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The Houston Texans Pulled Josh Innes’ Credential

Kevin Kinkead - September 14, 2017

Questions should be asked of the Houston Texans after their season opening 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Josh Innes will not be the one doing it, since the former 94 WIP afternoon host had this credential yanked by the organization.

He tweeted this during Sunday’s beat down:

According to the Houston Chronicle, Innes’ producer, Jim Mudd (who also had his cred pulled), was broadcasting live reports from a Texans practice that was open to the public:

“After being informed by a team media representative that he could not talk on the phone while on the sidelines, Mudd continued talking live with Innes on the air outside the gate to the practice field and later from the spectator section.

The Texans’ media policy, a copy of which is posted on the team’s website and which is referenced on credentials, prohibits live broadcasts from practice, including the use of social media, and the broadcast of live interviews on social media.”

Seems kind of dumb, but I’ve been there before.

I was ripped to shreds by Phillies PR back in the day for taking a still photo of Jonathan Papelbon while six video cameras were recording him.

Anyway, the Chronicle asked for comment from Innes, who said that the Texans acted “randomly and arbitrarily” in their response:

“We were providing entertainment for our audience. We were trying to give information,” he said. “… Were people amused by it? Yes. My objective is to make people laugh, have a good show, don’t take ourselves seriously.”

Innes was let go by WIP last August after a weird series of events that saw him criticize competitor 97.5 the Fanatic with a Tweet some viewed as racially insensitive. He returned to Houston as morning show host at KBME 790 AM.

Josh Innes, Suspended for Calling Jason Kelce a House Negro, Says His Boss Lacks Stones

Kyle Scott - January 23, 2016

I’m sure Josh’s boss(es), including CBS bigwigs in New York, will be thrilled to hear that (his response to a listener saying he saw him in the KOP mall).

Side note: Hearing the decision to suspend him came from CBS Radio Philly VP David Yadgaroff, not Spike Eskin, and that CBS was continuing to gauge reaction to determine if additional action would be taken. Josh is scheduled to return to the air on Monday.

H/T to readers Charlie and Jim

Josh Innes Has Been Suspended for Three Days

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2016

WIP, in a statement issued to, who says Innes will be suspended for three days*:

“Comments made by Josh Innes during his WIP-FM program yesterday in regards to Eagles center Jason Kelce were inappropriate and unacceptable,” WIP said in a statement. “We do not condone or approve of those comments.”


Josh Innes calls Jason Kelce a “house negro

Kelce responds

What will happen to Josh Innes?

*I get accused of being the 97.5 guy– but it’s worth noting that WIP goes to Rob Tornoe at for every. single. one. of. their. stories.

UPDATE: My own Tweet:

CBS corporate, that is.

What, If Anything, Will Happen to Josh Innes?

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2016

Josh Innes went viral yesterday. His comment likening Jason Kelce to a “house negro,” a term he learned about while watching Malcolm X in the Memphis airport on Martin Luther King Day (an unfortunate trifecta of loosely related nouns), wound up all over the place– from Bomani Jones’ Twitter, to Deadspin, to The Big Lead, to local news, to, to The Source, to Inside Radio— a trade website that wondered whether this would cost Innes.

Radio hosts have certainly been disciplined or even fired for similar comments. This one might fall under colossally dumb and racially insensitive more than straight-up racist – you just can’t say that in 2016 and expect there not to be a backlash – but it’s still a bad look. Unfunny jokes containing slave references about white guys just don’t work. One “Philadelphia radio executive” told’s Rob Tornoe that they’d be surprised if Innes survives this. Several local radio insiders echoed similar sentiments to me. Another cited Innes’ “lack of awareness of what is right and wrong” as a prime example of why they didn’t feel Innes should host a drive-time show. Another felt the fact that Innes made the comment while sitting next to co-host Hollis Thomas, who’s black, is just another sign that he can’t work well with others. That same person didn’t think this would cost Innes his job, but was quick to point out that Innes’ only one-year contract – an option picked up by WIP for 2016 – is the most telling sign that CBS and WIP are still wary about investing in him long-term, citing the fact that one-year deals for drive-time hosts in major markets are rare and hardly a sign of confidence. Continue Reading

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Listen to Kyle, Josh Innes, and Sean Brace Talk #RadioWars

Jim Adair - August 20, 2015

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RADIO WARS: WIP Set to Announce New Afternoon Show As Early as Today

Jim Adair - August 13, 2015


Sources tell us that WIP could be announcing their new Afternoon show as early as today. As we previously reported, the show will be a three-way of hosts with Josh Innes, Spike Eskin and Hollis Thomas taking the air from, we’re hearing, 2-6 every day. The Mike and Ike Show will most likely be extended an extra hour, until 2 p.m., to accommodate the change. The plan is for the show to start next week, possibly on Monday, August 17.

The maestro has been busy with other duties, but I swear I just heard strings rising in the air around me:

RADIO WARS: Josh Innes Infuriated Listeners and Callers with Race-Baiting Trolling

Kyle Scott - June 3, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-06-03_08-58-13_AM

Josh Innes pissed off listeners, callers, and anyone tuning in to WIP yesterday expecting to hear anything remotely resembling reasonable sports talk, when he trolled listeners for the better part of an hour by shouting that Chip Kelly was a racist for once using the term jingle-footed to describe the type of running back he dislikes. Innes’ boss, Andy Bloom, called in to verbally tug Innes and inform listeners that it was all a joke.

[Background: Yesterday, a quote Chip had made at Oregon about his preference for running backs who hit the hole over guys who dance around in the backfield (jingle-footed) made the rounds. It could’ve been read as a DeMarco Murray- LeSean McCoy Mad Lib and actually provided some insight into the type of back Chip prefers, which has been speculated for some time now.]

Innes, who, like most reasonable people, thinks the Chip Kelly is a racist narrative is ridiculous, was simply trying to prove a point that you can make just about anything sound racist. The whole thing was kind of funny (though there is a point where trolling your audience has inverse consequences), but it’s a slippery slope when invoking slavery as part of your shtick. Callers were initially incensed about Innes’ (faux) opinion, and later because he dedicated 45 minutes of radio to troll listeners – and consummate professional Jody Mac, who was co-hosting with Innes yesterday – about a sensitive topic.

Innes told one outraged caller, who was black and didn’t get the joke: “You’re dumb– I’m not saying that because you’re black, but because you’re stupid.”

You can form your own opinion about the bit. But here’s one of mine: Andy Bloom is tool.

Bloom, WIP’s operations manager, who once told me on the air that Innes wasn’t “his guy” more than anyone else at WIP is his guy, called in to defend his guy and inform listeners that it was all a joke (presumably before a riot broke out). That’s when he got all sucky-sucky with his guy:

Andy: “So for those of you writing, texting, it’s a joke. You’ve had a joke played on you by the best in business– Josh Innes.”

Josh: “Well thank you, Andy, I appreciate it.”

Andy: “I’m sorry I have to end the joke, but I’m driving and I, I, I can’t text when I’m driving.”

No, but you can blow someone.

You can hear the full, hour-long segment here (5 p.m. hour).

In other news: Rob Ellis, who – true story – was once demoted by Bloom without being told about it before he read it…. here… will fill in for Mike Missanelli on 97.5 today. It’s not a permanent thing, but – just my opinion here – I wouldn’t be shocked if we eventually hear Ellis on 97.5 in a more regular role. MUSIC:

RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Responds to Rumors of His Afternoon Demise

Jim Adair - January 5, 2015


Rob Ellis is Switzerland. He’s caught in the middle, he isn’t taking sides, and he’s just looking out for Rob Ellis. At least, that’s the best analogy I’ve got because in the only world history class I took in college I sat next to a 6’9″  guy and spent most of my time imagining what his day was like. It must’ve been so cool. Anyway…

Ellis is co-hosting with Josh Innes today from 1PM to 6PM, and he knows many listeners would rather it be Tony Bruno. Even Josh would prefer it to be Tony Bruno. Ellis is aware, and he sent out a couple of tweets saying as much:

“For those asking, I’m back on the airwaves 1-6 w Josh. I’m well aware of all the talk, tweeting, what’s been written of late. I’ve never been one to need a kick in the ass. Just served to throw fuel on fire. Good to know who’s with me and who’s not. Excited for show.”

So what has been tweeted of late? Mostly this and this. There’s also a pretty equal display of “Josh and Tony would crush bitchinelli” and “No matter who you work with, Mikey Miss is the king.” And poor Ellis is barely mentioned. RADIO WARS is at a fever pitch right now, but unfortunately for Ellis, he seems to be caught in the crossfire. Bang it: