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Bernie Parent and Wayne Gretzky Hung Out at the Flyers Game Last Night

Kyle Scott - February 26, 2013

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Bernie Parent just keeps living the life. Last night, he was seated with WAYNE GRETZKY at the Flyers-Maple Leafs game. Pictures via reader Mike, who is in the Flyers jersey, who will almost certainly tell me what the two legends talked about???

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No Gretzky at the Winter Classic

Kyle Scott - October 28, 2011

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I kind of figured this would happen. There was a short list of players that many of us wanted to see, for varying reasons: Eric Lindros (he's in), Mikael Renberg (TV thing), Ron Hextall (back), Wayne Gretzky (?).

ESPN via NY Rangers Blog via Puck Daddy:

"No, I'll be with my family for the holidays,'' Gretzky said. "Plus, they don't need to see a 50-year-old slow guy out there!''


Boooooo. Once, when he was playing with the Rangers, father CB and I scored third or fifth row tickets (I forget) to a Flyers game. Before a faceoff, with the Great One just feet away, I stood up and yelled: Hey Gretzky… you suck! I was like 14 and had yet to learn proper heckling etiquette (you don't tell the best ever that he sucks). Anyway, I won't have a chance to tell Wayne I'm sorry… from 384 feet away on a freezing cold New Year's Eve at age 28. A sad.

Evening Nonsense: Chris Pronger Hasn’t Lifted a Weight in Six Months, Wayne Gretzky in NHL 12, Charles Barkley on 97.5

Kyle Scott - August 8, 2011

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Check it out, his head's bleeding

1993 wants this post back:

– NHL 12 will feature Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, among others. Puck Daddy has more. The Winter Classic will also be in the game, but only playable at Heinz Field.

– Charles Barkley will co-host – in studio – with Mike Missanelli from 2-6 on Wednesday. I’m sure a certain other blog will jump at the opportunity to keep up their obsession with Chuck.

– Chris Pronger spoke with the media today. He told reporters he is nowhere near playing shape, a revelation that makes trading the captain and leading scorer all the more perplexing and concerning. 

At this point, I’m having serious trouble seeing how the Flyers are going to be better this year:

Q: What concerns you the most right now, where you have to be in terms of training camp?

“Well, that would be strength. I haven’t lifted a weight in the last six months, so that would be the answer to your question of what haven’t I done, well, obviously lift weights. Strength, for my position and the way I play, is critical. So I’ve got to gain my strength back before I begin skating.”


The full transcript, courtesy of the Flyers' city-leading PR department, is after the jump.

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