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Where’s Scott Hartnell?!

Kyle Scott - October 25, 2011


At the Field House with Claude Giroux and two coeds!

Bam! Scott Hartnell– found you!

If these encounters played out anything like their on-ice tendencies, I’d imagine that Giroux ordered two Grey Goose and tonics, evaded the dancing crowd, walked over to his conquest, seamlessly slipped a domestic beer out of her hands like the Grinch stealing candy canes from sleeping Whos and handed her the see-through beverage with a wink and a nod. Stink. Skank. Stunk. Dirty, Claude.

Harts, on the other hand… well, he most likely ordered two Bud Lights, knocked into a couple folks, slipped and inadvertently spilled the beer all over his target, who was so smitten by his puppy dog-like clumsiness and flowing locks that she agreed to hang out for a while. 

Fucking gingers, man. Always finding a way.

Both of the girls are bartenders, and the one on the left is a former Temple dance team member, according to our tipster. 

Well played, guys.

H/T to reader Dave, who says this pic was taken about two weeks ago

Help the Ronald McDonald House by Having Lunch with a Local Celebrity

Kyle Scott - October 24, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-10-24 at 2.15.52 PM

The Ronald McDonald House is holding their annual Dining With The Stars auction, where folks are able to bid on lunch and dinner packages with local celebs.

When he was on WIP today, Ruben Amaro mentioned that he was available to go to Fish (which I correctly misinterpreted as fishing… the verb– I’m an idiot). Anyway, lunch with Amaro currently stands at $2,050, just behind in-studio lunch with Michael Smerconish, which has a high bid of $3,000…

Here’s a list of the current highest bids… 

Screen Shot 2011-10-24 at 2.11.06 PM

… and the lowest … 

Screen Shot 2011-10-24 at 2.11.31 PM

It’s still early, though. Voting goes through October 27th, so be sure to check out all the available packages— all proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House, so it’s a good cause.

Important Phillies Housing News: Vance Worley Lives in a South Jersey Hotel, Ryan Howard is Building a $23 Million House

Kyle Scott - July 27, 2011

image from

Ryan Howard's smaller house

Oh dichotomy!

Here are two Phillies housing tidbits from the last week that you may have missed:

– Vane Worley lives in a South Jersey hotel: []

In Chicago, Worley walked into a restaurant and a man stopped him at the entrance. ("Hey, you're on my fantasy team!" he said.) When he's in the Delaware Valley, fans now recognize him – the Mohawk isn't exactly conducive to obscurity. ("Keep up the good work," they say.) His teammates cannot rave enough about his performances. ("He finds a way to hide that ball," Jimmy Rollins said.)

And Worley, the bespectacled righthander, just laughs. He laughs because he's holed up in a South Jersey hotel, the most convenient spot to live upon his promotion to the majors. Life is not glamorous there. But once he steps on a mound, he is a budding star, the surprise in a rotation brimming with aces.


– Ryan Howard is building a $23 million home in Florida… with a moat: []

That was before Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard announced plans to construct the Casa Del Howard, a $23 million, 17,500-square-foot home on a gulf-front lot covering over an acre.

“You can’t build that size house, on that lot, on the ocean, in that time frame,” Robertson said at the Town Commission’s July 19 meeting. On hand to discuss plans for the Howard house and its construction were the architect Dan Dawson of Tampa, and John Kostreles, county community planning coordinator.

Dawson estimated construction of a home the magnitude of Howard’s could take three-and-a-half to four years.

“A really solid contractor could do it in about three years,” he added.

The Howard home has special features, Dawson noted, like a “Venice-style lazy river running from the swimming pool underneath a series of bridges,” and a bowling alley on the ground level with breakaway walls. Dawson termed the river “a fundamental part of the design.” He said the whole Howard family was really excited by the Venice canal, and would not want to give it up.


I can just see it now: a laid-back Big Piece loungin' on raft, sippin' Mai Tais, and in the sweet embrace of a partially-cloaked Krystle Campbell.

Meanwhile, I assume Vance Worley is trying to find his Do Not Disturb sign. Those complete games drive the girls crazy.

H/T to (@Philsvilleblog)

Mitch Williams and the Phanatic Built a Man Cave

Kyle Scott - June 30, 2011


Mitch Williams and the Phillie Phanatic spent this week renovating a Phillies fans' home for an upcoming episode of "House Crashers" on the DIY network. [Philaelphia Business Journal]

They joined DIY Network’s Josh Temple this week for a project in which they are renovating a room with a baseball theme for a local Phillies fan.

Memorabilia from Veterans Stadium will be featured in the renovation. The project included the installation of a bar made from baseballs set in resin, complete with beer taps and systems, kegs, a refrigerator, sink and Phillies-branded bar stools.


These things always look great on TV until you think about their practical purposes. It's like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for sports fans. BTW- I always love how Ty Pennington will hear one thing 12-year-old Suzy says about liking trees, then build her a room that looks like the aborted love-child of the demented minds of R.L. Stine and Tim Burton. Does anyone ever ask what is the long-term suitability of this room? When Suzy turns 16 and brings Bobby up to “play” (since Mommy and Daddy are working job num. three), isn't he going to be a little weirded out by the moat and Alice in Wonderland-inspired animatronic rabbit bopping out of Suzy's headboard? Here's a gigantic, ridiculous home from Sears- good luck with the bills, taxes, and mandatory renovations. Move that bus!

I'm sorry, I blacked out. Anyway, yeah, the Wild Thing and Phanatic built some guy a man-cave.

And that, folks, is how you turn nothing into something.

Kris Versteeg and Nick Boynton to Skip White House Visit in Favor of Practice

Kyle Scott - March 4, 2011

Versteeg's car- pre-vandalization

Not a game. Practice.

What does a rapping, sports car driving, extrovert hockey player say to President Obama when he invites him to his home?  "No."

Sam Carchidi reports that Kris Versteeg and Nick Boynton, both members of last year's Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks, declined invitations to visit the White House with the Blackhawks next Friday.

Versteeg and Boynton decline invitations to go to White House with SC champ Chi. next Fri. Want to practice with the Flyers.


I told you there was something to like about Versteeg. had him mic'd up for practice on Monday- yeah, the one where the Flyers did all that skating. Maybe he made the wrong decision… video after the jump.

Side note: Jeff Carter left the team due to a death in the family. He may be back for Saturday's game. Condolences to Carter. For real.

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Flyers Back Home Tonight

Kyle Scott - February 3, 2011


And it looks like it's going to be a Full House. Here's Danny Briere and Claude Giroux in a photo taken earlier today at their home.

Not pictured: James van Girouxdyk.

Pic courtesy of our friend Bob Raynor of Check him out.

Reasons Why Doug Collins Won’t Die This Year

Kyle Scott - January 21, 2011


We've joked around for a while now about Doug Collins' health. He suffered a concussion in the Spring and, until recently, dealt with the side effects from it- having to leave one game with vertigo. During press conferences, he routinely looks like he just went through three rounds with in the ring.

But here's a good story from Gordie Jones about what Collins is doing to stay, ya know, alive:

And he refuses, as much as is possible, to take games home with him. He does not watch pro basketball on TV, choosing instead to limit his viewing to Duke games, since his son Chris is an assistant to Mike Krzyzewski.

The elder Collins was not always this way. He can recall that when he took the head-coaching job with Detroit in 1995 – the second of his four NBA stops – his family was not able to join him for a year, while his daughter finished up high school in Chicago, where he had first worked as a pro coach. All he had was the team, and the game.

“And,” he said, “I lived it 24 hours a day.”

Not healthy.

“I promised I would never do that again,” he said.


Probably a good move, because if I had to take home images of my star player fouling a three point shooter up four with under 20 seconds to go, I'd probably look like this.

Speaking of homes…


How neat indeed.

Matt Geiger’s Mansion Drastically Underperforms on the Market

Kyle Scott - January 12, 2011

I hate this man so much

Stop us if this sounds all too familiar.  We could either do a post about last night's Sixers game (they lost) or tell you about Matt Geiger's house selling for significantly less than it's value.

Since it would be tough to add any more LOLs to a story about our former, unachieving, overpaid center selling his house (which includes a shark tank) for $12 million less than he asked for, we'll just give you the link to Gordie Jones' story.

Ex-Sixer Matt Geiger, whose biggest contribution to the team was blocking a trade that would have sent Allen Iverson to Detroit, was in the news again Tuesday, when he finally sold his mansion near Tampa – albeit at a deeply discounted price – after three years on the market.

Geiger, a 7-foot-1 center who was forced to retire in 2002 because of degenerative arthritis in both knees, sold his palace for $8 million, according to the St. Petersburg Times. His original asking price for the home, which sits on 28 acres and includes a shark tank, 330,000-gallon pool and separate guest house, was $20 million.

Read the rest at Philly Sports Daily.