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GIF Thome to Papelbon: “I Want That Check!” and Larry Andersen Pretty Much Calls The Shot

Kyle Scott - June 24, 2012

As we told you last night, Jonathan Papelbon offered $5,000 to anyone who could bail him out of his first blown save of the season by walking it off in the bottom of the ninth. Enter Jim Thome, who hit his 13th career walk-off home run, the most ever in the Major Leagues (previously, he was tied with Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Stan Musial, Frank Robinson, and Mickey Mantle, with 12).*

Two items of note: Larry Andersen all but called Thome’s shot just moments before he hit it, saying, “It'd be a nice time for Gentleman Jim to go yard.” 

He did just that. And, as noticed by several Phillies writers, when Thome was greeted by his teammates at home plate, he turned to Papelbon and said, “I want that check!”


It’s still unclear if Thome received the check or not (we’ll likely hear more about it today), but it was clearly on his mind as he touched home plate.

Listen to LA’s soothsaying after the jump.

*Thanks to our friends from Hardball Talk for that stat.

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Roy Halladay’s Name Pops Up on Rapper Game’s Latest Album

Kyle Scott - August 19, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-08-19 at 10.17.11 AM

Last night, Jimmy Rollins Tweeted with fans while en route to DC (presumably aboard a charted Acela train). He kicked things off by telling us about Game's latest album, which features a Roy Halladay mention:

Money like Madoff

Killin' like Adolph

Roy Halladay, I'll let a fuckin K off


Awesome. We have a new saying for a Roy Halladay strikeout, folks. [Big League Stew has an in-depth breakdown of the lyrics]

Never mind the less-than-stellar company, Doc just earned a little streed cred, even though J-Roll™ tell us Big Roy won't be rapping any time soon:

Screen Shot 2011-08-19 at 10.17.03 AM

Neither can Shane:

Screen Shot 2011-08-19 at 10.17.18 AM

Of course, this all came just hours after J-Roll™ posed with Ke$ha…

Photo: Phillies

This team has officially gone Hollywood.

Listen to the Doc mention in All I Know after the jump.

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Ruben Amaro Got Booed by Jayson Werth, Likes Photoshops

Kyle Scott - December 16, 2010


For realsies.  We think.

Amaro was on Good Day Philadelphia this morning and he said he got a text from Werth:

I got a long text message from him last night booing me, in classic Philly style. He was upset. But hey, that’s how it works sometimes. Business is business. I think he was half kidding. I told him he could still have been on our club if he accepted arbitration.


I'm going to guess that "boo" was laced with profanities.  Sounds lke the two still have a joking relationship, but after what Cliff said yesterday, there's no doubt Werth is wearing his bitter pants this week.

Better?  Our friends at FOX asked Ruben about the "I Am Legend" Photoshop reader "Sprox" provided.  Win.

Ruben's smugness is at an all-time high.  And you know what?  I like it.

Video after the jump.  Also good- Cliff Lee didn't realize the Phillies had Spring Training in Clearwater (around 5:00 mark).

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