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Whatever it Takes, Dude (I have no Firearm)

Coggin Toboggan - June 13, 2018

The Linden Police Department released two pieces of body-cam footage today from the arrest of Lenny Dykstra on May 23 after an Uber driver pulled into the Linden Police headquarters and told officers Dykstra had threatened him with a gun.

According to a story from NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Uber driver pulled into the Linden police headquarters at 3:30 a.m. on May 23, alerting officers by honking his horn several times and fleeing the vehicle that contained Dykstra. The driver claimed Dykstra pulled a gun on him and threatened to shoot him after he changed his destination.

Dykstra told officers that the driver “kidnapped him” and wouldn’t let him out of his car.

Officers questioned Dykstra and released the footage of his arrest. It’s….it’s definitely something. What a fucking mess. Still, I would have rather seen him at the 1993 Phillies celebration this past weekend instead of Curt Schilling.

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Mike Missanelli’s Interview with Lenny Dykstra is (Still) One of the Greatest Sports Interviews Ever

Kyle Scott - October 27, 2015

This is a re-post from last year because, today, Dykstra went on Colin Cowherd’s show and said basically the same stuff he told Missanelli last spring. Everyone is sending me the link to the Cowherd interview – here it is – but I’m not writing the same post twice.


I’m not even sure where to begin here, but this is one of the best sports interviews I’ve ever heard. Maybe the best. No joke. No fluff. No hyperbole.

Lenny Dykstra has the reputation of a world-class asshole and, by all accounts, it’s mostly deserved. But he’s always told the truth (or at least his version of it), and now, he’s doing it sober. Unlike his crazy rants while talking to Alex Jones and John Clark (show me another time when those two names are written together in the same sentence), Dykstra, with Mike Missanelli yesterday, was captivating to listen to. He gave his thoughts on taking steroids, walking around like he had a “10-inch you know what,” his hypothetical threatening of umpires, Ben Revere, the 1993 Phillies, baseball and life in general. It’s fantastic. You can’t stop listening.

Here are the audio links to the full two hours [hour 1] [hour 2]. The play button is hard to find and at the bottom of the image. It will play on mobile.

With permission from 97.5, here are just some of the audio highlights. There’s literally too many to choose from:

Drug situation— 0:01

“I got tested last night. It’s real testing. Real ones. He walks in and watches me… it’s not as impressive as probably watching Strawberry, but he watches me.”

Harry Kalas and getting traded to the  Phillies— 0:43 

“One of the greatest people ever, and talent by the way.” 

Taking steroids— 2:10

In 1990, Lenny went to a doctor in Mississippi that he described as a “hillbilly” and got a prescription for steroids, because he believed he was good enough to be a starter but was too small to hold up over a full season. He started working out and showed up to spring training “like a Greek statue,” walking around like he had “a 10-inch you know what.”

Ben Revere— 2:46

“What’s his on-base percentage? .317. Really? You’re supposed to hit .317. And he’s leading off. And he’s an average outfielder. And he doesn’t have any power. And I don’t know if a lot of people are saying, ‘Hey hunny hurry man let’s go see Ben Revere play tonight.'”

Accident— 4:12

“The [cops] let us go. These are big Phillies fans. They let us go. So halfway down the sidewalk, I look at [Darren Daulton] and, cause I didn’t care, I knew he was tougher than me, I say, ‘You know what, you can call me a wimp or a P-U or whatever, but I got to go to the hospital, dude, because I think I’m going to die.’ And he looked at me and he said, ‘Me too.'”

Bobby Cox— 5:14

Lenny recounts his home run in Game 5 of the 1993 NLCS when he screamed “DIDN’T I?” coming around the bases (he also used it in this interview). He called it the greatest home run of his career because Bobby Cox, the manager of the NL All-Star Team that year, snubbed him. He also mentioned that it was the night Cox went home and beat his wife.

He’s half right.

Cox was accused of beating his wife after a loss to the Phillies in which Lenny had two hits, but that was in May of 1995, not during the 1993 NLCS.

Threatening umpires— 7:13

This is one Lenny wouldn’t own up to (though he hardly denied it and was happy to speak in hypotheticals) since he’s on probation. But the story goes that Lenny spent $200k to hire private investigators so he could tell umpires he knew what they had done the night before – with a woman, gambling, etc. – when he walked into the box. The result? Ball one.

“Is that genius or what? Because guess what, the umpires control your livelihood.”

“That’s a great idea you just talked about… the bottom line is that after that, I led the league in walks a couple of years.”

He later recounted a story about breaking up a John Smoltz no-hitter in the ninth inning of a game in 1990. He said he got ahead in the count because he had the umpire in his pocket. And indeed he did go up 1-0:

Voila_Capture 2014-04-26_03-00-52_PM


Sports talk radio needs to do more of these sorts of interviews instead of the often nonsensical 10-minute hits with [insert talking head]. You can hardly extract any good information or stories in that short of a time period (unless you’re talking to Jeremy Roenick). For that reason, I usually listen to podcasts when I take the dog on long walks over the weekend. But today I listened to Missanelli and Dykstra.

Also love the use of video:

Lenny Dykstra Is a Giant D-bag: Exhibit 4-93WS.MVP

Kyle Scott - September 1, 2015

Photo: 97.5 The Fanatic

Photo: 97.5 The Fanatic

Lenny Dysktra is a scoundrel. This you know. But here’s just the latest example of his… scoundrel-ry?

From TMZ:

Convicted felon and legendary scumbag Lenny Dykstra has allegedly struck again … this time, he’s accused of stealing $50k in jewelry from Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex-fiancee… TMZ Sports has learned.

The woman pointing the finger is Brett Rossi — star of the critically acclaimed adult film, “Nice Shoes, Wanna F***?”

Rossi says earlier this year, Dykstra offered to help her sell several pieces of expensive jewelry she was looking to unload … including 2 Patek Philippe watches, a diamond emerald bracelet and one set of diamond earrings.

For some reason, she trusted the guy … but quickly had a change of heart when she realized she was TRUSTING LENNY DYKSTRA!!!

Long story short, Brett claims she asked for the stuff back — but Lenny only returned the earrings, which Rossi claims had been stripped of the REAL diamonds and replaced with FAKES. The ol’ switcheroo!!!!!

Seriously, what a villain. He stole diamonds from a porn star who used to date Charlie Sheen. That’s like one step above sucking off a homeless guy so he doesn’t dime on you after you rob a liquor store. Hey man, you saw nothing, ‘ight? Just enjoy it and forget I was ever here. Whoa! You ever think about doing movies? I know people.

I can also tell you on good authority that Dykstra was a GIANT pain in the ass to work with in the planning leading up to, and including the day of, the Philly Sports Roast with him and Mitch Williams. Dykstra was throwing out demands like a rockstar. More money, more hotel rooms, etc. There’s something on the roast.

Dude redefines the meaning of scumbag… but damn could he work the count.

Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra Snipe at each other on WIP

Jim Adair - April 14, 2015


Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams are both going to be roasted at the Electric Factory on April 23 (tickets available now). And like any roast, Williams and Dykstra will be the butt of the jokes but will have an opportunity to do their own bit. Their individual bits will likely be all about the other guy, and they’ve already started.

First, Angelo Cataldi had Lenny Dykstra on the phone this morning. It went as expected.

Angelo Cataldi: Did you dislike [Mitch] when you were on the team with him?
Lenny Dykstra: The guy became a barrel finder and of course he was extending games … it was painful. But no, I like him. He tried hard. It’s not about like or dislike.

AC: A lot of people thought Fregosi made the wrong move putting Mitch in, what were you thinking?
LD: Well, I just looked in Toronto’s dugout and saw them all sprint to the bat rack.

After taking those (relatively soft) shots at Williams, Dykstra did what Dykstra does. When talking about a book he’s writing about his life, here’s what went down:

LD: Are their things I did that I’m not proud of? Yes. Did I ever break the law? No. What I did was catch some very powerful people breaking the law and … so bottom line is I had to make a decision on this book so I decided at the end of the day the American people deserve the real truth.

AC: How tough was prison?
LD: [Silence]
AC: Oh, we cut Lenny off and now we have to re-get him? Cause Lenny used a word he wasn’t supposed to and we went to hit it and he must have thought we were on satellite radio. Lenny are you there?
LD: Yea, what happened?
AC: You used the “s” word.
LD: [Silence, but from the laughter in the room I assume they edited him saying “shit” again]
AC: So you saw the world from a different perspective is that what this is about?
LD: [Silence]
AC: Oh we lost him again. He repeated the “s” word so it blipped him out.

And then later on they had Mitch Williams on:

Mitch Williams: I only saw what [Lenny] had to say on twitter, and as I said in a previous conversation with you, [the roast] will be the first time I feel like a Harvard grad.

Angelo Cataldi: He said that he’s been wrongly accused, served time in jail and did not do anything illegal, and he said all you did when you pitched was find the barrel of the bat.
MW: I read where he said I was the barrel finder, and if he took the time to research my career stats, I walked more guys than I gave up hits to. I had trouble finding the plate much less the barrel.
AC: We’re worried about Lenny at the roast because he couldn’t even stop himself from using the “s” word for three minutes.
MW: Well, Lenny’s never been accused of being overwhelmed with common sense.

I’d like to imagine they’re saving their best stuff for that roast, and news of Dykstra’s “book” just spawned a bevy of new material.

The Second Annual Philly Sports Roast Will Take Shots at Enemies Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams

Jim Adair - February 23, 2015

Last year’s Philly Sports Roast was a classy affair (or something like that) at the Crystal Tea Room where Joe Conklin, cohorts and Kevin Matuszak roasted Terrell Owens. This year’s second edition of the roast is decidedly more down and dirty, as Conklin, Al Morganti, Joe Matarese, Rhea Hughes, Leslie Gudel, Stu Bykofsky, Big Daddy Graham, and more will roast mortal enemies Mitch Williams and Lenny Dykstra at the Electric Factory. Williams doesn’t like Dykstra, Dykstra doesn’t like Williams, and they’ll both get the chance to take digs at each other.

Tickets are available now, and we’d like to put a prop bet on which will be mentioned more: steroids or Joe Carter. We’ll take steroids.

[Editor’s note: Someone’s got to work in an Alex Jones joke, right?]

Lenny Dykstra is Radio Gold

Kyle Scott - July 25, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-07-25_09-19-57_AM

Lenny Dykstra was on 97.5 again yesterday, for a shorter in-studio appearance than the one he made a few months ago [link to that]. He joined Mike Missanelli, Harry Mayes, Nick Kayal, Jon Marks, Sean Brace, Jason Myrtetus and whomever else was in there as part of 97.5’s All-StarThursday– a day-long marathon with all hosts on the air at once.

You can listen to the entire interview here – and I recommend you do – but here’s Dykstra talking about his friendship with Charlie Sheen, how he can tell if someone’s perverted (and why Mike Miss is a missionary guy), and sleds:

Interesting observation from Nails, a guy who was once accused of forcing his housekeeper to blow him on Saturdays. Lenny needs his own show. [I have this idea for a podcast network that includes shows from Lenny Dykstra, Allen Iverson and Roy Halladay. Tell me you wouldn’t listen to that.]

The fun will continue today. Charles Barkley will be in-studio with Missanelli from 2-6.

Coming Soon: A Lenny Dykstra Biopic

Kyle Scott - June 4, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-06-04_05-03-32_PM
Ever wanted to see a film about a drug-usin’, tobacco-spittin, stock-pickin’, players-clubbin’, win-at-all-cost dude? Well, you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street. But if you want more, director John Lee Hancock has got you covered.

According to Variety, Hancock will direct a yet untitled Lenny Dykstra biopic:

John Lee Hancock is re-teaming with “The Blind Side” producer Gil Netter to direct an untitled movie about former Major League Baseball star Lenny Dykstra.

Details of the project are being kept under wraps.

Dykstra pleaded guilty in 2012 to bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets and money laundering and was sentenced to six months in prison, 500 hours of community service, and was ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution. Dykstra said in an interview after he was released from prison last summer that Netter had acquired his movie rights — and suggested that either Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg portray him in the film.

Hancock ventured into the baseball biopic territory more than a decade ago when he directed Disney’s 2002 sports drama “The Rookie” about Jim Morris, the athlete who debuted in MLB at the age of 35.

I’m in. I cried so hard during The Rookie when Dennis Quaid’s character called his wife to tell her he made the Majors. Tremendous movie. And The Blind Side was OK, too. I’ll trust Hancock.

This has Wahlberg, whose child was conceived in a Philadelphia hotel room, written all over it. He’s contractually obligated with America to do at least one movie set or filmed in Philly every five years… and it’s been exactly that long since The Lovely Bones. I got it at 2:5 that he gets the role. Damon’s too pretty boy to be Dude, anyway.

H/T to (@Mike_Menzel), via Collider

Video: Mitch Williams Confronts Lenny Dykstra

Kyle Scott - November 3, 2013

Reader Jeff checks in with video of Mitch Williams confronting Lenny Dykstra at an autograph signing in the Granite Run Mall on Saturday.

Jeff picked up recording after Mitch had already knocked Lenny’s hand out of the way with a few choice words. But Jeff explains that the whole ordeal was a bit blown out of proportion by previous accounts:

Daulton did not have to step between the two and escort Mitch out. If you look at the video, Mitch turned around and left on his own. Daulton stayed a few minutes longer and continued to talk to Lenny. Williams was also not yelling at Lenny the whole time. He came in to see Daulton. When Lenny tried to greet him, he brushed him away with some curses (not yelling though) and continued to talk to Dutch. In fact if you were not within earshot of Williams, you would not know anything had happened. No yelling. Not Dutch escorting him out or holding him back.

That being said, Williams clearly lacked professionalism. He doesn’t have to buy Lenny roses but he could have at least just ignored him totally rather than make an ass of himself.

On Twitter, Mitch said he didn’t curse. But he did. As you can hear in the video, he told Lenny: “Dude, it’s on camera. All you did was run your fucking [mouth?].”