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John Tortorella Also Thinks That The Penguins are a Bunch of Whiny, Arrogant Shits

Kyle Scott - April 6, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 9.45.27 AM

You may recall that, earlier this week, both Mike Milbury and Craig Berube basically called the Penguins a bunch of whining sissy vaginas (I’m paraphrasing). Milbury has since half-heartedly backed down from his comments, but The Chief has not.  

Now you can add Rangers coach John Tortorella to the mix.

In the final minutes of last night’s 5-2 Penguins win against the Rangers, Brooks Orpik extended his leg, causing a knee-on-knee collision with Derek Stepan, who crumbled to the ice in agony [watch it after the jump]. 

After the game, Tortorella was asked for his thoughts on the hit. You're going to notice a theme here.

Concerned for Derek Stepan, on the hit, the knee-to-knee?

"Absolutely. It’s a cheap, dirty hit. I wonder what would happen if we did it to their two whining stars over there? I wonder what would happen. So I’m anxious to see what happens with the league with this. Just no respect amongst players– none. It’s sickening." 

Why do you think that happens, a play like that?

"Ask the guy who did it. Ask him. It’s one of the most arrogant organizations in the league. They whine about this stuff all the time, and look what happens."

Any update on Stepan? 

"I haven’t talked to Rammer. It’s ridiculous. But they’ll whine about something else over there, won’t they? Starting with their two fucking stars."


+1, John Tortorella. +1.

Videos after the jump.

H/T to (@JBer89)

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Clean Or Not? Niklas Kronwall’s Hit On Jakub Voracek

Kyle - March 6, 2012

Kronwall Hit On Voracek

The hit was devastating.

Niklas Kronwall caught Jakub Voracek with his head down. The scariest part was when Voracek was on the ice and his arms were raised. He had an involuntary response, very similar to what we've seen with other major collisions before when people are knocked out.

Scary stuff.

On a positive note, Howard Eskin reported that Voracek does not have a concussion, but will tested again on Wednesday.

Clean or dirty hit? What do you say? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Video is after the jump.

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Skate Bites: Flyers in a Pickle

Kyle Scott - February 29, 2012

No image. We only have an image if the Flyers score a goal.

Well, poop. Aren’t you glad you stayed up until 1 a.m. to watch a 1-0 game with 58 minutes of scoreless hockey, yo?

No, no you are not.

Thanks to what I’m sure is some hokey agreement and the fact that Sixers games somehow bump the Flyers from what is essentially their own network, those of you (me) with FIOS had to watch the game sans HD on channel 99, Art Fennell's channel or something (I’m telling you, Apple is going to change the ridiculous TV industry soon). But whatever definition you watched the game in, no loosely pixelated puck crossed the goal line for the OnB. The Flyers lost to the Sharks, 1-0.

Before the game, reader (@RPM044) asked me the over-under on shots until Bryz let up a goal. He set it at 5.5, and I took the over– 7. I should have taken the under. Former big leaguer, CB reader and Flyers fan Kevin Mench, among others, went with the under and won as the first shot of the game went in. Couldn’t put this one on Bryz, though– he played quite well. It was the offense that came up short and Antti Niemi who [insert pun here]. Claude Giroux was held without a shot for the first time in 66 games and James van Riemsdyk ducked back into obscurity during the Flyers last game against a Western Conference opponent.

The takeaway story from the game – if there is one – is the hit on Danny Briere by Marc-Edouard Vlasic, who, yes, is related to the pickle people

Danny Briere was knocked head-first into the boards by a pickle.

Briere told reporters he felt OK, but did admit to being dizzy after the hit…

Watch video of the hit on Briere after the jump. Full game “highlights” here.

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This is Video of Brayden Schenn Becoming a Man

Kyle Scott - January 22, 2012



Video of Schenn's hit on Steven Kampfer and fight with Chris Kelly, after the jump.

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UPDATE: Sean Couturier Gets Hit in The Head with Slap Shot

Kyle Scott - December 17, 2011

As if the first period wasn’t bad enough for the Flyers (down 4-0 to the Bruins), Sean Couturier got hit in the head with a slap shot off the stick of Kimmo Timonen.

UPDATE: After the game, Paul Holmgren told reporters that the puck did, in fact, hit Couturier in the helmet, but he was taken to the hospital anyway.

Holmgren said Couturier passed initial tests, but will be checked for any damage to the skull and other consequences. He will not travel with the team to Denver today.

Randy Miller of the Courier Post posted video of Holmgren's media availability. Watch it here. The full transcript is after the jump.

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Video: Matt Read Deposits Matt D’Agostini Into the Bench

Kyle Scott - October 24, 2011

:20 second mark.

In case you missed this. Thanks to Iron Balls in the comments for the link.

Chase Utley Not Making Trip With Team, May Have Mild Concussion

Kyle Scott - September 7, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-07 at 11.42.42 PM

Uh oh. Just what was not needed. 

For the second year in a row, the Braves came into Citizens Bank Park in contention in September, and, for the second year in a row, they got swept. Of course, that fact is tempered a bit by the news on Chase Utley, who was hit in the back of the head by Eric O'Flaherty in the sixth inning.

Utley very clearly asked umpire Jerry Meals "what happened." I've never been hit in the back of the head with a 91 mph fastball, but I'd imagine if you don't know what happened, that's not good.

Charlie Manuel told reporters Utley had “headaches” and “was alright in the dugout after until he went on the field and was standing up.”

Also not good.

Ruben Amaro said Utley would be out at least two games and, without calling it a concussion, said the medical staff think it’s minor. 

Utley didn’t make the trip to Milwaukee with the team and will be evaluated tomorrow.

Not good. Not good at all.

Big thanks to Mandy Housenick (@inthephilshouse) and Philly Sports Daily's Jim McCormick (@JMacPhillies) for their Tweeting excellence tonight. Must follows for Phillies fans.

What Does This Mean?

Kyle Scott - June 23, 2011

Get used to this guy

In trading Richards and Carter and signing Bryzgalov to a 9-year, $51 million deal, the salary cap now looks like this, according to

Next year's cap: $64,300,000

Flyers payroll as it stands now: $56,723,095. That doesn't include Jakub Voracek and Wayne Simmonds, who are both restricted free agents. They will both most likely re-sign for about a total of $2-3 million. That leaves roughly $6 million left for the Flyers to round out the roster or make another move via free agency.  

UPDATE: The original post included Michael Leighton, who will most likely be waived. If that happens, his $1.5 million contract would come off the cap and free up closer to $8 million.

Brayden Schenn is a very highly-regarded youngster who is the key to this deal. The Flyers also added a number of valuable draft picks, and, of course, Byrzgalov.

When you look at it in terms of what they gave up and what they got, it's pretty good:

Flyers lose:

Mike Richards, captain, 60-80 point scorer

Jeff Carter, 30+ goal scorer


Brayden Schenn, highly touted youngster

Wayne Simmonds, 30-40 points per seson

*Jakub Voracek, 40-50 points per season

*Three draft picks

Ilya Bryzgalov

$8 million in cap space (after signing Voracek and Simmonds and releasing Leighton)


It's a difficult argument. They traded young veterans -who almost won the Stanley Cup – for unproven youth, a goalie, and flexibility.

The more I look at it, the more I like it. The Flyers have some flexibility… and they may not be done.