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Report: LeSean McCoy Cut by Bills

Russ Joy - August 31, 2019

Man your battle stations. It’s finally happening. After years of prayers, tweets, and arguments at the dinner table, LeSean McCoy has been cut by the Buffalo Bills per ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

Now, I know what half of you are thinking: absolutely not. The Eagles’ all-time leader rusher is coming off the least productive season in his ten year NFL career, compiling 514 yards on 161 attempts and just three touchdowns. The numbers, eye test, and the historical averages of declining productivity for running backs over thirty years of age tell the rational fan everything they need to know.

But this is Philadelphia.

Twitter was immediately ablaze with people begging Howie Roseman and Co. to reunite Shady and his former dynamic duo partner DeSean Jackson as if it were fate:

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LeSean McCoy Allegations: More Police Reports

Kevin Kinkead - July 12, 2018

A little bit of movement on this story, about an hour after I wrote that nothing new had happened in 36 hours.

Today the Milton, Georgia police department released reports from some of the prior incidents that involved LeSean McCoy’s residence just north of Atlanta.

From NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo:

“Neither party made any accusations about physical abuse,” according to this report, dated July 3rd. It does mention, however, that Cordon had an active arrest warrant stemming from a traffic citation and was transported to jail.

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A Look Back at LeSean McCoy’s Off-Field Issues

Kevin Kinkead - July 12, 2018

There hasn’t been much movement in the LeSean McCoy story over the past 36 hours.

ESPN reports that the former Eagles running back hired a defense attorney, Don Samuel, to combat claims that he was involved in the beating and robbery of his estranged girlfriend earlier this week. Samuel was on the defense team for the Ray Lewis murder case and the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault case. Charges were dropped against Lewis while Roethlisberger settled out of court. Samuel also represented rapper T.I., among other high-profile clients.

Police have yet to name a suspect in this case, though it’s been reported that McCoy was in Miami when the attack occurred, and a letter from the alleged victim’s attorney seems to suggest that someone was sent to the Atlanta-area home, where the incident took place, under McCoy’s orders.

The Bills are set to report for training camp on July 25th, which is presumably the next time McCoy would be in front of video cameras.

This isn’t the first time he’s faced accusations of wrongdoing. Here’s a brief look at some of the off-field incidents he’s dealt with over the past few years:

The party bus

This reportedly happened a little more than five years back, when Shady was an Eagle.

He was sued after a woman claimed McCoy tossed her out of a party bus on the New Jersey turnpike after spraying her and other women with water inside the vehicle.

McCoy’s lawyers vehemently denied the allegations, calling it an attempt to collect money from the running back, who was on the final year of his rookie deal. No criminal charges were ever filed against Shady, though the woman filed a civil lawsuit for $50,000.

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New Information in the Shady McCoy Story

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2018

Some more details tonight in the form of a letter from The Law Office of Tanya Mitchell Graham, which is representing Shady’s estranged girlfriend, Delicia Cordon.

NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo shared the statement on Twitter:

McCoy was originally accused of beating Cordon when a friend of hers posted a graphic Instagram message today showing a woman with a bloody face and several bruises.  The attorney statement makes it seem as if McCoy was not in Georgia but had someone else do the job instead. Garafolo reports that McCoy was working on a football field in Miami at seven this morning and “left the field” when he learned of the Instagram post.  That post was taken down and replaced with this:

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LeSean McCoy Denies Abuse Allegations

Chris Jastrzembski - July 10, 2018

Bills running back LeSean McCoy posted a short denial to earlier accusations that he beat his girlfriend:

“For the record, the totally baseless and offensive claims made against me today on social media are completely false. Further more (sic), I have not had any direct contact with any of the people involved for months.”

Given the informal nature of the denial, it appears this wasn’t a vetted statement.

LeSean McCoy Accused Lou Williams of Beating Women in Dumb Twitter Fight Last Night

Jim Adair - April 14, 2016

During last night’s worldwide fellating of Kobe Byrant, LeSean McCoy decided praising Kobe wasn’t enough, he also had to rip into D’Angelo Russell and Lou Williams. Watch as symbols of 2012 Philly sports mediocrity battle it out on Twitter:

shay 1

McCoy, who is a Harrisburg native and frontrunner extraordinaire, either knows Lou Will from his time in Philly or from running into each other in LA. Either way, Lou didn’t take kindly to a sneaky Tweet after he finished watching Kobe take 50 shots:

shay 2

shay 3

shay 4

Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers.

So LeSean McCoy just accused Lou Williams of beating women. A quick search shows no accusations against Lou (doesn’t mean it didn’t happen), and McCoy has himself had his issues with women and party buses. Either way, strong stance to take while praising Kobe, who was in Colorado that one time.

Neither of these guys are going to meet up and fist fight over some tweets – it’d be the only thing sadder that just yelling at each other over tweets – but Lou better look out next time he orders bottle service, because some champagne might go missing.

UPDATE: Here’s a Cryptic Post From LeSean McCoy

Kyle Scott - February 25, 2016

LeSean McCoy interrupted his series of Kobe Tweets to fire this ‘Gram into the ether with the caption: “And the story must continue !!!! Thankful LorD”

Voila_Capture 2016-02-25_10-40-40_AM

What does that mean? F if I know, but it certainly sounds like he got some good news.

DA Seth Williams was not present at McCoy’s meeting with the DA’s office earlier this week. The assistant DA was there. A source close to the investigation told me that there is a real feeling amongst cops that Williams is too buddy-buddy with McCoy (and generally the Eagles), and that they have some level of personal relationship. Williams is big Eagles fan who has countless pictures on his Twitter from on the field and in the tunnel with several players over the past few years (I couldn’t find one with McCoy). Whether a potential conflict is real or perceived, it’s certainly on the mind of some in law enforcement.

UPDATE: McCoy doesn’t expect to be charged:


UPDATE 2: DA’s office says this is not true.

The Case Against LeSean McCoy May Have Just Unraveled

Kyle Scott - February 22, 2016

Longtime local reporter Ralph Cipriano laid out the version of events that may allow LeSean McCoy to walk free, perhaps rightfully.

Cipriano – who was described to me by one Philly media vet as “plugged in, but prone to exaggeration– the Sal Pal of the courts ” – was on the WIP morning show today talking about his piece for Big Trial, a site which appears to be a terrific piece of content marketing for The Beasley Firm (not involved in the McCoy case, to the best of my knowledge), in which he paints the off-duty cops as the aggressors in the fight at Recess, raising numerous questions about their behavior that night.

Normally I’d blockquote a portion of this, but there’s so much here that it’s hard to choose what to focus on. The gist of Cipriano’s version of events, which sounds like it’s also probably McCoy’s version of events, is that the off-duty officers and McCoy’s group had been at another club earlier in the night, without confrontation or incident. There were two women involved who were with the off-duty officers earlier in the night, and then at McCoy’s table when the officers showed up to Recess later on (football players, man). The bottle of champagne in question, which led to the fight, may or may not have been sent to McCoy’s table by one of the cops for one of the women, who may have been celebrating a birthday. There was some confusion over whose bottle it was and a fight ensued, instigated by one of the off-duty officers, according to Cipriano’s reporting.

What’s more, and what’s worse for police and the DA, is the insinuation that at least two of the officers were drunk, drove themselves through a police barricade on the way to Recess by flashing their badges, and that after the fight one of them drove himself to a hospital in Upper Darby, perhaps in an attempt to sober up. Oh, and something about a gun:

As McCoy was being led away from the melee, he felt someone shove him. He turned around and saw Sgt. Ayres standing beside another man. Sgt. Ayres got shoved. Then, a witness saw Sgt. Ayres reach for his firearm, a black 9 mm pistol. The witness told McCoy that Sgt. Ayres was a cop, and pulled McCoy away.

On the police side of the story, the gun presents another problem. According to a directive from the police commissioner, off-duty officers are not supposed to carry guns inside bars. Sgt. Dan may have some explaining to do.

There’s A LOT of speculation here, but these are the sorts of actions McCoy’s lawyers will shine a bright light on if this goes to trial.

Read Cipriano’s full piece here.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s John Barr asked the fraternal order of police and officer Darnell Jessie’s attorney about these claims – that the officers started the fight – and, well, neither party denied it:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-22_01-02-30_PM
Voila_Capture 2016-02-22_01-02-45_PM

So now, it seems, we have an alernate version of events – certainly much different than Hollis Thomas’ version –  which paints the off-duty officers in just the world light possible. And, thus, the lack of charges.

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