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UPDATE: DA Seth Williams Releases a Statement Basically Telling Everyone Questioning His Handling of LeSean McCoy Case to Go Pound Sand

Kyle Scott - February 19, 2016

I’m wondering what evidence is left to collect? There are three videos, several witnesses and club workers. It’s not like they’re waiting on DNA evidence or something. It was a fight.

UPDATE: From a source involved in the investigation: “No one here has any faith in the DA charging McCoy or anyone after that statement.”

It Might Be a Few More Days Before Charges Against LeSean McCoy

Kyle Scott - February 12, 2016

That’s ESPN investigative reporter extraordinaire John Barr going even a step further than what I’ve been saying (that McCoy charges likely aren’t coming until at least Monday). Why the delay? A PERSON CONNECTED TO THE INVESTIGATION* told me that the DA’s office is “no longer [seeking] probable cause to arrest… they want beyond reasonable doubt,” which is the standard typically reserved for guilty judgements in court, not for the arrest, which has a much lower threshold. Continue Reading

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TMZ Got More LeSean McCoy Fight Video, and Yep, It’s Him

Kyle Scott - February 9, 2016

Credit to TMZ for getting clearer video of the fight at Recess involving LeSean McCoy. Indeed, the person in our video entering the fray whom we believed to be Shady appears to be the same person in TMZ’s video shown throwing a punch and having to be restrained multiple times. In fact, this looks to be a different angle of a portion of the video we posted yesterday. I’d expect Shady to surrender to police any day now.

Our video: Continue Reading

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Here’s Video of the Recess Fight Allegedly Involving LeSean McCoy

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2016

A source with knowledge of the investigation confirmed John Gonzalez’s reporting of the incident allegedly involving LeSean McCoy at Recess nightclub at around 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning– that former Pitt football player Tamarcus Porter was the aggressor and McCoy, Curtis Brinkley and Christopher Henderson became involved in a fight after Porter and off-duty Philly police officer Roland Butler began to argue over the ownership of a bottle of champagne. A melee ensued, and CSN reports that two officers suffered broken ribs, one of whom may have also suffered a skull fracture.

According to our source, police have spoken to the officers involved in the incident, at least one of whom was said to be “fucked up” – an actual quote from the source – and their accounts match those given by security and staff from Recess. Warrants are reportedly being sought, perhaps to include McCoy, who, according to a bargoer who witnessed the fight, was involved and appeared to kick someone in the pile. Police may release security video they have of McCoy and friends leaving Recess after the altercation. Security cameras inside the club were “not working” at the time of the incident. [UPDATE: Mike Garafolo reports that law enforcement sources expect a warrant for McCoy with self-surrender allowed by mid-week.]

Using other images of McCoy from late Saturday night-Sunday morning, and a video posted and since-deleted from Twitter but still being shown on 6 ABC, we may be able to identify McCoy in the short video of the fracas. In other words, we Zaprudered the film.

UPDATE 2: TMZ has video confirming our observation of McCoy.]

First, McCoy was spotted having a late dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, where he wore a dark shirt and a thick, puffy jacket:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_01-35-00_PM
Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_01-35-12_PM

Later, apparently after the altercation, at around 3:45 a.m., reader Tim from bumped into McCoy at the Westin in Center City:

Voila_Capture 2016-02-08_05-43-29_PM

Tim, who was coming from a wedding reception, says he saw McCoy, who didn’t appear to have a scratch on him, checking in to the hotel with his “entourage”:

I told my friends about the sighting the next day and how Shady seemed annoyed. There were two girls with him and I started making the assumption that they may have been in an argument so that’s why he seemed to cold.  Now that I know about this altercation that has to be the reason he was upset.  He was pacing a bit behind where this photo was taken over by the back bar.  His boy who I now think was Curtis took the photo for me and the rest of them were sitting around the sofas in front of me at this point.  I def felt it was odd that they were checking in so late at night.

Tim said he spoke to one of McCoy’s companions – whom he thinks may have been Curtis Brinkley – about the Super Bowl, and saw another companion, described as having “long dreadlocks” (which could have been Porter), holding a large bottle of Hennessy.

As you can see, McCoy was wearing the same thing both before and after the fight, and, at least in the latter photo, what appears to be a black t-shirt, gold chain, and bright, bright shoes. The person who sent us this video said McCoy was not wearing the jacket during the fight.

It’s the bling that may identify him in the video.

We were able to slow down and brighten the original HD video shot on an iPhone 6. Doing so reveals a bright shoe, similar to the one worn by McCoy, entering the altercation between a staff member and, it appears, someone swinging a bottle: Continue Reading

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LeSean McCoy May Have Assaulted Two Off-Duty Philly Police Officers Early Sunday

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2016

I got a text this morning about a rumor that LeSean McCoy got into a fight with off-duty cops last night [edit: late Saturday night-Sunday morning] in Philly. At the same time, 6 ABC assignment editor Candice Womer tweeted:

That is it. That is literally all that’s out there right now– a rumor text I got and this Tweet. Know what happened? Have video? I pay for that sort of thing.

UPDATE: 6 ABC, saying both officers were hospitalized, fleshes out the report:

It happened around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the Recess Lounge located at 125 South 2nd Street in Old City.

It was there that McCoy, and a friend, were involved in a physical altercation with the two officers, sources said.

Sources also say that while McCoy and his friend were not arrested, they are the focus of the investigation.

Two additional things I’ve heard: It may have started over bottle service and there’s a real chance charges are forthcoming.

More updates after jump. Continue Reading

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News From the Enemy

Mark Saltveit - December 15, 2015

Philadelphia has a very strong set of reporters and columnists covering the Eagles. Ask anyone who has lived in other cities. But individually and collectively, they have some very real biases and blind spots. So you can learn a lot by reading the beat reporters from whatever team the Birds are playing next.

One reason is that they don’t have to worry about angering the Eagles organization, or losing access to star players by writing something critical. They might also just be better reporters, or have the advantage of not having pissed players off in the past.

Tyler Dunne, a beat reporter for the Buffalo News, wrote an epic and nuanced portrait of LeSean McCoy with lots of detail you don’t see in the Philadelphia press.

The Shady he describes is a complex and very likable character who fits all the facts we know about him — good and bad. He’s passionate, loyal, generous, intensely dedicated, emotional, and bluntly honest. He’s also argumentative, stubborn, bullheaded, vengeful and resistant to coaching. One Eagles teammate put it this way: “You try to show him something and if he didn’t believe it, it didn’t matter what you showed him – he wasn’t going to believe it.”

Several former teammates mention, without details, that Shady argued with them about women (as a group). The profile doesn’t detail the arguments, but given his history (siccing thousands of twitter followers on his ex-girlfriend during a fight, advertising a women-only party with a sexy dress code, and allegedly having a woman thrown off his party bus) we can guess that McCoy was not taking a feminist ally stance.

What’s especially interesting is that Dunne has a wealth of sources just not found in local articles. He quotes McCoy’s older brother LeRon (“He’s just a moody person… He takes things personal”), his high school coach in Harrisburg (“He’s got a lot bottled up”), and a young RB at his old high school, who Shady mentored.

Most strikingly, Dunne quotes three current Philadelphia Eagles speaking on the record about their former teammate — Bryan Braman, Brent Celek, and fellow running back Kenjon Barner.

Where Philadelphia’s leading beat reporter, Jeff McLane, relies on anonymous sources and McCoy himself — who he has known for years — to present LeSean as a model citizen beloved by teammates, Dunne gives us a well-rounded character, flawed, loyal, heart on his sleeve. A guy you can imagine teammates loving, and shaking their heads over at the same time.

Dunne’s portrayal of McCoy matches the complex portrait painted by Seth Wickersham in ESPN The Magazine last August. This is a competitive and emotional guy, someone who cares, who rages, who doesn’t want to follow a coach’s strict rules, and — as Dunne says explicitly — a guy who bickered with Chip Kelly all last year.

In other words, a much more human and believable Shady than the one you read about in local newspapers.

Eagles – Bills: 6 Incidents

Mark Saltveit - December 13, 2015

Poor Rex Ryan. He loves to be the fun asshole center of attention with stunts like making IK Enemkpali a team captain against the Jets and Geno Smith, whose jaw (and career) IK broke.

In today’s game against the Eagles though, the press was obsessed with the Chip Kelly vs. LeSean McCoy grudge match. Even Rex making Shady the lone team captain barely got noticed.

There were plenty of quiet improvements for the Eagles, from Sam Bradford’s steady progress to Caleb Sturgis getting touchbacks on 5 of 6 kickoffs, and the development of the team’s 4-minute offense to pin down leads, using the 3-headed monster at RB that the Eagles dreamed of last summer.

Sam Bradford threw his first interception since October, after 10 in the first seven games, but you can’t blame this one on him. He put the ball right in Zach Ertz’ Brent Celek’s hands, and the DB just grabbed it away from him.

In fairness, though, Bradford’s failure to throw the ball away on 3rd down with 2:07 left in the game was inexcusable. Was he hoping to run off 7 seconds to get past the 2 minute warning? It makes no sense.

And I’m not one to complain about referees, but today’s officiating was horrible, from inept clock management to repeated blatant holds and even tackles on the Eagles DL that were not called until the end of the game.

But let’s be honest, people wanted to see some shit go down with all the hype about Shady’s revenge. So here are the six most interesting incidents from the game, as it actually expressed itself.

1. Shady kisses the Eagle, gets booed

As the teams took the field, McCoy knelt down to kiss the Eagle emblem, and the stands erupted with boos. Probably not how he imagined things going, but that’s Philadelphia for you.

2. Shady shoves Fletcher Cox after a run

The Eagles were clearly talking trash to McCoy, and with 13:46 left in the 2nd period, he came up from one tackle to jab Fletcher Cox in the shoulder. Instead of retaliating (right in from the of the ref), Cox wisely held his arms up in innocence. McCoy was lucky not to be penalized.

The Eagles defensive line did their shoving on the field, especially in the second half. More on that later.

3. Donnie Jones’ 52-yard completion to Bryan Braman

You’ve heard of arm punts. This was a foot pass, yet another artillery shot from Donnie Jones, with the left-footer’s spin drilling right through punt returner Thigpen’s hands. Just as they diagrammed it, Bryan Braman collected the ball for a key turnover. That led to Agholor’s first receiving touchdown, four plays later.

4. Late hit on Thigpen out of bounds on punt return

It wasn’t a huge confrontation, but Riley Cooper’s late hit near the end of the 3rd quarter moved the ball up from the Bills 27 41 to the Eagles 44 after yet another great punt by Donnie Jones. Buffalo converted this into a touchdown to tie the game. It could easily have lost the game for Philadelphia.

5. Huff gives himself up for Ertz’ 41-yard gain

Josh Huff has never been shy of contact. He executed a pick play to free up Zach Ertz with extra relish, getting knocked flat while Ertz rambled for 41 yards into the red zone. With the game tied 20-20 and 4 and a half minutes left in the game, it couldn’t have been a bigger play.

You hate to see Huff injured, and that’s the inevitable result of his all-out, self-sacrificing play. But his toughness led to the Eagles kicking the game-winning field goal with 3:26 left in the game.

6. Shady runs away.

After all his trash talking and posturing, McCoy disappeared in the second half. He had 12 carries for 63 yards before the break, but eight for only 11 yards after it. And seven of those eight came running the ball with 1:45 left at his own 31, when the Eagles were playing prevent defense and happy to encourage any run for obvious reasons.

Before the game, I predicted that Shady would have a couple big runs but finish with 60-70 yards and leave with an injury in the 3rd quarter. It turns out that he didn’t even need the injury to get capped at that mid-level production and have his revenge fantasies denied.

So at the end of the game, unsurprisingly, he ran off the field with 14 seconds left, rather than acknowledge the unhappy reality of the game. That fits, for a guy who refused Fletcher Cox’s hand during the game, who refused to talk to the press after the game, and has made a big deal over refusing to talk to Chip or shake his hand since the trade.

Oh, and by the way? Chip denied after the game that he ever called Shady this week. And in retrospect, it doesn’t make much sense that McCoy wouldn’t recognize Chip’s digits, even if he did delete his contact from his phone.

How funny would it be if that whole Inquirer story about McCoy hanging up on Chip was based on a prank phone call that Shady thought was real?

DeMarco needs some of Shady’s anger

Mark Saltveit - December 13, 2015

LeSean McCoy is pissed. He’s hanging up when Chip Kelly calls, won’t shake his hand, and photoshopped him out of all the selfies they took together.

The media love it and will explode in ecstasy if Shady runs for 279 yards today, because anger and revenge is everybody’s favorite sports narrative.

But anger cuts both ways. It fuels your effort, but clouds your judgment. As Mike Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Then your lizard brain takes over and you forget your careful planning, flailing wildly.

One of Chip’s mantras is “Play with emotion, don’t let emotion play with you.” Overemotional players start fights, get penalties, and try to do too much on their own.

The Eagles will try to take advantage of Shady’s ego and pissiness with a combination of trash talk, game planning and inside knowledge of his moves. He might go off on them, but just as likely he’ll break a couple of big runs early, then leave the game injured in the third period after racking up 70-80 yards.

On the other hand, DeMarco Murray could use a bunch of McCoy’s anger. The latest reports say he went to Jeff Lurie last week because he thought Chip and Duce Staley were unapproachable.

Duce? You done lost everybody right there, young man. Chip, sure. He is kind of intimidating in person, a half-Belichick almost with his hard-case New England ball-busting. But your former-player position coach? No wonder DeMarco’s not hitting holes hard if he’s afraid of his own coaches.

Murray’s big free agent contract apparently turned him into a winsome high-school art student, resenting the alpha jocks and mooning over Morrissey songs.

Is he mad that he’s been demoted to fourth-string running back on the Eagles? Good. He should be furious and humiliated and raging to prove his manhood by pounding the Bills’ DL. You show ’em champ.

Because the only thing worse than playing with too much emotion is not having any at all.