beard?

Kyle Scott - May 13, 2010


We all know Jayson Werth has a sweet beard, and that Superman wears it on his pajama pants, but now Simon Gagne is getting in on the fun.

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BREAKING: Gagne Could Start Skating Friday

Kyle - April 26, 2010


Per Sam Cardichi of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

 Flyers left winger Simon Gagne is making rapid progress from a
broken toe and could skate as early as Friday, general manager Paul
Holmgren said on Monday.  

An MRI on Friday will determine when he can skate.

Holmgren said it was doubtful Gagne would be able to play in the
first two games of the next series. If all goes well, Game 3 is a

If Gagne can come back and play effectively, it would be a huge boost for the Flyguys.

Check back for a round 2 preview soon. If the Capitals beat the Canadiens tonight, the Flyers will face off against Ovechkin and the Caps in the Eastern Conference semifinals..