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The Raptors Celebrated to Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares

Kevin Kinkead - June 14, 2019

Your 2019 NBA champions, the Toronto Raptors, blasted Meek Mill’s Dreams and Nightmares after taking out the Warriors in game six on Thursday night.

It starts about one minute into this video:


Good for them.

I’m over anything related to Meek or Bob Kraft. If the Patriots wanna use Meek in a hype video, they can have him. If he wants to perform at the Pats’ Super Bowl party, then stay there.

See ya dude.

Drake Eviscerates Meek Mill with Joe Carter 1993 World Series Imagery

Kyle Scott - July 29, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-07-29_09-07-56_AM

Good morning. In case you have been living under a rock, Drake and Meek Mill are in the midst of a beef stemming from recent Tweets by Mill, who accused Drake of having a ghostwriter. Drake fired back with two freestyles released on SoundCloud, the latter of which, Back To Back, is pure fire Emoji and dropped this morning with an image of fellow Toronto, um, hero Joe Carter walking it off against Mill’s hometown Phillies in the 1993 World Series, giving the Blue Jays back-to-back titles. Get it? Here’s the knockout blow, landing on Mill’s tour with fiancée Nick Minaj:

This is for y’all who think that I don’t write enough
They just mad cause I got the Midas touch
You love her than you gotta give the world to her
Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?

I know that you wanna be that thug for her
That ain’t what she meant when she said you gotta open up more
Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers
You getting bodied by a singing n*gga

How rude.

But seriously, point awarded to Drake here. This is good: Continue Reading

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Meek Mill’s Face is Photoshopped onto Claude Giroux’s Body for his Philadelphia Flyer Mixtape Cover

Jim Adair - October 24, 2014


The Sporting News read way too much into things and tried to say this mixtape title and cover was a shot at fellow Mayback Music Group member Wale (because he once name-dropped Alex Ovechkin). What it really is though, is a ridiculous cover for Meek Mill’s newest mixtape, which comes with this tagline:

After facing time in the penalty box, Meek Mill jumps back on the ice, faces off and scores big with Philadelphia Flyer, a slap shot of the latest and flyest music from Maybach Music Group’s very own.

Between this and that carjacker, will the real Giroux please stand up?!

You can grab the mixtape (and the cover) for yourself over here.