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Your Monday Morning Roundup: Beards, Jennifer Lawrence, and Andrew Bynum is Selling His Car on eBay

Kyle Scott - February 25, 2013

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I’m not sure why everyone is making such a big deal about the beards on the red carpet – Clooney, Cooper, Affleck – I’ve been rocking the love scruff for years, yet nary a peep from E! pundits following my FOX Good Day appearance last year. Seems Clooney et al. are just catching up to the trend.

Let’s hit it!


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The roundup:

– Roy Halladay pitched well yesterday, allowing only one (home) run in two innings of work. Toriiiiii Hunter described Doc as filthy: []

"Filthy," said new Detroit rightfielder Torii Hunter, a longtime American Leaguer who sparred with Halladay for close to a decade when the Phillies righthander played in Toronto. "He's always filthy to me. He threw me a splitter. He rarely threw me a splitter or changeup when I faced him in the past. He's totally different.

"I haven't faced him in a couple of years. But he looks good. Fastball was sneaky. He had the ball sinking, cutting. He was in and out of the zone. This is the first start, right? If he gets better from here, it's scary. Which you know [he will]."

"Sneaky fastball. It had late life – you see it and, whooomph!" Hunter said, continuing his scouting report. "I mean, we had no chance. He looks like he's already ready [for the season]."


Good to see, because last year around this time, Doc was fighting off (accurate) reports of his demise. And judging by that comment about the splitter, Doc seems to be reinventing himself the way so many aging aces have done before him. Greg Maddux approves of this method. And somewhere, Jamie Moyer nods his head while a nurse feeds him porridge. 

– Michael Schwimer can go screw. In August, he complained about being sent to the minors instead of being placed on the DL, and it was only a matter of time before his whiny demeanor and subpar pitching bought him a ticket out of town. He was traded to Toronto this weekend, and had this to say when comparing his new team to the old one: [National Post]

“This is different,” he said with a smile on Sunday morning. “My initial impression is that it’s a lot more relaxed than the Phillies’ locker room was. Everybody’s having fun, kind of doing their own thing, happy. The Phillies [clubhouse] was a lot more kind of regimented and plan-oriented.”

The Phillies had a plan last August for Schwimer, but he defied it. They wanted to send him down to Triple-A, but he said he was unable to pitch because of a biceps injury. The Phillies did not believe him. He refused to report to the minors, went home and arranged his own treatment.

He said he has been fully recovered since late October. As for his dispute with the Phillies, he said, “I’ve been advised to not comment on the issue.” Several reports suggested that the players’ association is investigating.


Get out and stay out.

The Sixers fucking suck.

– Ilya Bryzgalov’s thoughts on space have turned themselves into a Buzzfeed post.

– Jason Kelce is now an ordained minister, and, apparently, he got his degree (?) online:

– Andrew Bynum is the worst business man alive.

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 9.16.46 AM

He is selling his Ferrari, with 7k miles on it, for $200k on eBay. Besides that sentence being kind of ridiculous by itself, it gets worse when you read that Bynum dumped over $200k in upgrades into the $200k car (math tells me the car wound up costing about $400k), which means that Bynum will take a $200k bath on a car he drove around the block (and perhaps to the strip club) a few times.

– Finally, here’s the difference between the nerdy Anne Hathaway (around 4:30 mark), who looks crazier by the day, and Jennifer Lawrence, who seems like the coolest actress of all-time– “I'm sorry, I did a shot! Jesus.”

Videos after the jump.

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Merrill Reese’s Calls of Lawrence Tynes’ Field Goal Attempts are Awesome

Kyle Scott - October 1, 2012

image from
GIF via SB Nation

Merrill Reese felt… exactly how you felt when he learned that Andy Reid called timeout before Lawrence Tynes and his legbia (that’s a hybrid of leg and la… never mind, you get it) missed their first of two game-winning field goal attempts. 

This confused and euphoric rant is brought to you by Doublemint Gum. Double your pleasure, double your funITSNOGOOOOOOOD!

Audio courtesy of 94 WIP

Broad Street Radio: Phillies Beat Writer Ryan Lawrence and Spike Eskin

Kyle Scott - December 6, 2011

Talking with Delco Times Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence (@RyanLawrence21) and radio, Internet and Sixers maven Spike Eskin (@SpikeEskin). 

Topics: MLB Winter Meetings rumors with Ryan, and Sixers mascot absurdity with Spike. You can catch all of Ryan’s fine work here, and all of Spike’s fine work, including his End of the Lockout party, on

Listen to the show after the jump.

You can also listen on iTunes– just search “broad street radio.”

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CB Podcast #4: Ryan Lawrence

Kyle Scott - January 19, 2011


Oh we're just getting flat out consistent with this thing now- three weeks in a row.

This week, Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence (Delco Times) joins us to talk Phillies and life as a baseball writer. We get his thoughts on right field, the "aging" lineup, social media, blogs, his favorite player to cover, and what it's like for a local boy to cover the Phillies.

Really good discussion to help you forget about the layer of ice that is currently sitting outside.

That interview lasts for about 35 minutes, then it's Matt and I for the second half, talking Lavs, Iguodala (pre-his god awful foul last night), Villanova, and somehow we worked in Lou Williams' rap and Matisyahu.

After listening back to this, it's clear I was going after Shane Victorino's record for ya knows per minute. I should, ya know, work on that.

Alternate link after the jump that may work better on phones, iPods etc.


Thanks again to Ryan for joining. If you're a Phillies fan and not following, you need to do so right now. You can read his stuff at the Delco Times website, his blog, or on Twitter (@ryanlawrence21).

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I Really Didn’t Want to do a Joey Lawrence Post Today

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2010


And I really really really want this to be the last time I do a "whoa" joke, ever.  For all eternity.

But today on Good Day Philadelphia, Joey Lawrence (no idea why he was on, don't care, don't want to know) told us that Jeffery Lurie sent him a care package with an Eagles jersey.  WHOA!

Why?  Why the fuck did Jeffrey Lurie take the time out of a busy day to acknowledge the existence of Joey Lawrence, let alone have his assistant send him a care package?  And yeah, I know he's from Philly.  But this is the celeb you want hyping the Birds?

The Flyers have Joe Biden in their corner.  The Phillies have Paul Rudd and the Always Sunny gang.  The Eagles have Joey Lawrence, Vince Papale, and Rocky.  Rocky's not even real.

I bet he wears "Ill" shirts.


Integrity FAIL: ESPN (and I suppose us?) Blowing the Pedro Thing Out of Proportion

Kyle Scott - June 16, 2010


We just told you that ESPN was reporting the Phillies have been talking to Pedro Martinez's agent, but Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times (who does a great job by the way, follow him on Twitter @ryanlawrence21) says that ESPN is blowing things out of proportion, and brings us the full comments from Ruben Amaro: [read more on Lawrence's blog]

Q: Have you talked to Pedro:
A: I've talked to his agent a couple of
times, but if I were a betting man, I would not necessarily count on
him, but that does not rule the possibility out.

Q: Have you
seen him throw?
A: I have not seen Pedro in a long time.

Active talks with Pedro?
A: We're not negotiating.

There you have it, ESPN sensationalizing the news just a bit.