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Video: Kurt Warner Gives Donovan McNabb a Pep Talk on National Television

Kyle Scott - December 1, 2011

Hey, Donovan, I'm here for the intervention

This had to be the most emasculating moment of Donovan McNabb’s life– Kurt Warner – the grey-haired quarterback with a man wife who beat McNabb in the 2009 NFC Championship game – giving Five a pick-me-up just hours after his requested release.

The have your mom to send us some soup comment from Rich Eisen probably didn’t help things.

League Said Collie Was “Defenseless”, No Fine Issued

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2010


Kurt Coleman was brutally honest (or perhaps wanted to avoid further disciplinary action) when asked about his hit on Austin Collie:

“The way that it was explained to me is [the receiver] has to possess the ball while running, and I think they consider running two steps,” said Coleman. “It looked like he may have had a few steps, but they have as hard of a time out there as any officiating the game. They made the rule — good play, good call.”


The NFL told Tim McManus the following:

“It was helmet-to-helmet contact against a defenseless receiver. The play was properly officiated. Officials have been instructed to err on the side of player safety, and when in doubt, will penalize in situations such as this for unnecessary roughness.”


The new NFL, ladies and gentlemen.

UPDATE: Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) reports that the league will not fine Coleman for the hit.

The league is fining GB S Nick Collins $50,000 for illegal hit vs Dallas. There's no fine for Phil DB Kurt Coleman for hit on Austin Collie.

Read the full story at Philly Sports Daily.