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The Flyers are Going to Make a Local T-Shirt Printer Very Happy

Kyle Scott - April 13, 2012

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Wednesday, we told you – via Daily News beat reporter Frank Seravalli – about the Flyers wearing 16 Knock Knocks t-shirts under their uniforms for the playoffs. Well, it seems they are pretty serious about keeping them updated. 

Seravalli checks in again: 

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 12.34.03 PM

Now, we’re going to have to assume that they had some printed in advance, because ordering t-shirts after each win (perhaps 15 of them?!) would be a royal pain in the ass. But hey, it’s much better than the nerdy alternative:

Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 12.32.53 PM
Screen Shot 2012-04-13 at 12.33.04 PM

 Cool, you guys.

Flyers Wearing “16 Knock Knocks” T-Shirts Under Uniforms

Kyle Scott - April 11, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 1.49.34 PM

Photo: Frank Seravalli, Daily News

Catchphrase! Get your catchphrase!

Frank Seravalli of the Daily News discovered this t-shirt, which will be worn by the Flyers under their uniforms. The shirt, 16 Knock Knocks, of course, pays homage to the Mac Miller’s Knock Knock song, which was heavily featured in 24/7.

There’s a saying on the right sleeve, “What a Great Day,” which is apparently something Jaromir Jagr says every day: []

The left sleeve of the shirt features the Stanley Cup logo. According to equipment manager Derek Settlemyre, the quote on the right sleeve, which is “What a Great Day,” originates from Jaromir Jagr's mouth daily.


See the full picture of the shirt here. Sadly, the Flyers aren’t selling them, but our friends from Philly Phaithful are selling this one: [buy any 2 shirts, get a free "Philly Never Stops Fighting" t-shirt for FREE]

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 1.51.36 PM

You know what to do.

T-Shirt: Knock Knock

Kyle Scott - January 5, 2012


Despite the best efforts of Ilya Bryzgalov, the Flyers will be blasting Mac Miller again tonight. Our friends over at Philly Phaithful thought it would make for a good t-shirt. Get one (click link and select "hockey") and save 10% with code cb10.