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Mike Vick says Playing for the Redskins would be a “Dream Come True”

Jim Adair - December 18, 2014

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Vick, the now-boatless sometimes starting quarterback of the New York Jets, knows he is not long for the green and white. He’s only attempted more than twenty passes in two games this year, and only over fifteen in another three. On the season, he’s 64-for-121 for 604 yards and three touchdowns. But next year, the then 35-year-old Vick will be a free agent, and boy would he love to play for the Redskins.

Vick told reporters that playing for the Redskins would be “a dream come true,” and “that’s home for me. Don’t get me excited. Don’t get me excited.” Don’t get you excited? I think you’re the only one getting you excited. Vick also said he’d like to reunite with his “little brother” DeSean Jackson:

“I know his speed, I know his acceleration path, I know when he’s coming out of his breaks. There’s nobody that knows DeSean Jackson better than me. I think he knows that, and we were just trying to position ourselves to be together again, but it didn’t work out.”

You know what Mike? Maybe you guys can both play together next year, but I really doubt it’ll be in Washington.

Jeffrey Lurie’s State of the Team Address is Today, and A Wednesday Recap

Ryan Gillon - August 30, 2012


This will be Lurie's second attempt this preseason (Photo:
Let's try this again.
Eagles owner Jeff Lurie will address the media today before tonight's final preseason game against the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field.
Initially, Lurie scheduled the State of the Eagles address earlier this month at Lehigh University during training camp. It was canceled because Andy Reid's son, Garrett, was found dead that same morning.
As the Inquirer's Jeff McLane notes, the content of the address could be more interesting than usual, given the owner's personal offseason.
The Eagles announced the Luries' split on July 4. While the statement made it clear that Jeffrey and Christina's parting would have no effect on the Eagles and that they would continue to work together, there was some concern that the team could be torn apart in divorce proceedings. Earlier this month, though, there was a report that Lurie would maintain majority ownership and still have the final say in all matters related to the Eagles. Christina Lurie will have a small stake in the team like other minority owners.
The team also has to reduce their roster from 75 to 53 players by tomorrow at 9:00 pm. They no longer have Joe Banner in the fold, and despite a tulmultuous offseason that included death and divorce, expectations are high.
That doesn't mean we won't hear the same old story from Lurie… no one's holding their breath.
In case you missed it on Wednesday:
Vance Worley will be shut down for the rest of the regular season.
Glen Macnow spotted Chase Utley taking grounders at third base yesterday during a live broadcast at Citizens Bank Park… very sly, Glen. Very sly.
Tyler Cloyd made his first professional start last night after Cole Hamels went down to a gastrointestinal illness.
The CEO of the company that makes Michael Vick's flak jacket made a pretty ballsy guarantee.
Another first for Bryce Harper… he was ejected last night.
Happy Thursday, folks. More to come.
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Skate Bites: Who Needs Goaltending?!

Kyle Scott - February 22, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 9.22.02 AM

We have a winner! Barely…

The Flyers tied a franchise record for most shots in a road game, 55, but needed a last-minute goal and overtime to beat the Winnipeg Jets, 5-4.

All was normal until the 4:57 mark of the third period, when Evander Kane gave the Jets the lead on what could best be described as someone performing a knucklepuck with a feather. Bryz missed.

This was all just moments after Brayden Schenn made the save of the night (for the Flyers). Yes, Brayden Schenn. Reader (@skadoooosh) got a screen cap. Can you spot the goalie?

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 9.10.58 AM

No, me neither. 

Anyway, the Flyers found more jam. Simmonds and his Shredder mask scored. Classy Jets fans gave him the finger….  

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 9.23.08 AM

Thanks to readers (@beefbreen) and (@Joey_Ginn)

Lavs pumped his fist. And Jaromir Jagr went on to win it in overtime

After the game, our $51 million goaltender, who was mockingly serenaded by the awkward Canadian crowd (playing patty cake here— much thanks to those who sent video), joked about the reception compared to Philly: [audio here

"You know, I like it. It’s great atmosphere. I wish every building was going to be supportive like that, going to support me like here. It was nice to hear cheering: Ilya, Ilya, Ilya. I never heard it before, anywhere. When 15,000 people support you, it’s very impressive. 

Here’s a cheering. In Philly they boo me." 


Again, he was joking.

Claude Giroux broke a TSN reporter's watch during the game.

Jeff Carter had a hat trick in his 500th NHL game

ESPN continued their love of hockey. They thought the Flyes beat the Canucks.

Full game highlights and notes over on BuzzOnBroadDOTCOM.

Video of Bryz comments after the jump.

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UniDiction 2011: Week 15 – Eagles vs. Jets and Week 14 Round-Up

Dan Fuller - December 18, 2011


Click to enlarge

Well, the Eagles won, and I predicted it. Nice. Sure, the score was off, but I'll take the W.

Week 14 Round-Up



The Steelers wore their 60s-ish throwbacks. Again, they're nice twice a season; more than that, well, that's a lot of yellow helmets. Nice to see them in non-yellow pants every once in a while, too. Nothing else notable last week, though the Cardinals wore solid Red again.



Eagles vs. Jets UniDiction

The Eagles are in Green over White, their best combo. It's worth…let's see… 22 points. (Points deducted for drop-shadows on jerseys, questionable pants stripes, and using black as one of the colors of their palette.)

Jets 18

Eagles 22

Some interesting Jets uniform trivia:

  • See the complete Jets uniform history at the Gridiron Uniform Database.
  • Jets fans generally don't like the Titans throwbacks. It's usually assumed that fans love throwbacks whenever their team wears one (Chargers, Patriots, Steelers, etc.), but that's not the case for the Jets because their throwbacks don't "throwback" to, you know, the "Jets."
  • Even though the current uniforms were introduced in 1998 and the color has always been called "Hunter Green," they darkened the green for the 2002 season.
  • The Jets 90s uniforms are very similar to the pre-Midnight Green Eagles uniforms from the same era, though the Jets wore white or green pants instead of silver.
  • Wikipedia has a page devoted to "Logos and Uniforms of the New York Jets," but it omits the "Hunter Green" shade change from 2002.

Get Tickets to the Eagles-Jets Game For Under Face Value

Kyle Scott - December 15, 2011


Yes, we’re down on the Birds. But perhaps now is a chance for those of you who can’t normally attend games to pick up a few tickets. Our friends at TiqIQ are at it again with below-face value tickets for Sunday’s game against the Jets. 

Check out this link, you can make an offer on two-star tickets for roughly 10% under face value. We’ve done this before for the Flyers, and the feedback has been tremendous. Worth checking out this link right here.

NY Daily News Back Page: Drop Dead

Kyle Scott - July 30, 2011


And the Post…

Screen Shot 2011-07-30 at 10.27.56 AM

I just love sticking it to this town. Just love it.

8-Year-Old Boy Attacked at Browns Game, Philly Not Worst City on Earth

Kyle Scott - November 17, 2010


Just when the national media would like you to believe that Philly is the only city inhabited by bullies, shit like this happens.

An 8-year-old boy wearing a Jets jersey in Cleveland was attacked by Browns fans on Sunday. What exactly did they do to him?  Take it away, Mom:  [WEWS]

“Calling him a bad word, to my husband and to my son, throwing food at them,” Danielle said. She said the worst of it was in the Muni Lot, as they were walking to the car to leave.

“As he was walking, holding my son’s hand, a guy from behind tackled him. A drunken Browns fan tackled him and pulled him out of his dad’s hand. He was on the ground crying,” Danielle said.

She said the little boy’s ankle was scraped and bruised. The dad didn’t call police, opting to leave instead.

“He just wanted to get him out of there, out of that environment,” Danielle said.

Just horrible.  Many would argue that this is more horrible than puking, throwing snowballs at Santa, and running on the field in a Redman costume.  This stuff happens everywhere- we'll keep posting it.

What was the city's response?

The Muni Lot is operated by the City of Cleveland. Cleveland parks and recreation director Michael Cox told NewsChannel5 rowdy fan behavior, like this incident, is one of the reasons the lot no longer opens at 4 a.m. on game days. The city has been adding extra security to the lot because of some rowdy fans.

4 a.m.  Nice.

Rex Ryan Wants The Jets to be More Like The Flyers

Kyle Scott - September 1, 2010

Wearing a Showtime hat...

For those of you who watch “Hard Knocks” on HBO, you probably know what a hard-nosed guy Rex Ryan is.  Yesterday, he said he wanted his team to be more like the Broad Street Bullies

"Look at the Philadelphia Flyers during their Broad Street Bully days. Every team in the NHL couldn't wait to play them. What happened? The Flyers kicked their butts anyway and hoisted the (Stanley) Cup.

"That's the way I look at it. I want to be that team that you hate … you can't stand the Jets."


I, for one, now like the Jets.