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Right Now the Chasm Between Jayson Tatum and Markelle Fultz is a Deep and Dark One

Coggin Toboggan - October 17, 2018

I caught myself doing a slight fist-pump three minutes into the second quarter of the 76ers game as Markelle Fultz nailed a 14-foot jump shot for his first points of the year. I found myself saying out-loud in an empty room that his shot “didn’t look THAT bad.”

It didn’t look that bad?

I’m happy that the 2017 NBA draft #1 overall pick’s 14-foot jump shot didn’t look THAT bad?

There would be no more fist pumps after that moment. Just depression. And frustration.

Three minutes into the second quarter Fultz notched his first points of the game after taking only three shots. Until that point he was largely invisible, just a nondescript player bringing the ball up the court, immediately looking to give it up to either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid, and then almost hoping to disappear into the comfortable area beyond the three-point line where he could observe the action undisturbed.

By the time Fultz made his first not-as-quite-herky-jerky-but-still-slowly-developing jump shot, Jayson Tatum already had 12 points and was making his impact felt on both ends of the court.

Tatum poured in another 11 points to pace the Celtics in their decisive season-opening victory over the Sixers. Fultz would spend almost the entire second half on the bench drinking Gatorade.

The chasm between the two players has never been deeper, darker, or more evident than it was last night. If you fell into the black abyss and screamed out “trust the process,” it would echo back 10-times over before you finally hit the hard, cold ground.

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Bryan Colangelo on Markelle Fultz, His Skill Set, and Playing Him at the Point

Kevin Kinkead - March 27, 2018

Bryan Colangelo spoke at length about Markelle Fultz’s return to the floor before last night’s game.

It went on for about 21 minutes and didn’t wrap up until shortly before tip-off, so I think most of his quotes kind of got lost in the shuffle as the focus turned to Markelle’s performance and his post game locker room availability.

I wanted to go back through the general manager’s press conference this afternoon and pick out some of the more interesting passages to talk about.

I’ll start with his explanation for Fultz’s shoulder injury. Colangelo has said from the start that he is not sure how it happened:

“It was diagnosed as a scapular imbalance by a well-known expert in Kentucky and the cause is unknown at this stage. We don’t know where it started, when it started, but it was sometime from the time we saw him in summer league – when everyone saw that he did not have a shoulder problem and there was no indication there was a problem with his shot – to something that very quickly rose to awareness in late September and early October as we started the season. Once it was determined that he really was not able to function, we dove deeper to determine whether or not there was something going on. Even though an MRI showed that there was no structural concerns, there was a scapular imbalance, as determined by the doctor in Kentucky. It literally was just a breakdown of muscle function. We don’t know enough about the injury. It’s very uncommon in basketball. It’s very complicated and complex, and that’s why there’s been so much unknown here.

We certainly apologize if we have not been clear, but I could not be more clear. We’re not sure when it happened or how it happened, but it happened. And what we’ve seen is a hard-working young man and a hard-working staff that has done everything possible to get him ready for this moment, to get back out on the court and do what he loves to do, play basketball.”

That’s Colangelo’s explanation. Fultz decided not to talk about it, so now we’ve asked both sides what happened and you can draw your own conclusions from there.

Now to the important stuff – Markelle’s future with the team and how he fits in.

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Sports Betting Updates

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DraftKings Sportsbook Review

DraftKings Sportsbook has been live in New Jersey for over two full months now and a lot has changed since launch. While they were the first out of the gate for legal US sports betting, they now face competition from many sites, including FanDuel Sportsbook, SugarHouse Sportsbook, BetStars and others. How do they stack up and what promos does DraftKings Sportsbook offer? Let’s take a closer look. Bonus: First bet matched up to $200 Minimum

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NBA Over/Under Wins That You Might Want to Check Out

The NBA season is upon us and hope springs eternal for all most fan bases. The sportsbooks aren’t emotionally invested in your teams and don’t care if your first round draft pick is once again shelved to start the season. I, however, take the over/under numbers they set and cross-reference it with the human element: old faces in new places (Melo on the Rockets), moronic trades for watered-down stars (Trae Young isn’t even diet Steph Curry),

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Markelle Fultz Is Playing Tonight

Kevin Kinkead - March 26, 2018

That’s the word from Brett Brown.

Markelle Fultz is cleared to play and will come off the bench tonight to spell Ben Simmons. Expect to see him on the court for 14 or 15 minutes in a ball-handling role.

Brown says Fultz came to him earlier on Monday and said that he’s ready to go, obviously feeling healthy and ready to contribute after missing more than five months of action since a shoulder issue took him out of the starting lineup in October.

Brown’s first two quotes from pregame:

“It was his decision. It’s been fluid and you know I get goose bumps telling you all that. I’m so proud of him and the people around him have all done great things. I give that kid credit. He will be with us tonight. I’ll bring him off the bench as Ben’s backup and give him the ball. Justin will not play tonight and I’ll move T.J. over. We’ll rotate the group accordingly. I see it being a very, initially a drip feed – it’s March, it’s game 71. He’s 19. There needs to be an intelligent, realistic plan for him and we’re all going to learn, see where this plays out. But it’s just fantastic news for him.”

More Brett:

“I’m so proud of him, and the people around him, and the experience that I think is gonna be a positive one for him, where it’s just so atypical with what went on with the first player chosen. We can look in the rear view mirror and see a bunch of different things, but to come out of this – and he looks confident, his body is off the charts good and we’ve been practicing and playing and his individual work – Billy Lange has been a star for him, getting him in shape. The collective efforts of Ned Cohen and Bryan Colangelo and the medical people and his teammates – here we are. I think to be able to share that news with the city of Philadelphia and the fans and, you know, you folks in the media, it’s a good day.”

“Markelle and I have been talking a lot and never was it at a stage where, it’s definitely gonna happen. Today I felt something good with the performance he’s been having in practice and some workouts, and you could tell hes got a confidence and a spirit. You could see that. He came to me and, ‘Coach, I’m ready to play. I want to play tonight.'”

“I’ve been giving him the ball (in practice). He’s had the ball, he’s getting up and down the floor. He’s elite in the open court. We’re always challenging him defensively. I think it’s going to be easier for him to impact the game in ope court. It’s gonna be tough territory initially, chasing those guards around, NBA movement and speed and sets – that’s going to be a foreign experience for him. But we have 10 games before the playoffs. I’ve said for a long time, the risk/reward, I’m gonna lean on reward. He’s different than anything we have. And most importantly, for his sake, he’s put in a lot of work. I’m thrilled to be able to offer him the opportunity to come join his teammates at this exciting time of the year.”

How long has the ball been in his court?

“Not long – he’s always been sort of the primary driver, but he’s had a collective group of people that figured this out. Only recently did we feel like he’s ticked all the medical (boxes), (that) when he’s ready to play we’re certainly ready to have you. He offered me that news a little while ago.”

Bryan Colangelo spoke to us pregame. It’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to transcribe, but he says they still don’t know what Markelle did to his shoulder.

I recommend watching the video:

Markelle will speak after the game.

James Young was also waived.


Markelle Fultz Named In NCAA Corruption Probe For Allegedly Taking Money

BWanksCB - February 23, 2018

If Sixers rookie Markelle Fultz was hoping that we would stop talking about his broken jumper (and psyche), I think, and this is just a hunch, that he’s about to get his wish–for a day. Maybe.

An explosive(!) report dropped this morning by Yahoo! Sports cites hundreds of pages of FBI documents in detailing wide-ranging potential rules violations committed by some of college basketball’s biggest names and programs.

The report focuses on the dealings of former NBA agent Andy Miller, his ex-associate Christian Dawkins, and the ASM Sports Agency. The documents reveal what could be a major headache for up to 20 NCAA programs and up to 25 current and former players, which allege that ASM worked with programs and players to get them to sign with the agency. Among the players reported to have taken money? That’s right—you guessed it. Markelle Fultz. The top pick of the 2017 NBA Draft reportedly received $10,000 from ASM, but didn’t go on to sign with the agency. Boss move.

Other notable players accused of taking money who appear in the report include Dennis Smith Jr. ($73,500), Isaiah Whitehead ($37,657), and Kyle Kuzma ($9,500).
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Joel Embiid Suggests that Markelle Fultz’s People Have Not “Had His Back”

Kevin Kinkead - February 13, 2018

Lost in the dazzling glow of a T.J. McConnell TRIPLE-DOUBLE was a post-game Joel Embiid interview featuring an interesting tidbit about Markelle Fultz.

Embiid went on NBA TV after Monday’s night’s win and was asked about the situation surrounding the injured rookie guard. The relevant passage begins around the 5:01 mark:

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Transcript: Bryan Colangelo (and JJ Redick) on Markelle Fultz

Kevin Kinkead - February 9, 2018

With respect to the Sixers organization, Bryan Colangelo’s Friday availability was 75% non-answer, 15% useful information, and 10% off-topic questions from media members who missed the point.

Because the only topic of the day should have been Markelle Fultz, and what exactly is going on with the rookie’s bum shoulder.

In the interest of context, I’ll post the full transcript here, but first some bullet points:

  • Colangelo says they still don’t know how the shoulder injury happened.
  • There’s no timeline for a return. Colangelo would not rule Fultz out for the season, but said he may or may not play, which answers nothing.
  • He reiterated that Fultz has to relearn his mechanics as a result of the shoulder injury.
  • It seems to me like Fultz’s agent and his people are still at odds with the team, especially based on the TNT interview Fultz did the other night that apparently was organized without the Sixers’ public relations staff.

Anyway, here’s the transcript. I took out the bullshit questions about the trade deadline and anything not concerning Markelle’s injury:

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Markelle Fultz’s Free Throw Form Looks Different… Again

Kevin Kinkead - January 24, 2018

Jon Johnson at 94 WIP shot some video of Markelle Fultz putting up free throws before Wednesday night’s game against the Bulls.

The rookie guard didn’t look great:

Those mechanics do not match the improvements we had been seeing at practice.

I shot some video three weeks ago, where Fultz was at least showing a continuous motion with his stroke:

That’s it. I don’t have anything else right now.


Thank God the Sixers Passed on Lonzo Ball and His ESPN-Enabled Father

Tim Reilly - January 9, 2018

It’s fair to say that Markelle Fultz’s rookie campaign has not gone according to plan.

Fultz, a player whose talents so intrigued the Sixers front office that GM Bryan Colangelo traded in some of the team’s prized draft assets to move into the No. 1 slot in order to select him, was supposed to be the culmination of the organization’s multi-season rebuild. At the very least, fans expected him to play a significant role as the Sixers shifted from “The Process” to the postseason.

So far, the Sixers’ young slasher has been stuck in neutral. Fultz labored through a shoulder injury that affected his jump shot and ultimately pushed him out of the lineup after four games.

There’s hope on the horizon, however. Kevin Kinkead’s Sunday notebook included a lengthy update on Fultz’s progress. The rookie’s participation in a full contact practice suggests his return to game action is imminent. The Sixers would certainly stand to benefit from Fultz’s presence in the rotation as they look to make a playoff push during the second half of the season.

No matter what happens this season, the Sixers made the right choice when they drafted Fultz. Ever since the NBA modified its hand-checking rule in 2004-05, point guards have never been more integral to the success of a team. The space-and-pace revolution that has overtaken the game demands a team employ a ball handler who can take advantage of overextended defenses by driving and dishing to open teammates. He also needs to be a perimeter scoring threat on his own who, ideally, can play off the ball as well. After all, the organizations that are excelling in the modern NBA are attacking defenses with multiple athletes who can run the offense.

Fultz’s ability to penetrate and pass to open teammates will make him a good player. But the three-point shooting ability he demonstrated in college will make him special.

There’s still time for Fultz to refine his game, of course. He’s only 19, and in the collegiate one-and-done culture that has been created in the wake of the NBA’s minimum age requirement, more and more players are starting their professional careers as raw prospects. Fultz likely won’t begin to hit his prime until his second contract.

Looking back on the 2017 NBA draft, there was really only one other viable option that the Sixers could have considered with the first pick. They could have taken a chance on Lonzo Ball. Continue Reading

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