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The Nationals Blew a Six-Run Lead in Game 5 of the NLDS

Kyle Scott - October 13, 2012


I turned it off. With the Nats leading 6-1, I turned it off. Didn’t feel like watching an explosion of Natitude. 

Turns out, I missed Natitude exploding.

Here’s what I awoke to at around 3:30 a.m.:

Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 5.03.38 AM

Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 5.03.38 AM

Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 5.03.38 AM

If you did as I did and didn’t see the end of Game 5 of the NLDS, you missed Drew Storen blowing a 7-5 Nats lead with two outs and two strikes in the ninth. The Cardinals scored four runs in the inning, capping off an improbable comeback from a six-run deficit.

If only the Nats had a stud pitcher capable of preserving such commanding leads in deciding games of playoff series.

Mark Zuckerman describes the post-game scene in the Nats' clubhouse: [Nats Insider]

The remnants of a celebration that was supposed to happen lingered throughout a surreal clubhouse scene, plastic tarps either torn down in haste or left to hang from the ceiling, a temporary carpet covering the majority of the room so the regular flooring wouldn't get ruined amid the jubilee.

Somewhere out of public view, cases of champagne and beer bottles had been stashed away, removed from the premises before the participants could see them. A TV crew that had been in place and ready to broadcast the pandemonium raced to clear out of the room and hustle down the hallway to the visitors clubhouse, where the actual celebration would occur.

All that remained inside the Nationals' oval-shaped office was silence, punctuated by the occasional slap of players and coaches hugging each other and saying their goodbyes for the winter.


Natitude, for sure.

We’ll let Baby Bryce have the last word:

Screen Shot 2012-10-13 at 5.36.14 AM

Their, their, Bryce. It'll be OK.

Glorious video after the jump.

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Lavs Fist Pump GIF

Kyle Scott - April 29, 2012



Video of full reaction after the jump. It was a double pump combo with an elbow thrust.

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Lavs Fist Pump GIF

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2012

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Chris Wheeler Shows Tom McCarthy How It’s Done

Kyle Scott - May 19, 2011

As if the game wasn't weird enough, Chris Wheeler took it to a whole new level.

When trying to answer the night's trivia question, Wheels couldn't remember the name of the answer (Pedro Astacio), but he certainly could recall the movement he did on the mound.

Are we sure this was on the mound?

The .gif is after the jump.

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GIFs: I Don’t Think Andre Iguodala Likes Evan Turner Very Much

Kyle Scott - January 17, 2011


How would you like to be Beeker?

Both .GIFs after the jump- sorry, slows loading time for the home page.

View parts 1 and deux of "Andre Iguodala: Portrait of a Leader" here and here.

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DeSean Jackson Celebration GIF and Video

Kyle Scott - December 12, 2010


It shouldn't have been a penalty, but who cares?  Screw the Cowboys.  

GIF and video of D-Jac falling into the end zone, after the jump.

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So, Andre Johnson Will Probably be Suspended Next Week

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2010


Something, something, not allowed to pummel a guy in the back of the head.

Looks like the the Texans will be sans Johnson for their matchup with the Eagles on Thursday.

Awesome .gif after the jump via (@dhm).  More and video at Philly Sports Daily.

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