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UPDATE: Matt Barkley Traded to Cardinals for Conditional Pick

Jim Adair - September 4, 2015

In a move that has seemingly solidified Tim Tebow’s place on the Eagles, Jay Glazer is reporting that the Arizona Cardinals have traded for Matt Barkley. According to Adam Schefter, “Cardinals agreed to trade conditional 7th-rd pick to Eagles for Matt Barkley, per source. Eagles get pick if Barkley on roster for 6 games.” That makes Tebow a lock.

UPDATE: People are starting to get pretty excited. SportsNation is on board:




Additionally, Skip Bayless’ pants just got a whole lot tighter. You can hop on the hype train yourself with one of these beautiful t-shirts from our own store:

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Report: The Tebow Signing Was Delayed Because The Dolphins Didn’t Want Matt Barkley

Jim Adair - April 20, 2015


About two weeks after the Eagles initially worked out Tim Tebow, the Dolphins signed Josh Freeman. And according to Dianna Marie Russini’s sources, that’s why the Tebow signing didn’t happen earlier. Russini, who reported that the Eagles were trying to trade Barkley before signing Tebow (with ridicule from Howard Eskin), reported that the Eagles were trying to trade Barkley to the Dolphins before signing Tebow, but the ‘Fins decided they wanted Freeman instead.

Why that would hold them up doesn’t make much sense. There’s plenty of roster room, and the only other reason could be to keep Barkley’s value up before also signing his potential replacement. But as a third-string QB, his value is pretty set already. One thing is for sure though: this may be the last time Barkley (and Tank) flies over the Linc as a member of the Eagles.

Kyle: Russini already scooped Eagles beat writers once offseason, so I’d put stock into what she’s reporting.

Matt Barkley Found Some of Donovan McNabb’s Old Shoes and Joel Embiid Knows Someone with Photoshop

Jim Adair - July 23, 2014

Right now in the Twitter accounts of local athletes who aren’t playing:

The prototype cleats above, which are certainly more stylish than any of the other cleats McNabb wore, were found by Matt Barkley while he was hanging around the NovaCare Complex(?). Barkley was presumably looking for some flashy kicks because he wanted to look his best for his catch with Jimmy Kempski.

Donovan, you’re free right? You can swing on by and pick those up anytime.

And Joel Embiid knows someone who is does passable Photoshop work:

Matt Barkley’s Dog is Just Adorable

Kyle Scott - August 22, 2013

Look at that cute, light-haired young pup, just learning walk before he can run. He’s already got the girl. But one day soon, he’ll be a true beast. This is just the beginning. Already showing signs of greatness. And he seems so humble. Can’t wait to see what happens once he develops under master tutelage!

I’m Developing a Man Crush on Matt Barkley

Kyle Scott - July 23, 2013

Michael Vick certainly doesn’t want a quarterback competition. But he’s going to get one, probably from Nick Foles. And though many pundits are high on Matt Barkley, his name never seems to come up in the discussion, something that Barkley has noticed… and doesn’t like: []

“There is an open competition,” said Barkley, the Eagles’ fourth-round pick in this year’s draft. “Whether you feel like it or not, it’s there. I absolutely feel like I have to be a part of it.”

“Regardless of what they’re going to say, you’re mindset has to be that you’re in the race to start,” he said. “Whether it’s a special-teamer or with the third string, you have to be ready to go in. You have to have that mindset if you’re a player on Sunday. That’s my mindset. I’m in competition regardless of whatever anyone else is saying.”

“It’s a little different being in that position with the different teams,” Barkley said. “But nonetheless you are still capable of showing what you can do and how you can manage the offense. And at the same time, how can you elevate the guys around you? That’s what they want to see.”

Aww. He’s so cute.

And thus begins this weird three-way between an aging, ex-con former superstar… Napolean Dynamite… and blonde, boyishly good-looking Matt Barkley, who has now officially tossed his name into the fray. I feel like Barkley is oblivious to the caldron that he is about to enter. Reams of sweaty, slightly overweight Eagles beat reporters nipping at his sculpted calves for a quote, comment or nugget of pithiness following each and every practice over the next two weeks. But he doesn’t care. He’s Matt Barkley– USC grad, keeper of smokeshow wife, rider of steerage, Eagles quarterback in waiting. Just an open competition, man.

The Quarterback of the Future Rode in Steerage on His Flight to Philadelphia

Kyle Scott - May 9, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.52.57 PM
Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 6.53.30 PM
Love this. Just Matt Barkley being one of you, riding coach as he flies to Philadelphia for his introduction as an Eagle… wearing his draft hat. Swooooon.

Like Barkley, our mystery passer was a multiyear starter at a major college… this passer missed a full year with an injury and had to redshirt, which led to concerns from scouts about his injury history, just like today’s scouts have with Barkley. Those scouts also questioned that quarterback’s arm strength and noted that it was “average,” just like … you get the idea.

Most notably, though, both of the quarterbacks in question were coming to the NFL to play in offensive systems under new head coaches that were designed to make a quarterback’s life easier, specifically by building an offense around spreading the field and making quick, short throws that beat the pass rush. Barkley can only hope that it works out as well for him as it does for our mystery passer, Joe Montana.

Bill Barnwell, Grantland

Jon Gruden’s QB Camp with Matt Barkley

Kyle Scott - April 29, 2013