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Shea Weber Agrees to Offer Sheet with Flyers!

Ryan Gillon - July 19, 2012


I said it two weeks ago… Paul Holmgren is never done.

At 12:45 am this morning, TSN's Darren Dreger reported that Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber has agreed to a 14-year offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers for over $100 million.

Predators GM David Poile will have seven days to match the offer sheet. Poile said earlier in the offseason that he would match anything Weber put his name on. Paul Holmgren has officially called Poile's bluff.

If for some reason the Predators elect not to match, they could receive up to four first-round compensatory picks, depending on the structure of the contract. But ya know, structure could mean a lot of things like… this.



Okay, let me slow down a second here. It's late… I'm groggy, and kind of excited that there's hockey news that doesn't have the acronym "C.B.A." attached to it.


…better. Alright.

I absolutely jumped out of bed for this because… this is the kinda shit you jump out of bed for, but here's the deal: I do believe Poile will match… maybe. I believed it more when the Preds still had a chance to sign Ryan Suter, but that ship has sailed. Weber was "in disbelief" and as discouraged as Poile was when Suter made the jump to Minnesota and according to Dreger, the team has been weighing their options in trade talks with four other teams, including the Flyers. Weber's feelings on Suter's departure are attached to this chain of events, and Poile seemingly had his doubts about being able to ink Weber to a long-term deal… otherwise, why would he be talking trade scenarios?

The other side of this? The Flyers may have done these guys a favor because this isn't a contract Weber was going to sign with Nashville. If Poile matches, he has his guy (one of them, at least) for the next 14 years. That's why the structure of this contract is so important. Homer wouldn't make this move if there was NO possibility that Weber could join the Flyers, would he?

I have to say, though… it makes you wonder how badly Weber wants out of Nashville if he just signed a 14-year offer sheet with a team who FUCKING TRADED THREE OF THEIR LONGEST CONTRACTS IN THE PAST YEAR ALONE has made quite a few… recently. 

The bottom line is that when news breaks like this, we're going to talk scenarios. Whatever is happening behind the scenes at this point doesn't matter. Because there's only one move before anything else can happen…

…Nashville either matches the offer sheet, or they don't.

Homer Signs Convicted Flyers Murderer And A Guy Named Bruno

Ryan Gillon - July 5, 2012


Does this picture remind you of a dark time?

Most Flyers fans don't remember Ruslan Fedotenko for the time he spent in Philadelphia. You'll more likely to think back to 2004 when he played the role of "Flyers Killer" in the Eastern Conference Finals as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If your memory is that good, you can set your contempt aside for a bit. Fedotenko signed a one-year deal with the Flyers for just under $2 million. ESPN and TSN insider Pierre LeBurn broke the news on Twitter.

Fedotenko scored nine goals for the New York Rangers last year while logging 11 assists. In addition to being a piece of the puzzle that helped the Lightning win the Stanley Cup in 2004, he won a cup with Pittsburgh in 2009 and played for every team in the Atlantic division with the exception of the New Jersey Devils.

It's also worth noting that Fedotenko has scored more goals (16) against the Flyers than any other team in his career. After being such a pain in our ass over the years, I'm glad to have him back wearing orange. The dude is a stone-cold winner and a grinder who can serve as a nice piece to an already strong scoring squad. (Say that ten times fast)

Also, as expected, the Flyers signed Tampa Bay Lightning free agent defenseman Bruno Gervais to a two-year deal. As I mentioned last night, Gervais isn't the answer to Matt Carle and will likely fill the role of a fifth, sixth, or seventh defenseman. He played 50 games for Tampa last year and averaged less ice time (14:16) than he has at any point in his seven-year career.

Homer, in announcing the deals, found it noteworthy enough to mention that Max Talbot is the best man at Gervais' wedding. So… uh…

No beat writer has said it, but the math says that the Flyers have reached 50 contracts and are still considerably under the cap… an odd situation for a team that's used to having less than a million bucks to work with at almost all times.

I'm not sure where Paul Holmgren will go from here. Frank Seravalli of the Daily News mentioned that Homer really "[likes] our team. I'm hesitant to give something up to get something back." But this is also the guy who has signed three men to long-term contracts only to ship all of them off early in the deals.

Paul Holmgren is never done. 

Paul Holmgren: “[Bryz’s] Job is to Stop Pucks and Help Us Win Games, it’s Not Comedy Central”

Kyle Scott - May 10, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 2.43.30 PM

Paul Holmgren, who was taken to a hospital last summer following a biking accident in Avalon, showed up to today’s all-too-Philly press conference (year end commiseration) wearing a tie adorned with bicycles. The irony is perfect, because both the bike and this season had a way of sending its riders face first into the pavement…

Anyway, Homer spoke at length about the team. There were the usual remarks about reasons for losing, possible offseason acquisitions, and areas on which to improve. The highlight, however, came when Homer was asked about Ilya Bryzgalov, and Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, who, in case you haven’t noticed, are still playing.

First, on Bryz and muzzling his personality, which the Flyers did at times this season:

“His job is to stop pucks and help us win games, it’s not Comedy Central. There’s probably a middle of the road scenario there. He’s a funny guy a talk to, I don’t think there’s any question about that. He’s got some interesting concept about life and how to walk down the road of life.”

Get a kick out of it?

“I know when to walk away. When I’m talking to him I just say, hey buddy, I got to go.”


Here, listen:

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Skate Bites: Paul Holmgren’s Pants Party

Kyle Scott - March 30, 2012

image from
Eat it

[That headline is in honor of the recently announced Anchorman 2]

Last night's 7-1 Flyers win against the Maple Leafs was a classic Dry Island game– Russian netminder out? No problem! Replace him with another Russian and score seven goals… five from the three forwards obtained in the Mike Richards and Jeff Carter trades (Brayden Schenn 2, Wayne Simmonds 2, Jakub Voracek 1). The other goals came from Matt Read and Eric Wellwood, meaning that none of the Flyers goals last night were scored by players on the team last year. They are so, so deep. And it feels so, so nice when they do that.

Somewhere, Paul Holmgren’s hands are under his desk. Which is OK by me– he deserves whatever he’s doing to himself this morning. And where’s Grilled Reuben Frank when you need him to come up with a crazy the last time a team scored seven goals, all from players who weren’t on the roster in the previous season stat?!

I don’t know about you, though, but I’m in playoff mode. It’s that point in the NHL season where regular season games feel like exhibitions for the playoffs. Yes, there are some seeding issues to be determined, but really, who cares? The playoffs are a crapshoot, and the Flyers are likely going to have to play the Rangers or Bruins at some point anyway, whether that’s sooner or later. 


– After the game, reader Wayne sent along this video of Derrick Gunn, host of Gunn-on-One, offering co-anchor Sharla McBride money to ride the mechanical bull at Xfinity Live!

Gunn: I will pay you if you ride that bull. I won't say how much. Might be a dollar, might be 20. But I'll pay you.

McBride: We'll discuss that.


Wow. Attaboy, Gunner. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Sharla McBride ride… well, you get it. But reader (@b_allen0830) raises an interesting point: This was one of the few times that we’ve seen D-Gunn’s keeping-it-real Twitter persona spill over into his usually well-spoken on-air persona.

Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 9.20.13 AM

We’ll keep an eye on that. I’m voting for the Gunn-McBride Sportsnite tag-team to be called Black Hammer, White Lightning. For now, though, just watch the video clip.

– If you haven’t seen them, Scott Hartnell’s quotes about Eric Lindros skating with the team yesterday were, um, interesting:

“He can still play. He’s a big man, and I think he was just out there for fun and it’s kind of cool to see him in this dressing room. I remember him being a Flyer and just absolutely dominating out there. His big precense, his big checks, big goals. Just to see him wheeling around with us was pretty cool.”

“I’m a midget compared to him. He’s just so thick and I think they need to get him a bigger helmet out there. His face looked pretty squanched [editor’s note: ?] in there. It’s pretty cool to see him around.”


That’s 5 bigs and a thick, if you’re scoring at home. I am.

That video and full game highlights, after the jump. 

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Paul Holmgren Statement on Trade Deadline

Kyle Scott - February 27, 2012

The Flyers didn’t make any moves today. The always long-winded Flyers GM, Mr. Paul Holmgren:

"We like our team and we're quite comfortable coming out of it like we did, without doing anything more today."


Thanks, Paul.

Flyers Might Not Be Done: Still Want Nash, According to Multiple Reports

Kyle Scott - February 18, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-18 at 7.35.59 PM

Look out, Philadelphia– Paul Holmgren has a gun*.

According to multiple reports, the Flyers are very hard on Rick Nash. Howard Eskin, who has been impeccable with hockey stories over the last year, says that the team is not done and still trying very hard for Nash.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun says the same thing.

Both Eskin and TSN’s Darren Dreger believe that the trade could include James van Riemsdyk (more on his post-game comments about fans here) and Sergei Bobrovsky. Other names thrown out there by Dreger: Brayden Schenn and Sean Couturier. 

Tim Panaccio, however, says that it is Columbus pushing Nash on the Flyers, not the other way around.

There are two sides to this coin. Side one: Trading for Rick Nash might lead his teammate Jeff Carter to commit suicide, especially if the return includes Schenn or Couturier– both in Philadelphia as a result of the Richards and Carter trades. Moving one to get a goal scorer like Nash, who has an 8-year, $62 million contract, would essentially be reversing course on the Carter trade, since Nash and Carter are very similar players (that is to say "goal scorers") … with the slight edge probably going to Nash.

Side two: Now that the Flyers have added Grossman and Kubina – B- and B+ defensemen, respectively – adding a player like Nash would probably put them right back in the thick of things… you know, if Bryz and Bob can ever figure out how to stop a puck.

We shall see. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we do know this– JVR may want to hide under a table, because Homer has that look in his eye.

*Paul doesn't actually have a gun (I don't want to get sued)– just a phone.

Paul Holmgren Conference Call Transcript

Kyle Scott - February 16, 2012

Courtesy of the Flyers

Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren

Q: How does Nick Grossman help your team now?

"He is experienced, he is a bigger body and he is a good solid defensive defenseman. He can kill penalties for us and play regular shifts. He can chew up minutes. Like I said, he is a big body."

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More Photos and Videos From The Flyers Wives Fashion Show (Includes Scott Hartnell Ripping on Paul Holmgren)

Kyle Scott - January 19, 2012

Kristen Laviolette bringing the pain in the silver dress

Any video that starts with a tightly-clothed Lauren Hart strutting down a runway and singing Lady Gaga is usually going to end very, very well for viewers.

The catwalk video is courtesy of our fine friend HughE Dillon of HughE has a bunch of must-see pictures over on his Philly Mag column, including one of Yevgeniya Bryzgalov, whom Bryz is taking a photo of:


Trust me, they’re humungous big.

There’s another video which includes Scott Hartnell ripping on Paul Holmgren for falling off his bike this summer. Watch it at the :30 mark after the jump. Another one of the wives, too.

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