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#PopeProblems: SEPTA Will Hold a Lottery for Pope Passes

Jim Adair - July 28, 2015

septa lottery

SEPTA, who previously had some serious issues selling their Pope Passes online, finally came up with a solution: an online lottery. The lottery – which sounds like a terrible last-minute make-up idea – will be run by Ticketleap and hosted by The lottery will be open for 24-hours “so there is no reason to rush the site,” a release warns, from 12:01 AM on August 3rd until 11:59 PM that evening. There will be a lottery entry form on SEPTA’s website, where the entrant can pick their station of choice, timeframe, day, and enter how many passes they want (up to ten each day).

pope pat

Ticketleap will then try to weed out duplicate entries or “suspicious” ones (aka scalpers). From there, winners will be selected and notified on August 6th, when they can purchase their passes.

Yeah, this is definitely better than having a working website.

Kyle: The secondary market for these is going to be OFF THE CHARTS.

You Can Play Around with ESPN’s Draft Lottery Simulator for the next Three Months

Jim Adair - February 5, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.20.10 PM

If the season ended today, the Sixers would have a 15.6% chance at landing the #1 spot in the lottery. It’s a good spot to be in. Since 1985, the team with the 3rd-worst record in the NBA has won the lottery seven times. Second-worst has pulled the top pick four times, and the worst team has only landed the top pick three times. But that’s well-short of a guarantee.

To see how it can all shake out, you can run a lottery simulation over at ESPN. I just ran through it ten or so times and the Sixers landed the first pick once, second pick once (above), and fifth pick four or five times. And how do we know who each team would most likely pick? “NBA draft Insider Chad Ford has provided an analysis of which player each team is likely to take for each of the 2,184 potential lottery outcomes.” It’s not foolproof, but it’s more work than any of us were willing to do. The odds will change as the standings do — as will scouting reports as players grow — so you can figure out just how many more games you’d be happy with the Sixers winning. I think eight to ten more is probably fine.

The NBA Could Reform the Lottery as Early as Next Year

Jim Adair - July 16, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-05-20_08-47-27_PM

But everyone had some much fun!

Is it just me, or is Adam Silver acting like his job is on the line, rather than acting like it was just handed to him months ago, as it was? With the Sterling situation, uni changes, the idea of a mid-season tournament, and now potential lottery reform, Silver has done more in his five months of Commissioner-dom than some of the other guys have done in five years.

According to Grantland, the anti-tanking inspired lottery reform could come as early as next season. A proposal is currently being discussed at competition committee meetings in Las Vegas, and it could do a big part in curtailing the current tanking trend. Sorry Hinkie.

According to Grantland:

“Under the current system, the team with the worst record has a 25 percent chance of snagging the no. 1 pick, perhaps the most valuable asset in the entire NBA. The team with the second-worst record has a 19.9 percent chance of winning the no. 1 pick, and the third-worst team enters the lottery with a 15.6 percent chance of moving up to the top slot. The odds decline from there, with the final five teams in the lottery — the teams with the five best records — each having a 1.1 percent or worse chance of moving up to no. 1.

The league’s proposal gives at least the four worst teams the same chance at winning the no. 1 pick: approximately an identical 11 percent shot for each club. The odds decline slowly from there, with the team in the next spot holding a 10 percent chance. The lottery team with the best record will have a 2 percent chance of leaping to the no. 1 pick, up from the the minuscule 0.5 percent chance it has under the current system.

The proposal also calls for the drawing of the first six picks via the Ping-Pong ball lottery, sources say. The current lottery system actually involves the drawing of only the top three selections. The rest of the lottery goes in order of record, from worst to best, after the top-three drawing is over.”

The Cavaliers would, of course, still be handed the top pick (or maybe the Heat now). There’s a lot more that goes into the actual implementation of this — and Zach Lowe does a good job of breaking that all down — but it just shows even further that Adam Silver isn’t messing around.

Jaromir Jagr Stars In New Lottery Ad with Several Attractive Female Individuals

Kyle - March 8, 2012

Jaromir Jagr

Here is what we know about Jaromir Jagr: he doesn't drink, keeps himself in amazing shape, and he loves Philadelphia.

Today, we learned something new. He can apparently act.

In the ad which airs in the Czech Republic, Jagr plays a firefighter who is tricked by incredible looking women. Sazka, the company behind the new advertising campaign, is promoting its new lottery games.

Sazka web translation (via Puck Daddy):

On Sunday 11 Sazka starts in March next phase of its advertising campaign. The main role of the new spots again present face Sazka Jaromir Jagr. After a successful television spots in which you played on Jaromír Santa messenger or a pizza, viewers will see him in other roles to support the various games Sazka.

Spot "cake" is aimed at supporting the Euromillions game and Jaromir Jagr in it reveal its special rescue and desires. On the contrary, a very relaxing spot "Bed" will promote popular numerical Lucky 10 game and will appeal to those who in the morning or during the day we sleep late. Along with these spots will be approximately mid-April to still be "pizza", which informs the public with the Sportka jackpot. Then we introduce Jaromir Jagr in another surprising role.

All three spots were, like the previous ones, filmed in Philadelphia and will be broadcast on television stations TV Nova, Nova Cinema, family Prima, Prima Cool, Love and Prima TV Barrandov.


The commercials are after the jump.

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Nats Bullpen Upped the Lottery Payout, Oh, Like $500 Million

Kyle Scott - September 21, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-21 at 3.41.11 PM

The folks over at Nats Enquirer [via Busted Coverage] bring us this screenshot from yesterday's game. It seems the guys in the Nats' bullpen took the above two lottery payouts (originally listed as $25 million and $75 million) and turned them into $521 million and $705 million jackpots. Nice.

Ya know, if they would have switched it to $126 million, that would have been really funny.

Oh No, The Sixers Actually Went Through With This Horrible Promotion

Kyle Scott - May 18, 2010


Please don't soil my bracelet

Reg Burke just offered up her bracelet to the winds of mediocrity so it could be the Sixers good luck charm for tonight's NBA Draft Lottery.

Following through on this horrible promotion, the Sixers let Burke give her lucky bracelet to the Sixers' Jrue Holiday today.  Holiday will take Burke's bracelet to the lottery tonight, hoping the Sixers 5% chance of scoring the #1 overall pick becomes reality.

Sixers PR Director Mike Preston (@preston76) just tweeted:

In the car with Ed Stefanski, #Sixers guard Jrue Holiday and his dad on the way to Secaucus, NJ (armed w/good luck charms) …

Knowing Holiday, he will likely drop the bracelet at a rest stop, leaving it to be picked up by a New Yorker zipping in the opposite direction for two points, and the foul.

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A Busy Sports Evening

Kyle Scott - May 18, 2010


Tonight is a rare threesome for Philly sports, unless your Jeff Carter.  Since the Sixers are usually not relevant this time of year, the chances that them, the Phillies, and the Flyers all have something going on are slim.

The Phillies (although weather looks to play a part) will be taking the field at 7:05 against the Pirates.  Tonight is Roy Halladay Bobblehead night, one of the first dates sold out on the calendar, made better by the fact that Doc is actually on call…

The Flyers take to the ice at 7:05 to face off against the Canadiens in Game 2.  Hopefully Versus doesn't botch the coverage again. 

And the lowly Sixers will be taking part in the NBA Draft Lottery at 7:30, they have a 70% chance of getting the 6th or 7th pick, but a 100% of mediocrity.  I hope they didn't forget their lucky charm… uhh.  Oh yeah, you can go to the Draft Lottery viewing party at PJ Whelihans in NJ, Hip Hop is going to be there.  We're still willing to pay for his severed foot.

The rare threesome, bested only by the elusive foursome of sports, which can only occur in late October… or with copious amounts of alcohol.

Are You Kidding Me, Sixers?

Kyle Scott - May 5, 2010

Sixers lucky charm

Oh my God, this isn't a joke.

The Sixers, in an effort to get any sort of fan support, are asking fans to offer up their lucky charms for the Sixers to take to the NBA Draft Lottery.



This is what it's come to?  THIS is how you are going to turn the franchise around?  How about you hire a coach, stop with the ridiculous contracts, and murder Hip Hop… then we'll talk.

It gets better, fans.  If your lucky charm is selected, you can give it to Jrue Holiday in person to take to the lottery, he will be representing the Sixers in New York.  Yep, Jrue Holiday is the face of this franchise.

That's right fans, offer up your most sacred possession to the Sixers, so they can return it with stains of mediocrity.  Awesome.

Hey, here's a thought, cut off Hip Hop's foot and take that.

Hip hop