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The Sixers Missed Five Layups in Six Seconds, People Fell Down

Jim Adair - January 22, 2015


We (specifically I) try to be a little positive about the Sixers here because we agree with what they’re doing. And in most games, there’s something positive to look at (like Jerami Grant’s eight blocks last night). But for every positive, there are usually seven or eight negatives. Last night was one of the worst. That’s a GIF because isn’t friendly with embeddable videos, but here’s what happens in the sequence:

1. K.J. McDaniels gets his shot blocked.
2. Henry Sims grabs rebound.
3. Henry Sims misses layup.
4. K.J. McDaniels misses tip-in.
5. K.J. McDaniels misses another tip-in.
6. Furkan Aldemir grabs rebound.
7. Furkan Aldemir misses layup.
8. Furkan Aldemir falls down.
9. K.J. McDaniels and Henry Sims collaborate on tip-in. It misses.
10. Knicks get rebound.

It was ugly, ugly basketball all around — Carmelo Anthony followed it up with a missed 3-pointer — and the Knicks pulled out the win, putting them only 1.5 games behind the Sixers for fourth in a terribly weak division. We support the Sixers. We like what they’re doing. But it’s rarely pretty.

Crossing Streams Podcast (Episode 2): Dan Gross, Former Daily News Gossip Columnist and Newspaper Guild President

Kyle Scott - March 15, 2013

Photo: Jessica Griffin, Daily News

Dan Gross joined me for this show. He is the former gossip columnist for the Daily News and, as well as the former president of the Newspaper Guild, the union that represents Inquirer, Daily News and writers and advertising staffers. His departure was interesting not only because he was a longtime Daily News employee, but also because the perception was that, as the guild president, Dan knew something about the future of the company that most others didn’t. That wasn’t the case, however– Dan took an optional buyout to pursue other opportunities. He’s working on what’s next, and is currently doing some crisis management for a local public figure, whose name Gross has been tasked with keeping from you.

We had a good conversation about gossip and entertainment writing, and how some readers love it and others absolutely hate it. Dan broke the Flyers Dry Island story after Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were traded, and he says that the real key to that story, which Daily News editors were uncomfortable printing, was not that Richards and Carter were big partiers (something everyone already knew), but that some of their teammates were concerned about their alleged use of prescription painkillers.

Dan also talked about his confrontation with Allen Iverson and his reporting of the Scott Hartnell and Sheena Parveen sightings. We finished up by talking about the current state of Philly newspapers and their decision to separate the Inquirer and Daily News websites from

Dan’s a good dude and you should follow him on Twitter (@DanGross215). He lost his 13k followers when he left the Daily News, and has been forced to start from scratch– he’s gained over 1,500 followers in just over a month (with the help of porn star Mary Carey). I know he has some cool things in the pipeline, and he’s a valuable addition to any timeline. 


Listen here.

We’re not in iTunes yet, but that link will work on your iPhone. Listen to past episodes of Crossing Streams here.


Show notes:

Gross announces that he’s leaving the Daily News

Gross breaks Dry Island story

Allen Iverson tells Gross to “kiss his ass”

Scott Hartnell had drinks with Sheena Parveen

Inquirer and Daily News will separate from

Gross’ departure mentioned in NY Post article about negotiations at Philly newspapers

The Lenny Dykstra Celebrity Boxing Match (Which Never Happened) Story Has Taken an Unexpected and Delightfully Ridiculous Turn

Kyle Scott - November 7, 2011

But, but, but…

Of course the Lenny Dykstra celebrity boxing match saga took a turn toward the ridiculous this weekend.

He didn’t show up. You knew that.

What you might not know are the details (half of which have to be false, since every player in this is making contradictory statements) as told to Dan Gross, who wrote a fascinating, must-read article on the whole cockup.

If you don’t have the attention span to read a lengthy piece about worms crawling on slugs, then here’s the gist:

Lenny says he never agreed to the fight. Instead, he claims that a man posing as his business manager, Dan Herman, 26, of West Chester, booked him for the fight and made up the quotes that were contained in a press release for the event.

Damon Feldman and Alki David, the fight’s organizers, reversed course on a prior claim that they paid Dykstra a $5,000 advance on Thursday (citing loud noises as a reason for the misinterpreted question, answer). Feldman told Gross that, last week, he and David visited Dykstra at a California rehab center, where Dykstra is currently a patient. Dykstra, however, says that he isn’t a patient, and that he’s simply staying with his friend… Dr. Howard Samuels (yeah, and I just like to fly with my quiet companion, William H. Xanax).

Anyway, the best part is when Dykstra starts slinging mud at Herman (portrayed to be the real culprit here), who may or may not be posing as Nails’ business manager, 

"I never agreed to anything," the embattled Dykstra told us yesterday in an email. "Damon Feldman and Alki David continued to use my name to sell tickets and promote their event up until the last minute. They showed up at my door unexpected, I didn't even know who they were," Dykstra explained. He then showed Feldman and David an angry email he sent to Herman Wednesday night, chewing out Herman for booking the fight without his permission.

By phone yesterday, Dykstra denied that Herman was ever his business manager. "If he's my business manager, I'm a f[uck]in' ballerina," he told us.


[If anyone wants to make Lenny Dykstra-I’m a fuckin’ ballerina shirts, consider us on board] 

For what it’s worth, I’ve been told that Herman is the guy who runs “Dykstra’s” Twitter account, too.

There’s more. Much more. Dykstra acknowledges that he was visited by Feldman and David. And he claims he was offered money to say – on video – that he was unable to fight due to injury. Feldman and David, of course, deny that claim– because that would surely be unethical.

Not to be outdone in this circle jerk of unfortunate, Herman claims that Dykstra is lying because he’s a convicted felon, and that’s just what they do.

Oh, and the best part? Dykstra only spoke to Gross because John Bolaris told him it was OK. 

You can’t make up the Dykstra Zone, folks.

Full story here.

Welcome to Peter Laviolette’s “Dry Island,” the Place that May Have Gotten Mike Richards and Jeff Carter Traded

Kyle Scott - July 25, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-07-25 at 9.19.28 AM
Miller Lite is not welcome on Dry Island

What, I thought we were in the trust tree, with the nest? Are we not?

What I am about to tell you is true. Allegedly.

Just an incredible reporting job by gossip columnist Dan Gross in today's Daily News. Somehow, Gross got to the bottom of a story that, frankly, shouldn't have taken this long to come out. He wrote, sourcing two unnamed players, that when Peter Laviolette arrived in 2009, he created what later came be to be known as "Dry Island," an excursion to an imagined Betty Ford clinic, which required players to pledge their abstinence from alcohol for one month by writing their numbers on a whiteboard. One Seven and One Eight never stepped foot on the island.

Paul Holmgren confirmed the existence of Dry Island (Jeff Probst just found the shooting location for season 962 of Survivor) to Gross: []

In a phone interview Thursday, Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren confirmed that Richards and Carter hadn't put their numbers on the board, but said there had been others who declined. "We carry 23 players and there wasn't 23 numbers up there."

Holmgren was "really upset that this is out there. That's our locker room. Our inner sanctum. Our board. Someone's crossing a line here," in discussing the Dry Island.


Oh yes. The witch-hunt for which current or former player(s) leaked this begins now.

Homer called it "preposterous" that Richard's and Carter's absence from Dry Island led to the pair being traded.

But what's more preposterous, Homer? Did Lavs really expect a bunch of twenty-something millionaires to abstain from drinking for month-long stretches? That would be like asking Amy Winehouse (too soon) a gleeful pig not to roll around in shit. 

Those of you who read this site on a consistent basis know that I'm all for holding players accountable. But asking them not to drink for a month at a time? Ludicrous. Luda!

As I've written numerous times before, Holmgren performed hockey genocide this offseason: Richards, Carter, Versteeg, Leino, Carcillo… all gone. It is not difficult to find stories about any of them.

In Chicago, Versteeg came under fire for these pictures, which were taken the night before a regular season game in 2010. 

Leino always hung with Richie and Carts. The trio went on an All-Star break excursion to Costa Rica– not an island and likely not dry, either. Upon return, the Flyers got crushed in a 4-0 loss to Tampa Bay. Leino signed with Buffalo earlier this month (albeit for a ton of money).

Carcillo, who went to Cabo (not an island, not dry) with Richie and Carts after the season and Tweeted about finger-banging a broad in Atlantic City, was not re-signed by Holmgren.

Do you notice a theme?

It's not preposterous to deduce the lowest common denominator amongst the players either traded or not re-signed by the Flyers.

But wait, there's more!

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