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Donovan McNabb Says Jared Goff Might be the Best Quarterback in the NFC

Kevin Kinkead - October 23, 2017

Donovan McNabb is the arguably the greatest quarterback in Eagles franchise history.

There’s no disputing that.

But there was always that head-scratching quote or goofy air-guitar type of moment that made fans wonder what exactly was going through his head.

This morning he dropped a Jared Goff hot take:

I don’t think Jared Goff is the best NFC quarterback and I certainly don’t think he’s better than Carson Wentz. There’s a shared feeling among Eagle fans that McNabb seems hesitant to praise his successor, as if Wentz’s accomplishments will somehow diminish Donovan’s legacy here in town. I don’t think they should, but what do I know?

Said #5:

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Donovan McNabb’s Power Rankings Get the AFC North (Almost) Completely Backwards

Jim Adair - November 5, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.06.22 PM

There is some great football being played in the AFC North. Here are the current standings:

  1. Bengals (5-2-1)
  2. Steelers (6-3)
  3. Browns (5-3)
  4. Ravens (5-4)

It’s the only division in football where all the teams are over .500, but it would be hard to argue that the team in last place in the division – the 5-4, hot and cold Ravens – is actually the best team. Unless you’re Donovan McNabb, who gets the whole division (almost) backwards in his latest power rankings:

8. Ravens – Hard to say anything nice after a beat-down loss at home of their division rival.

13. Browns – Been saying it for weeks, and I’ll say it again: They need to run the ball much better.

14. Bengals – A.J. Green and Mohamed Sanu are turning into an elite receiving duo.

15. Steelers – Score alert: Ben Roethlisberger just threw another touchdown!

McNabb ranked the teams from best to worst in almost reverse order of their actual standings, not to mention that the Steelers, his 15th ranked team, just CRUSHED the Ravens, his eighth ranked team. And, you know, that tie always confused him.


Jeffrey Lurie Once Argued for Better Quarterback Protection Because an Injury to Donovan McNabb Hurt Local TV Ratings

Kyle Scott - November 20, 2013

On Mike and Mike this morning, besides the hours of sponsor-laden vanilla content, Adam Schefter told the Mikes that Jeffrey Lurie once argued at an owners meeting that quarterbacks need to be better protected… because an injury to Donovan McNabb hurt local TV ratings.

Schefter was talking about whether the league will fine Ahmad Brooks for his hit on Drew Brees on Sunday, when he mentioned that owners have long been pushing for the stricter rules to protect quarterbacks. He recalled the time Lurie was more concerned with TV ratings than, you know, his franchise quarterback being hurt:

“When the Eagles lost Donovan McNabb, Jeffrey Lurie got up at an owners meeting – and there’s actual video of him – talking about the effect of losing McNabb had on his team’s local TV ratings, that they fell of dramatically.”

See, this is the problem with the NFL. The watering down of the game has little to do with actually protecting players, and much more to do with avoiding future lawsuits, making more money, and even fantasy football (and the money and interest that comes with it). Sure, the end result might be fewer injuries, but the motivations are not as noble as you might assume.

Donovan McNabb Got Shredded by John Cena at Raw in Philly Last Night

Kyle Scott - March 26, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.59.38 AM

Poor Five.

Last night, John Cena, while addressing The Rock and Mick Foley in the squared circle as part of a debate of sorts (I don’t care, nor do I feel like looking up the context), used Donovan McNabb’s name – and just his name – as an instant punchline. 

Talking about those who couldn’t win the big one, Cena…

“Donovan McNabb. [boos] Don…ovan McNabb. [boos] Statistically, Donovan McNabb is the greatest quarterback to ever put on an Eagles uniform. [boos] But Mick, listen to how the people in the own city that he played for remember him. [boos] Why? Because Donovan McNabb could not win the big one. Philadelphia cares about its teams, Philadelphia’s fans have passion, and with that type of passion, they deserve  someone who can win the big one. [cheers]”


Well played, WWE writers.

Video after the jump.

via 97.5 The Fanatic

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Old Birds: Donovan McNabb Gets Own Radio Show, Brian Westbook is Experiencing Memory Loss

Kyle Scott - March 16, 2013

image from
Made it!

Some members of the greatest Eagles team ever are in the news today… no, I’m not talking about Freddie Mitchell’s potential jail time or Terrell Owens’ latest attempt at taking his own life. I’m talking about the quarterback and the running back.

First up, Five.

Donovan McNabb will co-host a drive-time radio show on the newish NBC Sports Radio with fellow former NFL quarterback Mark Malone. The show will air from 3-7 p.m. on weekdays and will be available in up to 249 markets, apparently not including Philadelphia (according to the NBC Sports website, only NSR updates are available in Philly, on 1490 WBCB). 

McNabb, who doesn’t even know all the rules to football, will be talking about other sports, too:

"NBC has given me a platform to continue to expand in broadcasting," McNabb told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. "And with radio, you don't want to be stuck just talking NFL. We'll talk baseball, basketball, the Olympics, current events. We're also fans."

Working a four-hour radio show will arguably be harder than doing many TV studio shows, where analysts often just need to offer up a few soundbites on prearranged topics. But McNabb doesn't seem worried: "It's part of getting into the business. Not everything is going to be easy, or a cakewalk. But I don't shy away from work — I played the quarterback position."


The news for Brian Westbrook isn’t so good.

Speaking at a concussion symposiaum at Villanova yesterday, the Villanova great said that he’s already experiencing memory loss:

Only 33, Brian Westbrook already suffers from short-term memory loss. He can't remember names, recall facts or retain new material moments after he's told them. Westbrook can trace his health problems to at least a pair of concussions suffered during a shortened nine-year career.

Westbrook, former Philadelphia Flyers captain Keith Primeau, five-time MLS All-Star Taylor Twellman, former NFL linebacker Jim Nelson, former Green Bay Packers VP Andrew Brandt and other head safety advocates took part in a panel discussion of the "Concussion Conundrum" Friday at Villanova University. The program was part of the Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal Symposium.


Someday, Chris Pronger will be on panels like this one, and that kind of sucks.

H/T to Josh

Donovan McNabb Congratulated Danica Patrick on Winning the Daytona 500, Which Will be Held This Weekend

Kyle Scott - February 20, 2013

image from

Photo: SI

Donovan McNabb is still a dope. His well-intentioned Tweet congratulating the very sexy Danica Patrick on her Daytona 500 win, well, it was a bit premature.

On Sunday, Patrick won the pole at Daytona (there’s something hot about that line, and don’t you tell me that there’s not), which means she will start the Daytona 500 in the front row. It was a big deal because she was the first woman to ever win the pole (heh) in Sprint Cup race. But upon hearing this news, obvious race fan dude who just wanted to catch the attention of Danica Patrick, Donovan McNabb, tweeted and since deleted (and I'm a fucking poet…):

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.53.57 AM

Always the sensitive type, McNabb labeled those who corrected him as “haters”:

No, shaking my head. Like in football, race qualifying can actually end in a tie. But we wouldn’t have expected McNabb to know that. 

via Awful Announcing

Video: Hugh Douglas Jokes About Donovan McNabb Throwing Up in Super Bowl

Kyle Scott - January 30, 2013

As part series of Super Bowl PSAs ESPN shot with Hugh Douglas, the former Eagle takes a not-so-subtle swipe at Donovan McNabb. Old, but still funny. Sad, too. Mostly sad.

Wilma McNabb Wrote a Song About Her Son

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 11.35.19 AM

What in the mother f….?

On Saturday, Donovan McNabb tweeted a link to this video (after the jump), titled When Your Heart is on the Field.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 11.36.28 AM

By itself, the video is, at best, a heartwarming anthem… at worst, a loosely copyright-infringed version of Mariah Carey’s Hero. That’s fine. But it’s the song’s writer that catches our attention and, of course, Donovan’s: Wilma McNabb.

Mama McNabb mom wrote a song about her son.


The ditty, performed by Tené Williams, is an ode to Former Five with words only a mother could have written. Literally. And quite honestly, I'm not sure if it's the sweetest thing ever… or the strangest, most random, ridiculous, puzzling thing I've seen in over three years of running a website filled with strange, random, ridiculous and puzzling things. 

I took the pleasure of transcribing the lyrics for you:


(intro) I will be there to cheer you on

you are my son, my champion



he gives me strength when I am weak

he shows me who I want to be

he’s my light when I can’t see

he gives me reasons to believe

when the cheers fade away, I’ll be there at the end of the day

you know that love is real, when your heart is on the field


from his first game to stadium lights

from fall to inspiring winter nights

I’ll be watching, feeling so proud

whether he wins or loses with his home crowd

it’s hard to watch

but I won’t turn away

because I’m his biggest fan

every night and every day

I’m his biggest fan


when your heart is on the field

I’m right there watching you, watching you


wearing his jersey, making him signs

seeing all his hard work, knowing it’s his time

realizing others feel the same way (they worry too)

wanting everyone's son to do his best, they all amaze you

seeing all the lives he’s touched

and the excitement in children's eyes 

always telling him reach for the stars, he’s already touched the sky


emotions fill the air 

ohoho oohhhh

something’s come over me

at the end of the game

when the clock ticks away with speed

he’s the one they trust with the games in his hands

he leads his team, and everything goes as planned

the final score doesn’t matter, I’ve already won

because I am the champion

because he’s my son




the field, the field

when your heart is on the field

the field, the field

when your heart is on the field



Video after the jump.

H/T to (@PhillyFritzy)

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