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The Marlins are Trading Their Entire Roster to the Blue Jays

Kyle Scott - November 13, 2012

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I guess that whole stockpiling thing didn’t work out so well for the Miami Marlins. According to reports from Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi, they are sending just about their entire team to Toronto in exchange for slop.

Here’s what’s known so far: Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle, Jose Reyes, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio, or some combination thereof, are heading to Canada. Coming the Marlins’ way? Yunel Escobar, Adeiny Hechavarria, Henderson Alvarez and Justin Nicolino.

Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 7.01.06 PM

This is not completed yet, and Bud Selig may be hard pressed not to nix this nonsense, but these are the reports. What a wonderful day for Canada, and therefore, of course, the world.

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Jamie Moyer Signs on with Toronto Blue Jays

Kyle Scott - June 26, 2012

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I can’t decide if I love the fact that Jamie Moyer is throwing all sense of pride out the window and bouncing around the minor leagues like a 22-year-old… or if it’s getting hard to watch as the 49-year-old desperately tries to prolong an amazing and historic career.

Starting to lean towards the latter.

Moyer signed on with the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. He will report to Triple-A Las Vegas, where he will join the starting rotation.

Earlier this season, Moyer went 2-5 with Colorado and had a ERA of 5.70. He then briefly played in the minors with the Orioles.


Report: The Blue Jays Have Spoken to the Phillies About Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino

Kyle Scott - May 11, 2012

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T-shirts, Hamels for sale!


Now, before you freak out and run around the block like a frigging nut wearing only your 2008 Phillies World Fucking Champions tattoo, it’s important to add some context.

Ken Rosenthal, citing Major League sources, said the Blue Jays have spoken to the Phillies about Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino. But a trade is not imminent, nor likely. Rosenthal points out the Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos (must be Irish or something) “routinely inquires on star players.”

Here’s what Amaro told the bow-tie wearing reporter last night: [FOX Sports]

“My job is to keep all lines of communication open, for the good of the club today and tomorrow,” Amaro said. “I can’t shut any doors down. You try to be creative. And there are a lot of creative GMs out there who have different goals.”

“If we continue to play like this and keep dropping out of the race, it’s going to be tough to be buyers,” he said. “The one way we can be buyers is by keeping our heads above water — if we’re five games out, seven games out, within striking distance, then yeah.”

“But if a couple of teams pull away, run away with this thing and we’re not up to the task, then you never know. Sometimes you can be buyers and sellers at the same time. That situation might present itself, too.”

“I don’t expect us to be in a seller’s mode. But I also have to be realistic. If the team decides it doesn’t want to play the way we expect to play or play the caliber of baseball necessary to win, you can’t squeeze blood from a stone.” 


I bolded that last part, because Ruben Amaro is an enraged nut right now.

Those comments reek of trying to piss off the team. Inspire them, if you will. Remember: Amaro says nothing, or lies. No middle ground. Do you really think he would blabber on about being sellers to CSN’s Jim Salisbury, like he did yesterday, or Rosenthal if that’s what he was actually doing? No, of course not.

The Phillies have not only been bad, but they’ve played horribly too, dropping fly balls, muffing routine plays, and having perhaps the worst mental approach in baseball. Amaro is simply trying to spark his team by threatening to “sell.” 

Make no mistake, chances that the Phillies trade Cole Hamels to Toronto are slim, probably non-existent. But you can expect more such rumors. Hamels is going to receive one of the largest contracts ever given to a pitcher next winter, and the Phillies may not be willing to pay it. If that’s the case, and if the Phillies continue to be cellar-dwellers (it actually hurts my bones to type that), then perhaps trading Hamels will be a more realistic scenario. But it’s not happening now. It is still far too early for a team with a $174 million payroll to sell perhaps its best player.

The folks from have a slightly different take, positing that perhap the Phillies and Hamels could have a wink and a nod agreement to reunite once the season is over:

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ROAD GAME: Unique Evening at CPB Tonight

Kyle Scott - June 25, 2010


Tonight, the Phillies will be wearing their road grays, bat first, listen to Oh Canada, and reportedly see Canadian Mountees around the stadium.

Don't forget, it's steal a Canadian journalist's license plate night!  Kidding… 

With Doc Halladay toeing the rubber, we figured we would bring this awesome video made by a Blue Jay fans just one more time.

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The Doc Halladay Song

Kyle Scott - June 18, 2010

This is ridiculous.  And quite frankly, phenomenal.

Kathy Anderson, a Blue Jays fan, recorded "The Doc Halladay Song" about Roy and made a video to accompany it.  We would be creeped out if the song and video quality weren't so damn good.

And if the G20 Summit wasn't such a little bitch, at the end of June we'd all have the privilege to watch you pitch

Brilliant.  []

Phillies Blue Jays Series, Imagine the Possibilities

Kyle Scott - May 11, 2010


It's a home game!  But not really.

The Blue Jays will bat last, the DH will be in effect, and Roy Halladay is going to be confused as shit.

According to Todd Zolecki at, the inter-league series scheduled for June 25-27 will be moved to Philadelphia because the Rogers Centre (god I hate the way Canadians spell center) and the Metro Convention Center (an American must have named this one) are literally feet apart.  The congestion caused by the game would be too much for security to handle with world leaders in such close proximity.

For Halladay, imagine pitching against your former team in a road jersey, toeing the rubber in the bottom of the first, and facing a DH, but having the game take place in your new home.  It's enough to make one's head explode.

Those poor Blue Jays fans who waited all year to see Halladay return… first we take their star, then we don't even let him return.  I would assume it's something like taking the children in a divorce and not even abiding by the court ordered, supervised visitation rules.  Suddenly Blue Jays fans became the David Goldman to our Bruna Bianchi.

Nevermind the oddity of road jerseys and former players, imagine the other possibilities here.  The Phillies and Blue Jays should just go all out.  Blue Jays graphics on the score board, tributes to Danny Ainge, letting Blue Jays sleep with the Phillie wives while the Fightins stay in a hotel.  Brilliant.

We could even call it a "pitchers park" for a few days and let Ryan Howard pad his road home run totals.  The Phils can take the top bullpen so JC Romero can tussle with fans.

The whole city can take on a Canadian persona.  People can say "eh" more than is socially acceptable, and we can politely applaud mediocrity like the Canadians did during the opening ceremonies.

Ah yes, the possibilities are endless.

Let's just hope the Blue Jays don't stage a coup on Christmas Eve and take Doc back. 

Got an idea for the series?  Submit it in the comments.

BREAKING NEWS: Phillies Series with the Blue Jays Will be Moved to Philadelphia June 25-27

Kyle Scott - May 11, 2010


As we reported yesterday (yep, we had the story 24 hours earlier), the Phillies series against the Toronto Blue Jays, scheduled for June 25-27th, will be moved to Philadelphia, according to David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News and

UPDATE:  It's official.

We had the email yesterday from a Phillies staffer that said she was "99% certain" the series would be moved to Philadelphia because of the G20 Summit of world leaders that is being held in Toronto.  Officials have security concerns with large crowds gathering near the event.

Stay tuned for ticket information.