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Nike Is Trying to Stop the NBA “Ripgate”

Chris Jastrzembski - November 9, 2017

Nike is working on a way to keep their NBA jerseys in one piece.

There have already been five incidents this season of uniforms being shredded and torn during the course of a game.

In a statement to ESPN, the athletic company admitted a need for improvement:

We are very concerned to see any game day tear and are working to implement a solution that involves standardizing the embellishment process and enhancing the seam strength of game day jerseys. The quality and performance of our products are of utmost importance and we are working with the NBA and teams to avoid this happening in the future.

Nike signed an eight-year, $1 billion deal with the NBA that began this past year. Adidas was the previous uniform provider.

NBA jersey ripping has happened before. It occurred with former Sixer Elton Brand when his shirt was torn by current Sixer Amir Johnson, who was then playing for the Raptors. But it doesn’t happen regularly.

The recent shredding began in the preseason with Tyler Ennis. Since then, LeBron James, Draymond Green, and Kevin Love have also been victims, along with Ben Simmons last week in the Hawks game:

Nike had jersey problems in the past with the Eagles. Back when the team switched over to the “Elite 51” fabrication, the team wore their white and black jerseys for the first 10 games of the season. The Midnight Green jerseys didn’t debut until the second half of that season because it was a custom color for Nike and required extra time to make.

The Birds upgraded to the “Vapor Untouchable” template this year and debuted their midnight green jerseys at their Week 3 home opener against the Giants. That was the game where this happened:

If LeSean McCoy is Sent Away, It Leaves a lot of Useless Jerseys in Your Closets

Jim Adair - December 29, 2014

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

LeSean McCoy would like to stay an Eagle, but he’s seen what happened with DeSean and it worries him. Chip Kelly said he’d like him to come back, but that it’s not fully up to him. And a lot of people who just bought expensive McCoy jerseys are gonna be really bummed if he is moved. That’s a lot of people, because McCoy’s jersey was number one among running backs this year, at least according to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

This, of course, doesn’t take into account any jersey bought at, the Eagles’ website, or any place that’s not a Dick’s Sporting Goods. But at least at Dick’s, Shady’s jersey was the number six top seller, and the only running back in the top ten. That would mean a possible Shady move could lead to tossed jerseys, out-of-date tailgate shirts, or taped-over names a la DeSean Jackson and Nnamdi Asomugha. But for now, people are still buying them up.

UPDATE: Is This a Preliminary Design for Kelly Green Eagles Jerseys?

Kyle Scott - October 2, 2014


[click to enlarge]

UPDATE: Our Eagles Insider (not Dave Spadaro) thinks this is a fake, noting:

“A full revert to Kelly Green will never happen as long as Christina Lurie still has a presence within the organization. She despises that look, and her involvement with the team on the apparel side has always been leaps and bounds above Jeffrey’s. She may not be in front of the cameras anymore, but she’s still a business partner within the organization. Her power has dropped off post-divorce, but she’s still above Mike Michelson and Richard Green from a decision making standpoint (2 men who own a small share of the team).”

They added that the Kelly Green third jersey is a real possibility, but that weird NFL helmet rule remains a hurdle.

A tipster sent us this screenshot today, which was purportedly taken by an Eagles employee of what appears to be the logo slick for a very early version of a proposed uniform update.

We have no idea what to make of it. Continue Reading

Continue Reading

The Sixers Have Christmas Day Jerseys Even Though They Probably Won’t Play on Christmas Day

Jim Adair - July 16, 2014


A whole bunch of NBA-related jersey news came out yesterday, as the Adidas catalog went out to vendors. By now, many of you probably heard about the gold tab on the back of the neck, signifying if your team has won an NBA title and how many. But Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch threw up a bunch more info today, including those 76ers Christmas Day jerseys you see above. That doesn’t mean, however, that the Sixers will play in them:

“Keep in mind that the NBA schedule wasn’t yet done when these designs were created, so the league and Adidas didn’t know who’d be playing on Christmas Day. But they had to have designs ready for retail orders, so they created a Christmas design for every team, even though most of them will never make it onto the court. That’s standard practice — they did the same thing last year and the year before that. I’m not sure if the schedule has been finalized by now, but it certainly hasn’t been publicly released, so we still don’t know who’ll be playing on Dec. 25 (although certain teams, like the Knicks, pretty much always play on that date).”

The surprisingly sleeveless jerseys will also feature players’ first names on the back, under the number, instead of their surname. This creates a strange situation if Dallas plays, because Chandler Parsons’ jersey will say “Chandler” on the back, while Tyson Chandler’s (whose jersey usually says Chandler) will not. And if the Sixers do play on Christmas, the NBA just screwed up big time. Attention NBA: You had the chance to have a player’s Christmas Day jersey say “Noel” on the back. Now, it’s going to say “Nerlens.” The song is not “The First Nerlens” is it, NBA? You screwed up.

NBA Moves League Logo to the Back of all Jerseys, Possibly Making Room for Ads

Jim Adair - June 20, 2014

As noticed by Paul Lukas over at Uni-Watch, the new Charlotte Hornets uniforms feature the NBA logo on the back of the jersey, above the NOB, instead of the front left chest area. Since Lukas noticed it, it’s been confirmed by the NBA that this is a mandated league-wide change to all jerseys, and speculation has arisen that this is just step one in what Adam Silver called the “inevitable” addition of advertisements to jerseys. And when that day comes, we know the Sixers will end up with the cheesiest, lamest, sponsor logo.

h/t Deadspin

Iron Pigs Continue to be Brilliant Marketing Campaign That Happens To Play Baseball

Jim Adair - June 10, 2014

iron pigs batman

Details about the post-game auction of the jerseys for charity is still to come, but those jerseys above just go to show that the Iron Pigs are having the most fun in the minors, again and again and again. Plus, a bunch of those guys can finally feel ripped, and Ruben will soon attempt to call up power-hitting outfielder Bruce Wayne as well as utility infielder Batman, who are never in the lineup at the same time.

The Flyers Will Wear a Philly Police Department Crest on Their Jerseys Thursday

Kyle Scott - December 17, 2013

Photo: Flyers

Photo: Flyers

From the press release:

The Philadelphia Flyers will honor the Philadelphia Police Department and the Police Athletic League (PAL) as part of their game against the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Wells Fargo Center on Thursday, December 19 at 7 p.m.

This special theme night will begin with the Flyers wearing the Philadelphia Police Department crest on the right chest of their home sweaters worn during pre-game warm-ups. The entire roster of jerseys will be available for auction at, the official game-worn jersey source of the Flyers, on Friday, December 20, with proceeds benefitting Flyers Charities.

Of course, if you’re a Flyers beat writer, they’re wearing them tonight. Echo chamber up in herrrrrrr:


No, sillies!



Anyway, I’m guessing Pat Sajak finds irony in the Flyers wearing a law enforcement badge on their sweaters:

[Can we talk about what a douche Sajak has been lately?]

The Eagles Will Wear Their Black Jerseys on Sunday

Kyle Scott - November 25, 2013

Somewhere, our fashion editor, Dan Fuller, who is over in the People’s Republic of Communist and Oppressive China right now, has some man wood about this. According to their Instagram, the Eagles will be wearing black uniforms on Sunday. FOOTBALL.

Dan here, checking in from China:

1) I like jersey news, but I don’t like the Eagles black alternate. From a set that screams “late 90s” (and, as Kyle’s said previously, losing NFC championship games), aside from the “it’s an Eagle… but it’s got an attitude!” logo, the black jersey is the worst 90s relic they have. BUT, I appreciate when they do anything different with the uniforms, so it’s worth discussing.

2) From the comments, the Eagles usually wear the black alternate with white pants, but they did pair it with green pants in 2003 and 2004. People usually have positive things to say about this combo every time we write about the black jersey, but I don’t find it to be anything other than an answer to a trivia question and notably ugly.

3) Also from the comments, the Eagles have worn all green, but only in 1997 and 2002. Again, it makes for better trivia than a good-looking uniform. Of course, 2013 has been a year of monochrome, with the Chiefs and Browns breaking out solid color uniforms for the first time ever, and the Vikings, Cardinals, and Titans showing up in single color combos not seen in a few years. (aside from the repeat offenders like the Saints, Panthers, Broncos, Texans, Bengals, Jaguars, and Seahawks — sorry, there’s no football in China. I take what I can get.)


Black over Green and Monochrome Green (from before the 2002 refresh — look at the numbers and pants striping)

The Gridiron Uniform Database is a great site for info like this.

I also have more pictures here.