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Here’s the Newest Trailer for Showtime’s Iverson Documentary

Jim Adair - April 20, 2015

This is pretty much the opposite of the Tebow news. Iverson premieres May 16th.

Here’s the Trailer for “Iverson”

Kyle Scott - April 23, 2014

Is that fucking Tom Brokaw in a documentary about Allen Iverson? Which reminds me, have you ever seen my Tom Brokaw impersonation? Continue Reading

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Here’s Ilya Bryzgalov Lending Sage Advice to Andrew Bynum

Kyle Scott - February 15, 2013

I’ve decided that I’m going to pick on Andrew Bynum today. First up, this video from Joe Conklin (with art by Kevin Lofton) featuring Dora The Explorer Bynum, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson and Ilya Bryzgalov.

Money: It May Not Ruin the Hockey Season, Allen Iverson is Losing it, Lenny Dykstra Lost it

Kyle Scott - December 5, 2012

image from
And Michael Vick won't be planking on it (but he did make $24,000 per snap with the Eagles)

– Today is a big day for hockey. Owners and players met – directly – late last night in New York. No Flyers, nor Ed Snider, were present, but there is cautious optimism for a 50(or so)-game season, Tim Panaccio reports: [CSN Philly

“Very cautious,” one source said. “Still very early, but better dialogue today.”

It’s been quite a while since both sides considered they made significant progress in the talks, but that may have finally changed. 


Snider will be present today, however, at the league’s annual board of governors meeting. The assumption is that if there is going to be a season, this week’s meetings would be close to the last chance for a deal to be reached. With optimism coming out of yesterday’s meetings and owners getting together today (especially influential ones like Snider), you’d think that some issues could be decided. Maybe. Probably not.  

– Allen Iverson divorce proceedings are still ongoing and, as such, we’ve learned a bit about AI’s finances. According to court docs obtained by TMZ, Iverson brings in about $62k a month in income (assorted endorsements, residuals, I assume), but his expenses are around $360k per month. Now, I’m not real good at math, but something tells me he has a cash flow problem.  

image from

So, where does the money go?

A large chunk — $125,749.33 to be exact — is spent paying off various creditors (like his jeweler) … and some goes to his mortgages (but not for long, since his ATL crib is about to be auctioned off). 

But Allen says he blows a lot on OTHER expenses too … like $10,000/month on clothes, $10,000/month on grocery/house items, $1,000/month on dry cleaning, $5,000/month on entertainment, $5,000/month on restaurants … and so on. 

All in all, Iverson — who reportedly made over $150 MILLION during his NBA career — says he ends up in the hole each month to tune of $295,876.66. Ouch. 

Despite the mounting debt though, he's still got his Maybach (which is fully paid off) … and reportedly worth between $340k – $400k.


Well, at least the Maybach is paid off. Maybe he should sell it. Everyone needs a Maybach. 

– Lenny Dykstra was sentenced to six and a half months in jail as part of his federal bankruptcy case. He hid (and sold) valuable sports memorabilia from his playing days and household items during his bankruptcy investigation, which is quite illegal. Dykstra was originally sentenced to 14 months in prison, but he had already served seven while awaiting sentencing. He will also have to do 500 hours of community service. 

The LA Times reports that Dykstra, while in jail, got into a fight with sheriff’s deputies back in April:

"Dykstra became agitated and assaulted a [medical technician] and a nurse," sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said. "Deputies then used force to restrain Dykstra."

Dykstra suffered a bloody nose, but Whitmore denied reports that Dykstra's teeth were damaged in the struggle. He said a use-of-force report was taken and an investigation was opened. The Sheriff's Department operates the county jail system. 


The Dude.

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There’s a New Rap Song About Allen Iverson, and it’s Actually Pretty Good

Kyle Scott - October 22, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 6.33.02 PM

From Philly-based Zilla Rocca comes this lyrical styling about Allen Iverson, released to The Basketball Jones earlier today. So, um, give it a listen. Or don’t know. Whatever.

via Barstool

Videos: An Emotional Allen Iverson Honored Before Game 6

Kyle Scott - May 24, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 8.19.49 AM

Clearly, the best part of these videos is Allen Iverson being escorted to the court by Adam Aron and hugging Joshua Harris. Iverson must be thinking: Who the hell are these guys? 

Anyway, here's AI speaking to Dei Lynam. Video of his Wells Fargo Center entrance is after the jump.

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Report: Allen Iverson Will Be At Tonight’s Sixers Game

Kyle Scott - May 23, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.25.17 AM

A six-foot guard… 

Welcome to two days before Memorial Day Weekend… where this passes as THE MOST INTERESTING THING OF THE DAY:

Adam Aron’s greatest show on hardwood continues tonight. The Sixers CEO was on CBS this morning and informed viewers that Allen Iverson has been invited to Game 6.

Tzvi Twersky, a senior editor a SLAM Magazine, reports that AI will, in fact, be in attendance. Which makes this the second time in three years AI has been called back to sell tickets and get the crowd pumped up without contributing a lick on the court.

Sources confirm to Crossing Broad that Iverson was lured with Wild Turkey and T.G.I. Friday’s Jack Daniel’s marinade. 

That last part was a joke, and I have many. Here all week, too.

Now, as we recover from an Internet outage this morning (who knew running a website without a connection to the net could be a problem?), here's a picture of Sixers anthemist Ayla Brown, NBC 10’s Jillian Mele, and the guy who hosts the 10! Show with her. Ayla is a guest on the show today.

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 11.23.50 AM

Allen Iverson is Trying to F#%k His Way Out of a Divorce

Kyle Scott - March 27, 2012

We're going to make this right…

Allen Iverson is trying some progressive shit to dismiss his pending divorce case.

Last week we told you about a fun wrinkle in AI’s divorce saga: his ex-wife, Tawanna, is requesting that Iverson perform the presumably impossible task of submitting the names AND PHONE NUMBERS of all the women with whom he had sexual relations during his marriage. 

That’s like asking a bumblebee to plot his course on a nav chart. There is bound to be pollen everywhere

So, Iverson is trying to wiggle his way out of court proceedings: [via TMZ]

Iverson filed a motion to dismiss last week in his pending divorce case, claiming he and his wife Tawanna had temporarily reconciled from November 2011 to February 2012 — and had "resumed their marital relationship, cohabiting, having sexual relations and holding themselves out as husband and wife." 


Ah yes, the tried and true method of fucking your way out of a fucking problem.

TMZ reports that it’s unclear if Iverson’s attempt will work. Basically, he’s trying to show the court that the marriage is not “irretrievably broken.” A ruling in his favor will save him the embarrassment(?) of trying to recall all of his sexual partners… and about half of whatever money he still has left.