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Report: Eagles Asked CSN to Remove Gonzo From Eagles Coverage

Kyle Scott - September 21, 2011

Where's Gonzo? [Photo: Philly Chit Chat]

Journalism took a nut shot today. Allegedly.

According to a report by Dan Gross (who – by the way – is just hitting home runs this summer), the Eagles asked Comcast SportsNet to remove John Gonzalez from all team coverage. As Gross points out, Gonzo hasn’t said a word about the team on the website or Twitter.


Anyone who is familiar with Gonzo’s work, both his columns and former radio show on 97.5, knows that he liked to talk about the Eagles… and Andy Reid… a lot. Most of the time not in glowing terms.

Gross reached out to CSN for comment, and was told the following by the network’s spokeswoman, Maureen Quilter: []

“Comcast SportsNet and have plenty of Eagles coverage with Ray Didinger and Reuben Frank on the digital side and Derrick Gunn on the TV side . . .. If we need John to write about the Eagles he will.

We talk with all the teams, including the Eagles, all the time. And as a good business practice, we don't share those conversations with the public."


Eagles spokesman Rob Zeigler said the team made no such request about Gonzo.

If the Eagles did indeed make that request, it is a very ballsy move on their part. They’re not fans of that whole freedom of speech thing, and this would be an all new low.

What’s worse, however, is if CSN honored that request. CSN already provides mostly sunny-side up coverage of local teams (example: Comcast owns the Flyers, too) and they are granted extraordinary access to the Eagles (I mean, how else would we get to see Shady McCoy giving D-Gunn celebratory butt slaps?). Catering to the one team that they don’t have any ownership ties or broadcasting rights with? Well, that’s not good.  

Of course, this wouldn’t be a surprising request from the Eagles. Their skin isn’t exactly thick. Last season, they denied one local – often critical – radio personality a credential, telling him “he wasn’t a beat reporter.” Well, neither are half of the people in the press box. But most of them usually say nice things about the team… or at least don't have the freedom to bash them in a public setting, the way, say, a columnist would.

I’ll update this story if there is anything new to pass along.

John Gonzalez and David Murphy Whip It Out to See Whose Pen is Bigger

Kyle Scott - April 18, 2011


… or keyboard. Or whatever dick reference is appropriate.

Let’s break it down.

Yesterday, Inquirer columnist and former 97.5 host John Gonzalez wrote an article about booing, which – rightfully – blasted the square media-types who consistently feel the need to call us out for doing something we’ve done for the last 50 years. In the screed, Gonzo took aim at his Philly Newspapers (or whatever they're now calling the company that resides at 400 N. Broad) colleague, Daily News Phillies beat writer David Murphy, who writes the “High Cheese” blog on

That's part of the problem. Many media types I know hold the fans in contempt. It's sad when, say, a cheese-heavy local baseball blogger thinks he knows it all but fails to see himself for what he is: a glorified stenographer with a bloated ego and a sweet gig. It's the misguided elitism that rankles. Reporters don't consume sports the same way fans do, and few of them have made much of an effort to understand your perspective.


– gasps - Like that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, where Angelo tells Judge Doom he’s seen a rabbit.  He didn’t really just do that, did he?

This is where things got good… after the jump.

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Giving Back: It’s Always “Shady” T-Shirt

Kyle Scott - September 21, 2010


We're typically a bunch of a-holes on this site, but once in a while we try to do something nice.  Our good friends over at (fine t-shirt makers) have partnered with the Inquirer's John Gonzalez to turn his t-shirt idea into a reality.  The "It's Always Shady in Philadelphia" slogan pays homage to LeSean McCoy's nickname.

Here's the giving back part: $5 from the sale of every t-shirt goes directly to the American Cancer Society.  So, support the Eagles, our buddy "Gonzo" and the Philly Phaithful in their efforts to raise money for a good cause.

Full disclosure: this is not an ad.  We are not receiving one cent from the sale of these t-shirts, just trying to help out.

Get the shirt here.