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Here’s a GIF of Ryan Howard’s Massive Florida House Being Built

Kyle Scott - April 9, 2013

We’ve told you about Ryan Howard’s massive Gulf Coast housewhich features a moat! – that is currently (and perhaps perpetually) under construction. But here’s the best look we’ve gotten thus far, courtesy of this video from FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Polar Express where the elves are working on Santa’s ridiculously large sack. Of toys, that is.

Here’s a Photo of Ryan Howard’s MASSIVE Florida Home

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2013

image from

Previously, we’ve brought you details about Ryan Howard’s Belleair Beach mansion, a 17,500 square-foot home, with a moat, located on the Gulf just south of Clearwater Beach.

Construction began in April, and, of course, CB readers are on the scene. Here’s a picture from reader Brian of the halfway-completed MANSION. Behold, The Big Piece’s place: [click to enlarge]

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 3.55.19 PM

$125 million.

Jimmy Rollins Helps Launch PSA at White House, Joe Biden Talks About J-Roll’s™ Bobblehead

Kyle Scott - June 21, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 3.25.16 PM

Along with Rays pitcher David Price and Mr. Veep, Jimmy Rollins was at the White House this morning to help launch a PSA against dating violence. 

Fast forward to the 10:51 mark of the second video (after the jump) to listen to Jimmy’s introduction of Joe Biden, who started off his speech by talking about how much his wife loves the Phillies and her Jimmy Rollins bobblehead… which sleeps on the Veep’s nightstand. 

Here's the PSA:

J-Roll introducing Biden after the jump.

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UPDATE: Chris Pronger’s House (Which He Rents) Appears to be For Sale

Kyle Scott - June 14, 2012


According to Twitter user (@briannawrist), the house Chris Pronger lives in is for sale.

Briana, who says she lives down the street from the Flyers’ captain, tweeted

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 2.38.02 PM

She was kind enough to go snap a picture for us, which you see above. Here’s the listing of what is confirmed to be his address– $1.5 million and it's yours.

A few weeks ago, some saw a moving van in front of the house, leading to speculation that Pronger was retiring. Or at least moving somewhere.

The Flyers quickly addressed the rumors, with sometimes fibber Paul Holmgren telling that Pronger was going to spend some time with family in St. Louis: []

“There’s no truth to him retiring,” Holmgren said.

Because of an illness in his wife’s family, the Prongers are apparently going to spend some time in St. Louis, Holmgren said.


If him moving means the worst, it's obviously sad to see. There has been no official announcement from the team or Pronger. Nor will there be– a retirement announcement would cost the Flyers a cap hit. That's why Ian Laperriere waited until his contract expired at the end of this season to announce his retirement. And selling a house might not mean anything more than the house is for sale. But we can probably assume that it means more than that.

UPDATE: We're told that the house is owned by former Flyer Jason Smith, who was renting to Pronger. Regardless, Pronger has been living there – that part is confirmed – and now he's not. That's about as much as anyone knows.

Video: Real Househusbands of Philadelphia Visit Sidney Crosby’s House

Kyle Scott - April 24, 2012

Our friends over at – makers of the popular Househusbands of Philadelphia web series – are back with their special brand of humor. This time, a visit to Sidney Crosby’s house.

Construction on Ryan Howard’s $23 Million Florida Home (And Lazy River) Begins This Month

Kyle Scott - April 10, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 3.45.41 PM

So we figured we’d update you on its plans.

Last year we told you that Howard needed to get special permission to build a “moat” with his new home in Belleair Beach, Florida, which is located just a bit south of Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. The “moat” is – technically – a lazy river, which is not quite as awesome, but significantly more useful (unless of course Howard plans on fighting off medieval curveball hurling troops… in which case he’ll probably need a moat, too).

Howard paid $3.5 million for the lot in February 2011, and construction will get underway this month on the 17,500 square-foot mansion, estimated to cost $23 million

The home, which will be built on land that occupies over an acre of Gulf-front property, will include a “Venice-style lazy river running from the swimming pool underneath a series of bridges” and a bowling alley with breakaway walls. 

Taxes for the lot cost $33,684 in 2011, according to Zillow. So, not surprisingly, the town is eager to make an exception for what figures to be an an over three-year construction project: 

“We will cooperate in every way we can with Mr. Howard,” including requests for extensions on building, as long as there is progress on the house, he said.  

“How can we say ‘no’ to a project of this size when it’s 98 percent done?” added Commissioner John E. Hayes Jr. 

Howard is a multiple MVP winner and star player with the Phillies. Hayes said last May he had met Howard and his family and the town is looking forward to having them as residents.

“They are nice people,” he said.


Nice people with a fuckton of cash.

Howard’s Belleair mansion dwarfs his Philly-area home, located in Blue Bell (picture here).

H/T to reader Pam

Bruins Goalie Tim Thomas Skips Out on White House Visit

Kyle Scott - January 23, 2012

image from

Last year, then-Flyers Kris Versteeg and Nick Boynton decided to skip the Blackhawks’ visit to the White House because they wanted to practice with the Flyers. Noble.

Today, Bruins goalie Tim Thomas skipped out on the Bruins’ visit to the White House because of political differences. Jackasstic!

The details from Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli via Puck Daddy:

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli confirmed that Thomas had told him months ago he would not attend the White House event due to his political and ideological differences with the Obama administration. Chiarelli said he had tried to convince Thomas to attend the event "over the last couple months" to no avail.

"He chose not to come. The reasons behind it I think he'll make the media aware through his Facebook," said Chiarelli.

The GM said that he could have mandated Thomas attend the event, but chose not to. "I can require someone to attend a team event. If they don't, I can suspend him. But I'm not going to suspend Tim. Whatever his position is isn't representative of the Boston Bruins or my own. But I'm not going to suspend him."


It’s Thomas' right to do what he chooses, it seems our country was founded on that principle, but what’s the point? Now, instead of the attention being on his (I write this begrudgingly) deserving teammates and Zdeno Chara, everyone will talk about the best player’s absence from the White House. 

Whether you agree with Barack Obama and his administration's political views or not should have little, if anything, to do with attending. It’s a photo-op for the President, yes, but it’s also a way for the team (and fans) to celebrate their accomplishment by getting a little recognition from the most powerful man in the world.

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Here’s the Chaotic Scene Outside Joe Paterno’s House

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2011

video via FOX Philly

Scott Paterno, who once wrote that he thought Bill Clinton was a murderer, is running shit now.

The New York Post reports that Penn State is trying to decide whether or not to let Paterno finish the season.

Two more after the jump of Joe getting mobbed by reporters and with students chanting his name.

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