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Jamie Moyer on Today Show

Kyle Scott - November 12, 2010


By my estimation, Jamie Moyer was in the Domincan last week, flew to California to have his arm looked at this week, and then was in New York this morning for the Today Show.  Busy man, that Jamie.

The interview is entirely about Camp Erin, Moyer's camp for grieving children.

Good job, Jamie.  Video after the jump.

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Jamie Moyer Has MRI, Thanks Fans

Kyle Scott - November 10, 2010

Jamie Moyer put this on his foundation's Facebook page today:

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and support during this time. I went for an MRI yesterday and will keep you updated on what the outcome is once I hear anything. Have a great week and thanks again! – Jamie

We wish Jamie the best, and I hate to be a, um, hater, but it's time to hang it up.  It's impossible not to appreciate everything Jamie has done for the Phillies, the fans, and the community, however, there comes a time when you just need to move on.  Now is that time.

Moyer Injured, Career May Be Over

Kyle Scott - November 7, 2010


Jamie Moyer's career is probably over.  He injured his left elbow during his third start in the Dominican Winter League last night.

His team's manager, former Major Leaguer Moises Alou, told reporters that the injury was career threatening. There are not a lot of details yet, however, at this point, it's quite possible that his arm fell off. Moyer will fly to California to see Dr. Lewis Yocum.

Sad day for Jamie, but it might be time to hang it up.

Jamie Moyer’s Wife Says He Could Pitch Again

Kyle Scott - July 30, 2010


Karen Moyer posted this rather lengthy letter to Moyer's fans on Facebook.  We figured we would pass along.

Read the letter after the jump.

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Jamie Moyer Mentioned Mid-Sex on FX

Kyle Scott - July 15, 2010


Ask your doctor if Moyer is right for you.

Check out this scene from FX's new comedy "Louie", based on the stand up comedy of Louis C.K. Louis' lady friend is turned on when he lists all the reasons why he is old, throwing her over the edge at the 2:48 mark when he says:

I am older than every Major League Baseball player, except for Jamie Moyer.  I think he still plays for the Phillies.

I can't imagine what would have happened if he mentioned the complete game shut-out.  

And so begins our quest for readers to determine which Phillies player elicits the best bedroom response…

This clip is NSFW, so view with caution.