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Sixers Playboy Co-Owner Wants to Save All The Ho Hos by Buying Hostess

Kyle Scott - November 19, 2012

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"Well, this is ironic, isn't it, Kia?"

Get ready Philadelphia! You know that big-ass, somewhat wasteful, mega t-shirt launcher the Sixers bought (constructed?) this year… well, it may soon start firing out greasy, cream-filled shits, much to the delight of Monty G:

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Baby, baby!

According to a report by Fortune, Sun Capital has expressed interest in saving the day for fatties everywhere by acquiring Hostess, the makers of Twinkies, Ho Hos, and other fine overrated treats. Sun Capital’s CEO? Well, that would be none other than Marc Leder, the Mitt Romney-supportin', sex-party throwing', kid-fatherin’ co-owner of your Philadelphia 76ers:

 "I think that we could offer a slightly better, more labor-friendly deal than what was on the table last week," says Sun co-CEO Marc Leder, in an interview with Fortune. "We also think that one point the unions have made is that there hasn't been a great amount of reinvestment in the business. We've found that investing new capital into companies like this can be very positive for brand, people and profitability… We would look to invest in newer, more modern, manufacturing assets that would enable the company to become more productive and to innovate."

"Do you see M&Ms or Mars having any trouble? Or Haagen Dazs or Godiva? People like to indulge in desserts. Obviously you don't eat only Twinkies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but people love them as a snack."


Awesome. You talk about the potential for synergistic promotions. Owner Joshua Harris already brought on American Idol alum Ayla Brown (Harris’ holding company owns the rights to the show). Now his partner, Leder, may be able to hand out Twinkies as incentive for fans to buy tickets and, you know, forget about the fact that Andrew Bynum won’t be on the court anytime soon. Also, I think Adam Aron just found his mascot, and yeah, it totally looks like a penis with a hat on:




UPDATE: As I wrote this, a judge ruled that Hostess and a worker’s union will have to go through mediation tomorrow, an action that could eventually save the company. But there are still many hurdles and it’s unclear if that would change an investor like Sun Capital’s interest in buying.

Sixers Co-Owner and Mitt Romney Supporter Marc Leder Admits to Having “Love Child”

Kyle Scott - November 12, 2012

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This guy sounds awesome. Or terrible. 

Sixers co-owner Marc Leder, the millionaire whose house was the backdrop for Mitt Romney’s 47% comment and who throws wild sex parties at his Hampton residence, is the subject of a NY Post story today revealing that he has a 10-month-old love child with an "Upper West Side woman": [NY Post]

We are told divorced millionaire Leder, 50 — who has previously appeared in Page Six for his sexually charged Hamptons parties — has a 10-month-old daughter with the attractive blonde in her early 40s, whom we’ve agreed not to name.

A source told us, “Marc and the lady, a single working woman, have had a longtime on/off affair and she became pregnant. There was a wrangle over money, but they have reached a generous and amicable agreement for child support through lawyers. Marc has also put the mother and his child up in an apartment on West 57th Street.”



Can’t quite figure out why this is news, since I’d imagine most millionaire NBA team owners who host presidential candidate fundraisers and throw wild sex parties in the Hamptons have at least one love child, perhaps more. But, I thought you might enjoy.

In a statement to the Post, Leder, whose marriage broke apart in 2009 when his now ex-wife admitted to cheating on him with a 23-year-old tennis coach (so perfect), acknowledged the love child (I love that phrase, it just sounds… dirty), saying, “I became the proud parent of a beautiful little girl last January with my former girlfriend of a year. We maintain a close relationship, and are committed to raising our daughter jointly.”

That’s all well and good, but next, I want to see Leder invite Josh Harris to one of his crazy orgies… because have you seen Josh Harris or listened to him speak? It’s like Buzz Killington reading a book report with a sinus infection. A rager in the Hamptons every once in a while might do him some good.  

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H/T to Laura Goldman (@laurasgoldman) of  Naked Philadelphian

Sixers Co-Owner Apologizes to Mitt Romney, May Press Charges Against Person Who Secretly Taped the Presidential Candidate, Has Fun Sex Parties

Kyle Scott - September 19, 2012

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Sometimes our world twists and turns in strange ways. Athletes all tend to know each other. Media folks know media folks. Doctors know doctors. Scholars know scholars. And rich people know rich people as they sit in small rooms, naked, and set the global agenda.

That last one became quite apparent with yesterday’s interesting news that Mitt Romney’s now infamous fundraising speech was given at the Boca Raton home of Marc Leder, the hundred millionaire co-owner of the Sixers who reportedly paid for his Wharton School tuition with blackjack money. Boss.

[Phawker has a fun Photoshop of Romney wearing Sixers gear.]

Leder apologized to Romney and – get this – may press charges against the person who took the video. And who is that person? Good question. Not surprisingly, Leder blames the help.

Here are the details from Laura Goldman, whose legitimacy we once questioned for a story about Ryan Madson’s wife, but Goldman’s blog, Naked Philadelphian, has since churned out interesting stuff:

Marc Leder, whose home was the site of the infamous 47% Romney video, has apologized to the Republican presidential candidate for the lapse in security at the fundraiser. Before Mitt Romney spoke at the fundraiser, guests were reminded that Mitt Romney's comments were off the record. Those present were asked not to repeat his remarks to the press. Feder believes that the video was made by someone who was hired to work the party. He is in the process of narrowing down the suspects and is contemplating contacting law enforcement.

Leder, the co-founder of Sun Capital, issued an official statement about the video: “I hosted a fundraiser for an old friend in May. I believe all Americans should have the opportunity to succeed, to improve their lives, and to build even better lives for their children. I have supported people from both political parties who share this view and make it a priority, even though their ideas on how to achieve it may differ.”


Actually, if you watch the videos, the camera does appear to be placed in an area near where servers were working. So, Leder may be right in blaming the 47%ers in attendance.

Of course, Leder, rightfully or not, has been placed in the middle of a presidential campaign, and with that comes all sorts of fun stuff. Like this, about Leder’s partying ways, from today’s NY Post:

But nothing compared with the final bash July 30, as Page Six reported:

“Guests cavorted nude in the pool and performed sex acts, scantily dressed Russians danced on platforms and men twirled lit torches to a booming techno beat.”

Witnesses said a man and woman stripped, jumped into the pool and later performed sex acts on a lounge chair before stunned fellow partygoers.

A friend said Leder “went wild” after his 22-year marriage collapsed in 2009 and his ex-wife admitted to cheating on him with her 23-year-old tennis coach.


I’m totally convinced at this point that all rich people go to Eyes Wide Shut-style parties like us normal folk go to T.G.I. Friday’s. And that’s OK– I can promise you (not speaking from experience) that a Russian hooker tastes better than anything on the highly overrated Jack Daniel’s Grill (I know, this is a sore spot for some folks, and I apologize for offending your foolish palate). So, we can’t blame Leder for partying it up with presidential candidates and nude dancers. But dude, being duped by the tennis pro? That’s so cliché.