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Now Jrue Holiday Needs an MRI on His Foot (UPDATE: Sprain)

Kyle Scott - December 13, 2012

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Oh, Jrue Holiday is hurt now, too.

Holiday didn’t practice today due to soreness in his left foot “longitudinal arch.” X-rays were negative, but he’ll undergo an MRI and is questionable for Friday’s game against the Pacers.

No word on when Holiday hurt his foot, but it likely happened during the Sixers 96-89 loss to the Bulls last night. 

Others: Royal Ivey will not play again on Friday due to strep throat. Oh the humanity.

UPDATE: It's a sprain. Holiday will wear a walking boot and travel with the team. He will be a game-time decision.

Jrue Holiday Wants a Silly Contract

Kyle Scott - July 2, 2012

We won’t spend too much time discussing the future of Jrue Holiday, what with Paul Holmgren currently taping piles of cash to carrier pigeons and the Phillies experiencing the End of Days, but a report from Yahoo! (!!!) says that Holiday is seeking a max contract extension (for a player with his lack of experience, that would mean around four-years, $58 million, at the current cap level).


Today, Holiday was named to the USA Select Team, the squad that will serve as a punching bag for the Olympic team before they head over to London.

Jrue Holiday Tried to Sell His Own Jersey at Modell’s and Nobody Knew Who He Was

Kyle Scott - April 29, 2012

Modell’s is always creative with their marketing campaigns. In December, 2010, they released a video of DeSean Jackson selling his own jersey at one local store. It took a little while, but eventually shoppers figured out that it was the Eagles wide receiver pushing product.

On Friday, the local retailer released a new video, this one with Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday trying to sell his own jersey.

It didn’t go over so well. No one knew who he was.

Some, um, highlights:

Jrue: What about Linsanity?

Shopper: I don’t like hockey.

Shopper: Can I have a [Holiday] jersey? 

Jrue: You want a Holiday shirt?

Shopper: No, Roy Halladay.


Basketball: alive and well in Philadelphia. Maybe not.

Jrue Drops Triple Double Against the Nets

Kyle Scott - February 3, 2011


Jrue Holiday dropped a triple-double last night in the Sixers' 106-92 win against the Nets.

Philly Sports Daily has the full story. Highlights after the jump. That is the closest thing you will see to a Sixers game recap from us.

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Oh No, The Sixers Actually Went Through With This Horrible Promotion

Kyle Scott - May 18, 2010


Please don't soil my bracelet

Reg Burke just offered up her bracelet to the winds of mediocrity so it could be the Sixers good luck charm for tonight's NBA Draft Lottery.

Following through on this horrible promotion, the Sixers let Burke give her lucky bracelet to the Sixers' Jrue Holiday today.  Holiday will take Burke's bracelet to the lottery tonight, hoping the Sixers 5% chance of scoring the #1 overall pick becomes reality.

Sixers PR Director Mike Preston (@preston76) just tweeted:

In the car with Ed Stefanski, #Sixers guard Jrue Holiday and his dad on the way to Secaucus, NJ (armed w/good luck charms) …

Knowing Holiday, he will likely drop the bracelet at a rest stop, leaving it to be picked up by a New Yorker zipping in the opposite direction for two points, and the foul.

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