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Gritty Visited Patients at Children’s Hospital

Kevin Kinkead - November 21, 2019

Haven’t done a Gritty post in a while.

Here’s the big guy visiting the patients at CHOP:

And some more video provided by the Flyers:

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The Phillie Phanatic Tattoo Guy Got Some Gritty Ink

Russ Joy - October 19, 2019

Remember Robert Dunphy? Well, the man who captured the hearts and minds of the Delaware Valley during a 34-27 win over the Packers at Lambeau Field and eventually raised nearly $20,000 for charity popped up at the Flyers game against the Dallas Stars on Saturday night:

The lady next to him looked a bit less enthusiastic than the rest of the Wells Fargo Center faithful. Regardless, I’m glad to see Dunphy’s fifteen minutes of fame get extended. Anyone who raises money for a children’s charity is good people in my book. If you’re interested in learning more about that charity, Storm The Heavens Fund, head over to their site.

Gritty Surprises Young Fan Who Got a Custom Prosthetic Leg

Russ Joy - June 25, 2019

We interrupt your regularly scheduled sports news for this cool story.

Gritty, the NHL’s Best Team Mascot, visited a 7-year-old fan who got a custom prosthetic leg featuring Gritty’s likeness earlier in the day:

Gritty brought young Caiden O’Rourke a customized sweater with his name and #8 on the back, after the jump:

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Mike McKenna’s New Mask is… Gritty

Russ Joy - January 17, 2019

Mike McKenna – who described himself as “The biggest suitcase to ever play the game” – has had a whirlwind career, having played in 21 different cities for 19 different organizations. Anthony SanFilippo and I learned in our face-to-face interview with McKenna on Snow the Goalie that while some teams don’t let players keep their jerseys, he’s kept one thing from every team: his mask.

When McKenna was claimed off waivers from the Vancouver Canucks back on January 4th, the running joke was the hodgepodge of mismatched equipment McKenna had accumulated. In McKenna’s first appearance taking the ice for the Orange & Black as part of the pregame skate, he donned a Darth Vader-esque all-black look:

Now, having settled in as Carter Hart’s backup, McKenna received his new, Gritty-inspired mask from the (man?) himself:

A detailed look after the jump:

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America Cannot Get Enough of Gritty

Kevin Kinkead - September 25, 2018

I nearly spit out my Labatt Blue when I saw the Flyers’ new mascot on Good Morning America today.

I wasn’t watching Good Morning America, mind you, I just saw the clip going around on Twitter and thought to myself, “holy cow, this thing is going viral.” Emphasis on “thing.”

Seems like the U.S.A. can’t get enough of gritty, because he’s a top Google search:

Now Kyle, who understands these things better than I do, says this tweet is misleading.

He says Gritty was the number nine search while the mascot did top Google trends, which are two different things. I should know these things since my wife works in digital sales, but I guess I don’t.

Explained after the jump:

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