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Jon Gruden is Going to Hit Someone with a Steel Chair if He Doesn’t Get a Call from the Eagles Soon

Kyle Scott - January 8, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.04.27 AM
Screen grab via (@recordsANDradio), Bleeding Brotherly Love

While the Eagles are busy courting Jay Gruden and other less-than-household names, Jon Gruden, Jay’s older and more accomplished brother, is sitting at home, in Tampa Bay. And that just happens to be where last night’s WWE Raw was held.  

Gruden was in attendance – in those seats reserved for celebs and notables – perhaps because he loves wrestling… perhaps because he wants to remind NFL teams with head coaching vacancies that he still exists. Here’s my face… on TV. Look how angry I am. Imagine how I could motivate your players. GO, ROCK. FUCK HIM UP!!! FUCK HIM UP!!!!! PEOPLE’S ELBOW!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!! TURNOVER ON DOWNS!!!! SUPER BOWL OR BUST!!!!!!

Something like that.

Anyway, it doesn’t appear that Jon Gruden will be the next head coach of the Eagles. But his brother Jay might be. The Eagles will interview Jay, the Bengels’ offensive coordinator, this week. And while Ron Jaworski (probably enthusiastically) said on the radio that Jon would be interested in the Eagles head coaching job, the Birds reportedly haven’t reached out to the Super Bowl-winning Monday Night Football analyst. Jordan Raanan of explains that it’s not due to circumstance:

Jon Gruden won't, even though according to former Monday Night Football partner Ron Jaworski he's interested in the position. The feeling isn't being reciprocated. The Eagles have expressed no interest in Jon Gruden, and it's not like they would have trouble finding the outspoken ex-head coach's number.

Jon shares an agent with Jay, who shares an agent with Mike McCoy, who shares an agent with Andy Reid, who shares an agent with Mike Nolan. Bob LaMonte represents all the aforementioned coaches. LaMonte also represents Roseman, the Eagles' point-person in the search.


Poor guy.

Rumors: B.J. Upton, Jon Gruden Likes Nick Foles, Charles Barkley Retiring?

Kyle Scott - November 9, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 9.42.26 AM

First up, B.J. Upton. According to a report from CSN’s Jim Salisbury, the Phillies are quite interested in Upton: []

A number of executives at the GM meetings said they believed the Phillies to be serious players for Upton. One executive said signing Upton was the Phils’ priority. 

An executive from a team that has probed the outfield market predicted that Upton would at first look for a seven-year deal worth between $13 million and $16 million annually. The executive said it would probably take five years to get Upton and that the team that stepped up with a sixth year would probably land him. Amaro has confirmed that Upton is “a candidate” for the Phils’ opening in centerfield, but, citing policy, won’t comment further.

“The asking prices are always very high early,” said Amaro, speaking in general about the current state of the free-agent market. “Once you get signings that set markets, they tend to get higher or lower depending on the quality of the player and needs.”


After a season of shit, the offseason may provide some much needed entertainment. Charlie Manuel and, to a lesser extent, Amaro are on seats with varying degrees of warmth. The Phillies have to make some sort of significant move or signing if they want to compete for a World Series. Status quo won’t cut it this year. 

Upton makes the most sense– he’s 28, has speed and power, though he doesn’t hit for average. He’s essentially a developed Dom Brown, or, at least what we thought Brown could be. 

Gruden: LA Times reporter Sam Farmer spoke with Jon Gruden. Guess which young quarterback Gruden likes, a lot? Nick Foles: [LA Times, via Philly Mag]

I had  Nick Foles in the preseason against New England. Michael Vick got hurt on the fifth or sixth play, and Foles went the distance, on the road in Foxborough. If you like prototype pocket passers with some functional mobility and a tremendous amount of toughness, Foles is interesting.

What really impressed me in the preseason was they weren’t running generic formations. They ran about 30 different formations out of about eight different personnel groupings in successive plays. So I see him recognizing coverages. I see him getting to second and third receivers, just like you’d want a quarterback to do in that system, and I love his NFL size. He reminds me a lot of Brad Johnson, from his football character to his ability to decipher a lot quickly, and we won a championship with Brad.


[Video of Gruden and Foles together, after the jump.]

An interview with Charles Barkley in Sports Illustrated contained this interesting nugget from Chuck:

“I love my job,” Barkley said. “I love the people I work with. And I’m going to try to do things to keep me engaged. But I have four years left on my current deal and to be honest with you, it’s going to be a struggle for me to make it for the whole four years. I really don’t know how much longer I’m going to do this. I need something more, or something else to do to be honest with you.”


So, last night, the NBA on TNT folks held a mock retirement for Barkley, starting some Twitter rumors that he’s retiring. He’s not. Not now, at least. That video, and Gruden with Foles, after the jump.

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Jon Gruden Mobbed by Eagles Fans at Airport, is (Allegedly) Interested in Coaching Again

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-08 at 1.02.23 PM

Reader Christian sent along this photo, allegedly taken Tuesday morning, of Jon Gruden at the New Orleans airport, where he was "mobbed" by Eagles fans.

You can imagine what came up:

Coach Gruden is mobbed by Eagles fans begging him to come back through Philly. Really nice and friendly with everyone. Basically was told that he needs to come back to Philly. He joked you already kicked me out before? Took pictures and answered questions.


Credit to Chucky for humoring what was likely a few dozen angry-hangovered Eagles fans at 9 a.m., but it doesn’t sound like he was willing to answer the question: Would you want to coach the Eagles?

Charlie Campbell of may have done that for him.

According to this report, Gruden is, not surprisingly, considering coaching again. He’s also, apparently, eyeing potential staff members. One of them? A Juanderful choice.

One coach that Gruden is said to be interested in is fired Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo. The long-time Eagles assistant was on the same staff with Gruden in Philadelphia under former head coach Ray Rhodes. Castillo was an offensive assistant and tight ends coach while Gruden was the offensive coordinator. Following Gruden's departure for Oakland, Castillo remained to work under Andy Reid as a tight ends coach, offensive line coach and defensive coordinator. Reid and Gruden have also coached together, and Castillo carries a significant endorsement from Reid. 

Sources have said that Gruden's return to coaching is dependent on it being a perfect situation. He isn't interested in smaller-market teams like those he has coached at previously. Gruden wants a big-market team with good ownership and some talent on the roster. Thus, teams like Dallas, Philadelphia and the New York Jets could be potential landing spots if they make a change. 


That’s a fairly vague, and somewhat obvious. And I’m mostly unfamiliar with Campbell’s track record. But, how goddamn hilarious would it be for Gruden to take Reid’s spot and then bring back fired defensive coordinator Castillo to coach on offense? Juan gets the laugh jaja!

Related: Reader Adam, a "business analyst" who probably spent way too much time on this email at his place of employment, doesn't want Gruden, and he did a nice job of backing up his stance. Read it after the jump.

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John Smallwood Actually Gets Blogs, Opines on Gruden Rumors

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2011

The best John Smallwood picture that exists on the internet

John Smallwood, not a journalist who you might immediately relate to new media, gave perhaps the most fair and accurate opinion on what happened yesterday with the John Gruden rumors.

The story went from former Eagle Kyle Eckel's Facebook page, to a small TV station in Missouri (the reporter is from the Philly area), to Bleacher Report, to other Eagles blogs, and then had to be checked on by beat writers, who ultimately disproved the story before the Eagles issued their statement, which firmly denied the report.

Instead of taking to Twitter and his column to bash social media, blogs, and Twitter, the way so many other journalists will do today, Smallwood acknowledged the advantages of what we and so many others do. But he also pointed out the one area that has yet to be defined: What sorts of checks and balances are in place to deter folks in their basement, me, from spreading rumors based on little fact? []

But understand that traditional journalists have rules to follow, and there are penalties for breaking them.

A libel or slander suit is a powerful incentive for news organization to do their due diligence to confirm and reconfirm their facts.

But a loss of credibility with the people who trust us to deliver factual information is the greatest check and balance.

What are the rules for blogs or social networking?


I hate to get all smart and shit, but there was a concept during the Cold War called M.A.D., Mutual Assured Destruction, which basically deterred both the United States and the Soviet Union from launching nuclear attacks, simply because both sides could absorb the blow and retaliate. 

The same principle applies here.

A journalist can't be completely reckless in reporting because, lawsuits aside, credibility is a difficult thing to regain once it's lost. Someone in my position, who isn't close to that level but does do this for a living, still has a lot to lose by being completely reckless- like, my job. Albeit one which I don't wear pants to.

But what is the drawback for someone with a hobby blog, popular Facebook page, or a Bleacher Report account? There is none. At least, not yet. And that sucks.

Now back to your regularly sheduled snark and pictures of Jeff Carter staring at blonde puck bunnies.

Eagles Quickly Shoot Down Jon Gruden Rumor

Kyle Scott - February 7, 2011

The Eagles released a statement to address the rumor that Jon Gruden would be coaching the team next season.

“Early this morning we have received several inquiries regarding the rumors regarding Andy Reid and Jon Gruden. This was simply a rumor and there is no basis to it at all. It is simply not true.”


Seriously Ryan breaks down the genesis of the rumor, which started on Kyle Eckel's Facebook page.

Glad that's over.