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Jemele Hill’s ESPN Stint Ends Not With a Bang but With a Whimper

Philip Keidel - September 14, 2018

Rumors of Jemele Hill’s impending departure from ESPN have been circulating for weeks.

Today, Hill announced her departure from the Worldwide Leader:

Hill proclaims that the past 12 years at ESPN was “where I became the best version of myself, both personally and professionally.” That’s a fairly glossy summation.

Professionally, Hill’s biggest chance at ESPN came when the network entrusted its six o’clock SportsCenter — traditionally one of its most coveted slots — to her and co-host Michael Smith. “SC6” never really took off, though, and lasted just over a year.

Well, the show did, anyway.

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ESPN’s Suspension of Jemele Hill Did Not Go Far Enough

Philip Keidel - October 10, 2017

ESPN should not have suspended Jemele Hill for her latest violation of its corporate social media guidelines. ESPN should have simply fired her.

After Hill’s first Twitter-based political controversy, wherein she drew fire for calling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist,” ESPN took the unusual step of announcing that Hill’s words “do not represent the position of ESPN” and that the Worldwide Leader had “addressed this with Jemele.”

At surface level, this action/reaction seemed survivable for all concerned. Sure, Hill’s colleagues were placed in the nearly impossible position of wanting to agree with and/or support her while simultaneously somehow not getting remonstrated themselves. Additionally, the show had to go on. So again, it was messy, but manageable.

Indeed, Hill herself seemed to have reached some useful conclusions in a thoughtful, even-handed essay she posted to The Undefeated (an ESPN property) a few weeks ago, after the initial controversy had died down:

Twitter wasn’t the place to vent my frustrations because, fair or not, people can’t or won’t separate who I am on Twitter from the person who co-hosts the 6 p.m. SportsCenter. Twitter also isn’t a great place to have nuanced, complicated discussions, especially when it involves race…I probably need to take some classes about how to exercise better self-control on Twitter. Lesson learned.

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There Are No Winners in Jemele Hill’s ESPN Conflict

Philip Keidel - September 15, 2017

Jemele Hill, co-anchor of ESPN’s “The Six,” and the network itself both clumsily created needless controversy this week.

Whereas both sides might have dealt with the problem quickly and efficiently, they instead made it worse.

Hill issued a series of Tweets critical of President Donald Trump: Continue Reading

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