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Report: New York Giants Trying to Keep Eli Manning Upright

Kevin Kinkead - March 14, 2018

If you watched the New York football Giants for even two minutes last season, you know their offensive line was pretty bad.

After losing out to the Jaguars on highly-rated guard Andrew Norwell, they directed their attention, and money, elsewhere:

A big get indeed, and a lot of money to pay a lineman. But starting-quality left tackles are hard to find, so can you really put a price tag on keeping your quarterback upright while giving your running game some push?

I dunno. This is a league that’s handing out ridiculous money to Sam Bradford and Kirk Cousins, so I really don’t know what to think.

Solder had played his entire career in New England and won a pair of Super Bowls protecting Tom Brady’s blind side. The 29-year-old has never been named to a Pro Bowl and gets mixed reviews from pundits. Some see him as a steady and productive guy while others say that Brady’s elite ability to get rid of the ball quickly made his line look better than it really was. Either way, Eli Manning is capable of the same thing, as Eagle fans saw this year.

Solder isn’t Jonathan Ogden, and I don’t think he’s worth $15 million, but when you look at what the Birds are doing with their defensive line and consider who the Giants are lining up on the other side of the ball, Solder goes a long way in helping the situation. Feels like a bit of supply and demand, a bit of desperation, and a bit of common sense all smushed together into one free agent signing.

Let’s Check in on Giants Fans

Kevin Kinkead - January 22, 2018

Yea, they’ve won a few Super Bowls and the Eagles haven’t.

Eli Manning and Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler and whatever.

But let’s check in on New York fans today, beginning with a somewhat “tone deaf” tweet from a dope running the Empire State Building account:

It went about as well as expected:

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A Win Is a Win: Ten Takeaways from Eagles 34, Giants 29

Kevin Kinkead - December 18, 2017

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People seem surprised that a divisional road game was way too close for comfort.

It’s almost like they forgot that the Giants were 0-2 when the Eagles need a 61-yard field goal to win the first matchup back in September.

That doesn’t excuse Sunday’s atrocious defensive performance, but we should all know better than to expect mid-December blowouts and we should probably just stay off of Twitter until the second half begins.

They came from behind to get the job done, just like last week. There’s a cornball saying about teams that find a way to win even when they don’t play well, and this squad fits the bill.

It was 20-7 Giants when LeGarrette Blount failed to convert a 4th and 1 and it looked like the Eagles were headed for a bitterly disappointing, dog shit loss. Then the defense came up with a key interception, the special teams unit blocked a punt, and the offense converted twice to make it a 21-20 game. What followed, then, was a back-and-forth second half where the Eagles simply made a few more plays than the Giants.

What now? It’s home against the Raiders, home against the Cowboys, home in the playoffs. If the Birds get it done on Jesus Christ’s birthday, they shouldn’t have to travel again until you know what game.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Stop being a whiner and celebrate your 12-2 football team. Continue Reading

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The Giants Fired Ben McAdoo

Kevin Kinkead - December 4, 2017

It seemed like it was only a matter of time.

The Giants fired head coach Ben McAdoo on Monday morning, which he apparently confirmed himself:

McAdoo was in just his second season at the Giants’ helm. The team’s former offensive coordinator under Tom Coughlin, he lead New York to an 11-5 record and wild card playoff appearance in 2016.

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Is the Eli Manning Situation Really that Complicated?

Kevin Kinkead - December 1, 2017

The Giants will have a new starting quarterback this weekend for the first time since November of 2004.

It’s Geno Smith, who I don’t think is the future in New York.

But Eli Manning isn’t the future, either.

So what? What then?

Giants fans threw a fit this week because they felt like their future Hall of Famer was being mistreated by the organization and disrespected by a lame duck head coach. They’re not wrong. Eli probably does deserve better. But what’s the alternative? Keep losing with Eli and go out with a feel-good story? Or lose with Smith and/or Davis Webb to at least get a better idea of what you’ve got in-house? Either way you slice it, you’re crap.

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How ’bout them Cowboys? – Ten Takeaways from the Eagles’ Bye Week

Kevin Kinkead - November 13, 2017

Even when the Eagles aren’t playing, they’re still winning.

The NFC East completed the trifecta this weekend, going 0-3 and doing it in style. The Cowboys looked like shit, the Redskins disappointed at home, and the Giants looked like the Giants.

At the risk of jinxing it, next Sunday could wrap up the division for the Birds, who travel to Dallas on two weeks of rest. The Eagles are 8-1 and the Cowboys 5-4, so a win in Arlington would create a gap that probably can’t be closed.

1. America’s team

They looked like garbage without Ezekiel Elliott, but it’s almost like they forgot how to play in situations that wouldn’t even involve him anyway.

Left tackle Chaz Green gave up six sacks to Adrian Clayborn, a guy who had 2 sacks and 8 tackles coming into the game. Clayborn said post game that he “only had one move, and it worked.”

Dallas lost 27-7 in Atlanta. Dak Prescott went 20-30 for 176 yards and backup ball carrier Alfred Morris finished with 11 rushes for 53 yards. The Cowboys’ lone score came on an 11-yard Prescott run.

So it’s now officially Dallas week, which kicked off with Cole Beasley jumping on a Howard Eskin troll job:

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An Eagles Fan Claims Brandon Marshall Spit on Him

Kevin Kinkead - September 26, 2017

“That is one magic loogie!”

What is it with New York athletes and spitting allegations?

First it was Keith Hernandez, who was accused of hurling a wad at Cosmo Kramer after committing an error that lead to a five-run ninth inning for the Phillies.

This week, it was Giants receiver Brandon Marshall who allegedly spat on a fan, this time during pregame warmups at Lincoln Financial Field. It started when the fan, wearing a throwback Randall Cunningham jersey, reportedly began to taunt Marshall:

Hard to make out the words there, but Marshall is saying “stop shaking, stop shaking,” before walking away. The fan says, “you spit on me, you spit on me, you pig.”

Marshall is escorted away from the crowd by Giants staff:

It’s impossible to tell if any spitting did occur. There’s no definitive proof. I can’t freeze-frame any flying phlegm. There’s certainly a chance that the frothy shouting could have resulted in saliva spewing, but it’s not like Marshall rears his head back to hock up a big ole’ loogie.

Maybe this will remain a mystery, unless Jerry Seinfeld comes along to debunk the accusation.

“There had to have been a second spitter!”

Never a Doubt! Ten Takeaways From Eagles 27, Giants 24

Kevin Kinkead - September 25, 2017

How do I start this one?

Should I go positive?

“Jake Elliott! What a leg! Fly Eagles fly!”

Or should I go “Negadelphia?”

“A 61-yard field goal? Who gives a shit! They blew a 14-point fourth quarter lead!”

You probably feel some combination of those two emotions. You’re excited for another win over a division, rival but concerned with the late collapse and near-epic failure.

Let’s be honest with ourselves; the Giants had no business being in that game. This was a team that had scored one touchdown in 11 quarters of football before the Eagles rolled out the red carpet and allowed them into the end zone three times in six minutes. Those are the kinds of sequences that destroy seasons and get coaches fired.

But if we’re being critical there, then credit is absolutely due for the way the Eagles responded. They did it twice in the game’s waning moments, pulling even on drives of 75 and 47 yards. Elliott hit from 46 and 61 to make up for an earlier miss. And the Birds found a way to gut it out and get it done. Continue Reading

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