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LeSean McCoy is Back on Twitter, Avatar Proves He’s a Good Dad

Kyle Scott - February 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 11.21.12 PM

Just three weeks after calling his baby mama a worthless alley girl and shutting down his Twitter account, LeSean McCoy has returned to the Tweets… with an avatar that says, “I’M THERE FOR MY SON, SON!”

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 11.21.12 PM

Now, if only someone would tell him that the question mark(s) go after the thing for which he seeks an answer.

“McCoy confirmed every stereotype of the spoiled, arrogant professional athlete”

Kyle Scott - January 30, 2013

With a headline that editors had undoubtedly been jonesing to use, Scandal Exposes Real McCoythis column from Phil Sheridan is fierce:

Of course, McCoy succeeded mostly in humiliating himself. Nothing that he said about the woman in question, or that she said about him, is as damning as what McCoy revealed about himself.

He criticized the woman for having sex with him before he even knew her name, without any apparent awareness that this makes him equally sleazy. He accused her of lying about being on birth control, without any apparent awareness that a man is equally responsible.


Full thing here.

LeSean McCoy Issues Statement, Says His Account Wasn’t Hacked

Kyle Scott - January 28, 2013

Through a publicist who incorrectly punctuated both his client’s first and last name in an email, LeSean McCoy, whose name is correctly auto-completed by even my iPad as I write this, issued the following statement, presumably written by said publicist, about his baby mama drama:

In light of the recent events that played out over Twitter this past weekend, I would like to express how deeply sorry and remorseful I am to my family, the Philadelphia Eagles, my fans, and every young person who views me as a role model. This is not who I am as a person, nor the image I ever wanted to portray of myself. It’s definitely not the example I want to set for my son.

My Twitter account was not hacked. I take full responsibility and I apologize for trying to make it seem like it was not me. Due to my bad judgment and frustration, I allowed a very personal matter to be played out on a social network, of all things. It was immature and unprofessional for me to do so and to encourage others to join in.

As a parent , emotions are often magnified when there are stressful and emotional situations concerning them.I take great pride in being a good father and strive to one day be a great one. I’ve always done everything in my means to provide for my son financially, emotionally, and most importantly with my time and heart. I am sick over the fact that my actions have caused pain to him and all involved. I have decided to handle this matter privately from here on out and I thank everyone for their continued support.

Sadly, no mention of the dick doctor.

McCoy’s publicist tells me that McCoy will, in time, reactivate his Twitter account.

And Now, Commenters Complain About the Lack of This Weekend’s Headlines by Bringing You This Weekend’s Headlines (!)

Kyle Scott - January 28, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.23.34 AM

Lots of good stuff this weekend, including our coverage of LeSean McCoy suffering one of the greatest athlete social media mishaps of all-time. Here's a roundup of the rest of the stuff via angry commenters:

From “Deezy”:

It's sad that this is the only type of crap that will get you to "write" 3 stories before noon on a Sunday."


From “Chris Curtis”:

You are an unethical, immoral, jackass exploiting the private problems of people for your own benefit. You hold yourself out as a "journalist". You are no such thing.”

It stopped being private the minute McCoy asked his 172k followers to tell his Baby Mama that she was worthless.


From “Chris Curtis” again:

Wrong—-you took an argument with unsubstantiated facts (and even if they are factual, matters not) and made it into a "news story" that most people would never have known about except you chose to profit from it.

I wish I could just press the “profit” button. Anyone have one of those?


From “Chris Curtis” again again:

its not "irresponsible". It was intentional and nothing but unethical, immoral "gutter journalism" (and I hate even using the word "Journalism").


From “Dave”:

Jesus this site is extremely racist. And I don't mean the moron posters. Seems like this guy Kyle LOVES to jump all over anything negative involving black athletes. I can't believe some of media around this city even associates with him. Wow.

Ilya Bryzgalov thinks so too.


From “ThePhillyFlash”:

I have to say I'm disappointed in Kyle. With both the Flyers and Sixers having notched big wins on Saturday, for him to have fixated on this nonsense with McCoy instead was, in my mind, pathetic. I'm sure he figures that all this TMZ/tabloid stuff gets him more page views than plain old sport stories, I understand that, but when is enough enough? I like to think I'm being patient with this blog, but it's running short.

Choose the most interesting. And remember, you only get one if you want to have any semblance of a weekend:

The 18-25 Sixers beat the Knicks. Parade is Tuesday at 10 a.m.

The Flyers beat an awful Panthers team in front of 22 Floridians but then pooped the bed in Tampa.

LeSean McCoy tweeted vile things about the mother of his child to nearly 200,000 people, and was accused of having Herpes and “eating pussy to get [himself] off of child support.”


From “Asshole”:

A hat trick, a 7-1 blowout (with OUTSTANDING goaltending), a 4 goal loss that illustrated just how important Bryz is, the return of Briere, a 35 point game from Jrue in a thrashing of rival division leaders, and Kyle decides to devote all his time to this lazy, irrelevant, retarded trash story that only his racist commenters care about. This site went from unique, witty and original to trashy, lazy, and thoughtless. It reeks of yellow journalism and shock jock race baiting.

You’re right– unique, witty and original would have been writing 300 words about Danny Briere feeling “great” about getting back onto the ice, and another 300 about Jrue Holiday celebrating his first All-Star selection with a great game. Those would have been the unique stories.


From “This site needs jam”:

Just imagine how much better this site could be if you put forth this much effort into actually talking about sports

My eighth grade teacher said something similar when she enrolled me in handwriting classes, because it’s something I’ll “really need one day.”


From “mickcloud”:

Meanwhile, Knuble signs, Briere returns, and without Hartnell or Meszaros, the Flyers destroyed the Panthers 7-1 last night in Sunrise. And this is the lead story on the "preeminent Philly sports blog"… first time I've been disappointed in CB. The sad thing is, this probably gets more clicks than the Flyers… because half-wits love this shit.


From “Shawn”:

Temple has received top 25 votes, but have not cracked the top 25 yet. He's obviously biased, since he went there, but should still report on Temple like he did for 'Nova. When LaSalle and 'Nova beat top ranked teams they got a post, but Temple got no love for their upset against Syracuse. At least we all can agree on one thing, Villanova has the ugliest students in the Big 5.

I DISAGREE! [Have you ever been on UPenn’s campus?]


From “Moop”:

Only hear about Nova when it's convenient to talk about them. Where is the article about how bad Bryzgalov was last night?

OK, OK– here goes!

The Flyers beat the awful Panthers 7-1 on Saturday night thanks in part to a really strong effort from Ilya Bryzgalov, who turned away five shots from Tomas Fleischmann and Drew Shore, respectively. All of our goaltending problems are solved. 

The Sixers beat the Knicks on Saturday night in a game that about 200 people watched to pull within seven games of .500. Jrue Holiday, impressively, scored 35 points, and we should celebrate the fact that the Sixers haven’t had a 35-point scorer since six years ago, when Willie Green did it. His career really took off after that, too. Tonight the Sixers will take on the powerhouse Memphis Grizzlies. 

Last night, the Flyers didn’t show up and they started a beer league goalie, who, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone, has a two-year contract with a professional team. We’re putting about as much effort into the coverage as the Flyers did the game:_______________ penalty________________.

Villanova beat Louisville and Syracuse last week, teams considered no better than their equals for much of the past decade. And La Salle beat Butler and VCU– Mid-Majors experiencing a recent run of overachievement. Snark aside, all four of those wins were awesome and college basketball is easily the most exciting thing going on in Philly sports right now.

Drive carefully out there.

Perhaps the Highlight of LeSean McCoy’s Baby Mama Drama was the Exchange Between the Baby Mama and His Current Girlfriend

Kyle Scott - January 27, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.54.50 AM
LeSean with Sydney, with whom he is currently on vacation in Puerto Rico

Perhaps the most vicious Tweets to come out of LeSean McCoy’s BMD were those between McCoy’s current girlfriend, Sydney (who, we’ll remind you, apparently gets eaten from time to time by McCoy’s main man “VAR”), and BM Steph.

Sydney has deleted her Tweets to Steph, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, at least some of them still exist. 

We’ll make no effort to curate the exchange into a coherent conversation. But here are the Tweets from Sydney (@covergirldro) followed by ones from Steph (@angelface0330). Enjoy.

[Note: (@BossedUpLaLa) is McCoy’s cousin.] 

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.38.24 AM

The one about giving her son a bath on Thursday… ouch. Steph, perhaps rightfully, went crazed BM on Sydney. A preview:

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 11.00.21 AM

Oh my.

See the rest after the jump.

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LeSean McCoy Claimed That He was Hacked and Then Deleted His Twitter Account

Kyle Scott - January 27, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 10.20.24 AM

A very important follow-up to LeSean McCoy’s baba mama drama, which led to him being accused of having Herpes and needing to see a “dick doctor” (apparently for form and function), among many other strange and embarrassing things.

At 6:17 a.m., McCoy, on "vocation" in Puerto Rico, tweeted that he had been hacked. I bet. His account, complete with its 172k followers, was then deleted.

I’m sure this won’t be the last of it. Expect a statement next.

LeSean McCoy Had Some Epic Baby Mama Drama on Saturday Night

Kyle Scott - January 27, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 3.46.55 AM

LeSean McCoy has Herpes.

That according to his baby mama, Steph, with whom he had a Twitter battle for the ages late Saturday night. It all started when McCoy tweeted about his vacation, seemingly in the tropics, while Steph was at home taking care of their baby, sans child support. What followed was a five-hour feud – with multiple tangents and sidebars that were extremely difficult to follow – that contained the following accusations from Steph: McCoy has Herpes, a small penis about which he saw a doctor, and a problem getting it up, an accusation allegedly confirmed by accompanying text message screenshots from his current girlfriend, Sydney, who apparently gets eaten by McCoy’s best friend “VAR.”

There’s really too much to summarize. This is exactly the sort of post that Storify was made for. Please step over the jump with me as we take a journey into historic baby mama drama.

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Eagles to Interview Mike McCoy on Sunday

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2013

image from

Hey, the Eagles are going to interview someone else! You can all stop bitching in the comments about the consecutive Andy Reid posts.

On their Twitter account – (@EaglesInsider), which I’m noticing has taken a marked shift toward being useful in the past few days (perhaps thanks to new communications director?) – the Eagles confirmed that they will interview Denver offsensive coordinator Mike McCoy this Sunday in the mile high city.

McCoy has been the Broncos offensive coordinator since 2008, and has had relative success with guys like Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. The Broncos also led the NFL in rushing in 2011. And, as pointed out by Bleeding Green Nation, McCoy has never been fired despite three of his head coaches getting canned.

Of course, I most enjoyed Zoo With Roy's analysis of McCoy, which shouldn't be discounted: This dude has no shoulders no way later dork go buy a calculator.